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New Ways to Help You Generate More Leads and Sales from Your Website

updated on Oct 10, 2017
New Ways to Help You Generate More Leads and Sales from Your Website There are many reasons for you to start your online presence. But now, more and more bloggers wish to make money from their website, no matter for the daily life or just for some pocket money. Previously, we have already introduced 8 ways that can help you earn money from blogging easily. And this time, we'd like to present some new ways to get you generate more leads and sales, acting as a sequel to this series.

Actually, to get much more sales and leads, you should have your website stand up against your competitors, grow your potential users with the targeted content and convert your current visitors to the potential customers. Here, the listed new methods and tips can help you achieve these purposes.

Consider the Upselling

Selling the products or services is the most direct way to make money online. Here, we highly recommend you to think about the upselling. This practice allows you to recommend a slightly more costly item than the one that customers are considering. As researched by Econsultancy, upselling online works about 20 times better than the common cross-selling. Especially, new customers may do not know the existence of the better product available on your site. Upselling your product can give them more recommendations to fit for their exclusive needs.

Here, we have listed some tips about upselling.
  • You should make the upselling related to the original products that customers are viewing.
  • The upselling should be more expensive than the original one, but you need to be sensitive to the price ranges that are bear in the mind of your customers.
  • You'd better upsell your products in the checkout practice.
  • Never upsell a product just for the high price.


Mobile Optimization

With the portable nature of the phones, we have to admit that the smartphone is already twice as popular as the PC for the internet usage. This means most of the online deals and transactions made on your website are done by the phones but not on the desktop computers.

As researched from Verto Analytics in UK, the smartphones already account for 57% of online users, while PCs account for 27% and tablets account for 16%.

Mobile Optimization

The statistics just indicate the importance to optimize your website to be better mobile friendly. This can give your customers great browsing and buying experience. In addition, as said by Gary Illyes, who is the Google Webmaster Trends analyst, the Google mobile index is coming in 2018. In this case, the mobile optimization seems to be a must-do task to prevent you from being affected by the new index in the coming year, which may bring you the page rank and sales dropping.

Sincerely Consider the Instagram Marketing

It is true that you may use multiple social networking platforms to better promote and market your site, services and products. But this time, we recommend you to have a sincere consideration on the Instagram.

A recent study shows that Instagram can easily give your brand at least 25% better engagement than the other social media platforms. Especially, you can get the perfect result when using the right filters, show the targeted hashtags and post at the proper time range.

While this platform is a photo-based one and most users visit it using the smartphones, you can display the excellent user-generated images to demonstrate to your potential customers about your happy and satisfied current users. This is a kind of social-proof to encourage your potential customers to make the online deal from your site.

Instagram Marketing

Use the Voice Search

With the arise of the smartphone usage, more and more online search queries are made through voice. Now, there are many digital assistants you can use on your website, such as Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo. This gives your customers the better and easier experience to search the products on your site.

If your website is WordPress powered, you can also use the Voice Search plugin to achieve this feature on your website easily.

Voice Search

Reduce the Abandoned Carts

It is possible that your customers add the products into their carts, but finally abandon the whole cart during the checkout process. Actually, more than 60% of shopping carts are abandoned before being finished. The report comes from Baymard Institute, indicating that you should try your best to resolve the purchasing hesitation of your customers as much as you can.

To reduce the abandoned carts, you can provide the special or time-limited discount and free extras. Even, you can send them the checkout recovery email to convince them to finish the order. You just can do whatever you can to recapture your customers who have abandoned their shopping carts.

Consider Re-targeting using the Pixel

To increase your leads and sales, including a special pixel into your site that is for re-targeting advertisements is effective. With this small piece of HTML code, you can easily re-target your potential and current customers. This practice, actually, is at least 10 times better than purely displaying ads.

Actually, many social media networks also have their own pixels, with which you can find out your customers who fall out of your sales funnel and get them back. Facebook, for instance, allows you to use their exclusive Facebook pixel to increase your conversion rate and to benefit your online business.

Optimize Your Website for Performance, UX and Design

Actually, all the above-mentioned tips can bring you the best results only when you have a well-optimized website. Especially, the aspects of page loading speed, user experience and website design are truly important.
  • Page loading speed - There are a lot of reasons that may affect this aspect, such as your hosting solution, the content size, the caching system, the traffic spikes and many more. You should try your best to reduce the page loading time. After all, according to a report from DoubleClick at the end of 2016, more than 50% of online users expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds.
  • User experience - A website that doesn’t have the good UX can hardly convince customers to complete the order or get them back. In this case, you should make sure that your website has the good navigation system, clear content showcase, easy research and the responsiveness to any viewing devices.
  • Website design - The first impression of most of your visitors is design related. In this case, you should make sure that the theme you choose is fully attractive and relevant to your main offerings. Even, the good design is a perfect way to speak out the credibility and professionalism of your brand.

Optimize Website


In fact, we highly recommend you to check your competitors and the top brands in your niche. After learning their strong points, you can better optimize your site and your online business to get more sales easily. In addition, with the popularity of smartphones, it is important to see whether your website can work well on any devices with different screen sizes.