Hosting Tutorial & Guide VS GoDaddy on Web Hosting Performance

updated on Feb 03, 2016 VS GoDaddy on Web Hosting Performance This comprehensive comparison between the Linux based shared hosting plans of and GoDaddy is designed to make clear which is the better choice for hosting small to medium sized business websites, which is based on our experienced editors' deeply review on the price, feature, performance and the technical support.

We have hosted 2 small WordPress websites with the same size on the companies' shared platforms for over one year, and monitored the sites constantly with a 5-minute interval. In addition, we have browsed a pile of verified feedbacks to learn how other customers think about the services. Based on our monitoring results and the real customers' voice, we have developed the following table of ratings.

PlanEssential HostingEconomy
Loading Speed
Read ReviewGoDaddy Review

Plan & Price

As one of the most reputed domain registrars, has been offering hosting service for many years. This web host has 3 Linux based shared hosting plans which are named as Essential Hosting, Professional Hosting and Premium Hosting. Now, the packages are available at $9.96/mo, $13.29/mo and $29.13/mo for the annual term respectively. Besides, each solution comes with a domain for free. VS GoDaddy - PriceJust like its competitor, GoDaddy, the popular domain registrar, provides 3 different Linux based shared hosting plans to enable users to select the best one based on their budgets and needs. The regular prices of the plans start from $6.99/mo. Now, the web host is offering a discount which reduces the costs to $3.99/mo, $4.49/mo and $7.99/mo.

Besides the considerable discount, GoDaddy solutions feature one free domain, $100 Google advertising credits, $100 Bing AdWords credits, $50 Facebook advertising voucher and 10 Fotolia photo credits.


As for control panel, GoDaddy uses cPanel control panel, with which customers are able to manage every aspect related to their accounts and websites with the least effort being made. However, doesn't publish any information about the features, brand or type of the control panel they adopt. Therefore, we found nothing about the company's control panel after researching a lot.

In terms of other hosting features, both companies provide a pile of highlights to help customers run their websites smoothly and stably, such as unlimited monthly data transfer, Perl, PHP 5, and Python. To help our readers learn the detailed feature information, we have developed the following comparison table. Pay attention that the Launch plan of InMotion Hosting is also mentioned here for an in-depth comparison.

FeatureWeb.comGoDaddyInMotion Hosting
Plan in ComparisonEssential HostingEconomyLaunch
Disk Space300 GB100 GBUnlimited
Free Domain
Email Accounts10100Unlimited
FTP Accounts2550Unlimited
MySQL Databases25102
1-Click Installer
Secure FTP
Ruby on Rails
Refund GuaranteeUnknown30 Days90 Days
Regular Price$9.96/mo$6.99/mo$6.99/mo
Current Price$9.96/mo$3.99/mo$3.49/mo
How to Claim-Link ActivationLink Activation

Reliability & Performance VS GoDaddy - ReliabilityWithout any information about their data center or network at their official website, guarantees solid 99.9% uptime for their Linux hosting users. To make clear whether the company has succeeded in fulfilling the promise, we have kept monitoring the uptime of our site hosted with them for more than 5 months. As a result, we found the uptime of this web host averages to 99.94%.

GoDaddy claims that with their award-winning data center, their customers' websites are always up and running. In the data center, they use UPS, diesel generators and Dell servers. What's more, technicians are keeping close eyes on the servers and the data center 24x7, so that they are able to resolve any sudden issue as soon as it arises to protect the hosted websites from any interruption. These first-class facilities enable the provider to offer 99.97% uptime.

Read the following statistics chart to learn GoDaddy uptime of the last 30 days.

When it comes to hosting speed, according to our survey, there are many customers dissatisfied with the 2 web hosts. The monitoring results reflect that the server response of takes 632ms which is a little bit less than the average of shared web hosts, and that of the other one is 784ms which is much more than that of many reputed hosting companies. Read the chart below to learn the server response speed of GoDaddy of the past month.

Technical Support VS GoDaddy - SupportBoth and GoDaddy enable users to contact the support team through toll-free phone call and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All the support staffs are professional, so that they respond quickly and help customers deal with hosting issues efficiently.

The limitation is that neither of them offers support through live chat which is recognized as one of the most convenient support methods. Therefore, customers who are non-English-native speakers and can't communicate with support representatives on phone are unable to get instant and effective assistance. Edges over GoDaddy

Although being inferior to many leading web hosting providers, has its own advantages in the competition with GoDaddy. For example, it delivers good uptime that is higher than 99.9%, which is not commonly seen in the shared hosting field. Besides,
  • All of hosting plans allow users to host multiple (unlimited) websites at the same time.
  • All plans include a free domain and ample server resources.

GoDaddy Edges in the Comparison

GoDaddy, according to our reviews, is more professional than its competitor in web hosting. So it owns many more advantages when compared with Below are the most highlighted ones.
  • It offers cPanel as the web hosting control panel, which guarantees an easy way for website management. However, does not provide any information about its control panel on the official website. No demo is available, either.
  • GoDaddy web hosting plans are more affordable than those of, starting at $3.99/mo only.
  • This company provides a 30-day refund guarantee, while its competitor does not specify any valid refund period.
  • It supports the 1-click install of 100+ scripts, and allows quick purchase of additional server resources.

What Are Common Between Them

Except for the differences above, the two web hosts also have many things in common – some are good, while some are their limitations. You can learn the details in below.
  • They both support the useful features like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, Cron Jobs, etc.
  • They offer responsive support via tickets and phone.
  • They set strict limits on the email accounts each user can create.
  • Their web hosting services are slow, taking approximately a whole second for server responses and over 3 seconds for page loads.
  • They do not provide technical support through live chat.
  • There are a large number of complaints about their web hosting services on the web.


According to the comprehensive comparison above, both and GoDaddy provide feature-rich and reliable Linux based shared hosting plans. However, due to the slowness of service and absense of live chat, they are not good choices to host business websites, especially for people who are not English-native speakers.

For better alternatives, we have made the following table to show 3 of the best Linux hosting providers, all of which offer affordable, reliable and fast hosting service and quality customer service through toll-free phone call, email and live chat.