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VPS Hosting Or Cloud Hosting – How to Choose the Right One?

updated on Nov 15, 2016
VPS Hosting Or Cloud Hosting – How to Choose the Right One? VPS hosting and Cloud hosting are 2 hosting types that have a lot of similarities. However, figuring out the differences between them is quite important because in this way you know which one should be chosen in some certain circumstances.

Based on our hosting experiences and analysis, we have made a comparison between the 2 services in several aspects, including price, server resource customization, control and security, and performance.

Difference & Similarity

The rating of difference and similarity is based on what you can get when you have a purchase with the 2 different plans for the same cost.

VPS Cloud
TechnologyVirtualization on a Single ServerVirtualization on a Server Cluster
Website SizeSmall & Medium SizeLarge Size
Top CompanyBlueHost VPSAmazon Cloud

In my opinion, if you only have budget of $50 for a month, we highly recommend you going with a VPS hosting plan, because it includes more features such as an easy-to-use control panel, more dedicated IP addresses, even more server resources including memory, disk space, I/O usage, and internet bandwidth.

VPS HostingWhen purchasing a VPS hosting package, people get a virtual private server which has its own dedicated resources like RAM, disk space, bandwidth and CPU that cannot be consumed by anyone else. A virtual server, to some extent, works like a dedicated server. You have full control over it and can reboot it independently. The cost of a VPS is much lower than a dedicated server because when you use a VPS, you still share a physical server with others fundamentally.

Cloud HostingCloud hosting usually utilizes advanced hypervisor-based virtualization technology to create multiple virtual servers across a cluster of physical servers. Just like a traditional VPS, a Cloud server has its own operating system which can be configured and administered by the user. Besides that, a Cloud server has many other similar features with a traditional VPS, while the most obvious difference is that the server resources of the former one are allotted on-demand.


VPS Hosting VS Cloud Hosting - Price In most cases, a VPS hosting package is a little bit cheaper than a Cloud hosting one that has equivalent virtual resources, ranging from a couple of USD to dozens of USD. The price of a virtual private server from famous web host like BlueHost costs only $23.74/mo, including 2GB memory, a dedicated single CPU core, 30GB storage space, 1TB monthly bandwidth, and an easy-to-use cPanel control panel.

The same configuration at Amazon or Softlayer usually costs more than $50 for a month. The almost all the cloud hosting companies doesn't offer an easy-to-use control panel to help you manage web presence, data and files online as the same as cPanel. *The cPanel license is $425/year.

Server Resource

Most VPS hosting packages available in the market are allotted with certain amounts of disk space, memory, bandwidth, virtual processors and some other resources, so when a website grows beyond the limitation of any one of those resources (not all of them), the owner have to upgrade to a higher package to guarantee website performance, which usually costs at least $10/mo more. Only a few VPS hosting providers allow customers to modify each server specification according to specific needs.

By contrast, the flexibility in server resource allocation is the biggest highlight of Cloud servers. A Cloud hosting service gives users complete freedom in scaling any resources up and down based on needs without having to restart the server or waiting for the host to provision. The instant resource scalability can be achieved because many Cloud servers are integrated to share all resources to provide high resource availability.

Control & Security

VPS Hosting VS Cloud Hosting - Control VPS hosting gives users full control over the virtual servers. With the root access, you can install any operating system and applications you want, and manage the website files and statistics easily. The security of virtual private servers is also outstanding as each of them is completely isolated like a dedicated server. Besides, most web hosts offer free backup service.

With a Cloud server, you might have less control over server administration. A Cloud platform usually sets up all the necessary operating systems and software on its own, so you actually don't have access to the underlying server as it may change at any time as you redeploy. In addition, you may not be allowed to use some certain technologies that are not supported by the provider. This also limits the website security.


A good VPS hosting service is able to deliver good uptime and page loading speed. Since each virtual private server is separated and independent, the websites hosted in the environment are not likely to be negatively affected by those on other accounts that are experiencing slowness or downtime.

Being similar to VPS hosting, Cloud hosting is also reliable and fast. But compared with the former service, it is probably that Cloud hosting is much better in reliability because the Cloud instance is running on a server cluster instead of a single machine. This significantly prevents in the event of a hardware failure to downtime.

Which Should Be Chosen?

Based on what discussed above, VPS hosting is cheaper and gives users more control and better security, while Cloud hosting features better server resource customizability and website performance. Therefore, we have made a conclusion as following.

VPS is a more affordable option for personal and small business, while Cloud hosting is the best choice for large business.

In fact, for most webmasters owning a small or medium sized website, a traditional VPS hosting package is a more proper option because it not only costs less, but also comes with more freedom which allows installing any desired applications. If you currently need a VPS but have no idea where to go, we highly recommend you considering the offer from BlueHost. Especially, now they're providing a compelling 50% discount for the first month, starting at $14.99/mo only.

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