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WebFaction VS BlueHost – Choose the Better Web Host for Personal Website

updated on Jun 12, 2017
WebFaction VS BlueHost – Choose the Better Web Host for Personal Website We have made an objective and detailed comparison between WebFaction and BlueHost, both of which are reputed and beloved hosting companies among the public. Moreover, we make out this directive comparison between the two noted hosting companies on the consolidated basis of our relevant hosting practices on introducing the best hosting providers for all sizes of websites.

At the first place, there are authentic customers' ratings on the essential and basic factors in hosting personal websites, such as the features, page loading speed, technical support, uptime and price. More worthwhile information is available in the following elaborately-made table.

Technical Support
Page Loading Speed
Customer Ratings
ReviewWebFaction ReviewBlueHost Review

Reputation & Customer Reviews

WebFaction VS BlueHost - Reputation & Customer Reviews As a user and developer friendly hosting provider, WebFaction has embraced wide appreciations all over the world and is said to have served for more than 250,000 domains up till now. Moreover, most of the employees in this company are experienced developers who have expertise in tapping the user-oriented tools. Besides, by partnering with many famous social websites, such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, it wins relatively high popularity among many netizens.

In comparison, having been offering the optimal hosting service for more than ten years, BlueHost owns overwhelming acknowledgement and admiration from a quantity of webmasters ranging from freelancers, small business merchants to large corporations. What's more, by reading 664 customers' reviews on many trustworthy review sites, we surprisingly find that this company enjoys incomparable high reputation when compared with its competitor. In below, there are the classified customers' reviews for BlueHost.

Packages & Price

WebFaction just releases one available shared hosting package for webmasters and it costs people who are intending to purchase this web host's service monthly at the price of $9.5/mo. On the other hand, this plan can be purchasable at the price of $8.5/mo for visitors who are planning to buy this service for one year. Furthermore, a 60 days money back guarantee is offered by this company in the considerations to protect the money's security.

WebFaction VS BlueHost - Packages & Price Comparatively, as a cost-effective and high-quality shared hosting provider, BlueHost owns three optional packages for webmasters who have different hosting requirements and budget. To be more specific, the endowed packages are named after Basic, Plus and Prime, among which the Plus package is accepted as the most ideal plan as it has powerful features and cheap price of $3.95/mo. And the Basic plan charges $2.95/mo only.

Note that visitors signing up any of the mentioned shared package by clicking the promotional link as follows are capable of getting the mentioned cheap and competitive price. Furthermore, this company delivers unconditional and anytime money back guarantee for people who are not totally pleasant with its service.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Shared Hosting Features & Technical Support

WebFaction VS BlueHost - Shared Hosting Features & Technical Support As the built-in hosting feature is the mostly-concerned aspect when it comes to hosting personal websites, we figure out this clearly-organized table of the two companies in below. Besides, giving account to the price, we select BlueHost Plus plan to compare with WebFaction shared hosting plan from the basic and advanced hosting features as well as technical support.

Disk Space100GBUnlimited
Monthly Bandwidth600GBUnlimited
Unlimited Email Accounts
Email Auto-Responders
Marketing Offers$200
Control PanelCustomcPanel
Powerful CDN Service
One-Click Installer
24x7-based Phone Call
24x7-based Onsite Live Chat
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation

From the table above, we can easily find that BlueHost definitely surpasses its competitor by not only using the user-friendly cPanel control panel but also offering webmasters all needed contact methods of free phone call and 24x7-based live chat.

Page Loading Speed & Uptime

Both of WebFaction and its competitor vow to deliver fast network reaction speed and short page loading time by making use of high-performed dual quad core processors and RAID-10 disk facilities. Moreover, BlueHost makes use of alternative and well-equipped international data centers for customers to choose and use their newest ones. From our day and night monitoring statistics on the two hosting providers, the actual network speed of them averages 497ms and 320ms in the passing month.

When it comes to the server uptime, both of the two web hosts' technical staffs keep 24x7-based monitoring on the system so as to deliver pleasant hosting experience for customers. Moreover, by using redundant UPS battery and upgrading power distribution units, BlueHost overwhelmingly defeats its competitor with the calculated 100% average network uptime.


From the in-depth comparison we have made above, BlueHost is definitely a much better option than WebFaction for personal websites, as it not only offers competitive price and rich features but also delivers satisfying customer support and excellent performance. For more details, you can visit its official site.

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