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Web Hosting Money Back Guarantee Secret Revealed

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Web Hosting Money Back Guarantee Secret Revealed The most of companies give 30 days or longer money back guarantee to help clients have better confidence to buy their products thus make more money. The money back guarantee is known as "risk free" that shifts the whole risk of a purchase from customers back to the sellers. But you have to be caution that the money back guarantee from some web hosting companies are filled with scam, at least it's far behind the reasonable expectation of customers. They may charge various kinds of fees in the refund and eventually you cannot get full money back even in a short period after the sign up.

Usually, the web hosting scam follows in this way. They advertise the money back guarantee anywhere in their website. Even some wicked companies claim for anytime money back without asking reasons. But they also describe the details about the cancellation & refund policy in one short paragraph of the lengthy statement at the "Terms & Services" web page, which is linked by a few web pages only in their website and the link text is put at a corner with the smallest and lightest font size. We take BlueHost SCAM as an example, as it claims for Anytime money back guarantee but being notorious on its refund policy, as following
BlueHost Money Back Guarantee Term (BlueHost Money Back Guarantee Terms)

These are typical types of deduction in the refund by web hosting scam. And these are all clearly listed in BlueHost CANCELLATION OF SERVICES - REFUND POLICY.
  • Charge for Non-refundable Fees for setting up the web hosting, usually $10 - $15
  • Charge for free domain name with the hosting plan at $12 - $15
  • Dedicated IPs, SSL certificates, domain name privacy, SEO and other additional services are all non-refundable.
  • Chargebacks and Reversals for subscribers for the billing service fee. BlueHost charges for $50 at one time...
When I started my Internet tour with JustHost some years ago, I signed up with JustHost for 2 years by $70.8. Unfortunately, I just got $40.8 in the refund on the fifth day because of the dissatisfaction with their poor web host and slow technical support, paying $15 for setup fee and another $15 for the "free domain"! Yes, I didn't shift any risk from myself to JustHost but fully paid for my stupid choice. JustHost advertises Anytime money back guarantee as well as BlueHost sucks.

Some people may challenge me that these web hosts have claimed their money back guarantee policy in the website. But the problem is, nearly 99.9% customers don't know the policy before signing up. Because there is no explicit link nearby the advertising "XX Days Money Back Guarantee" but it's explained in the "Terms & Services" web page. 99% customers cannot notice the link to that web page, as the link is put in a corner and using smallest link text size. Fortunately if the only 1% customers get into the web page, I think 99% of them have no chance to read about refund policy. Because the "Terms & Services" web page is too long and not well organized. There is no index and headlines. The section about cancellation & refund policy usually only takes 3% - 5% place of the web page.
BlueHost Money Back Guarantee SCAM
(In the screenshot of BlueHost Terms & Services page, you can see how lengthy it is and how complicated to read the refund policy section it is.)

Best Web Hosting Money Back Guarantee

The best web hosting money back guarantee is from WebHostingHub and InMotion hosting as we reviewed hundreds of web hosting companies so far. Both of these two companies provide 90 days FULL money back guarantee and don't charge any fees in the period. There are truly tested by our editors.
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