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How to Use Exit Popups on Your Website to Increase Conversions

updated on Mar 03, 2017
How to Use Exit Popups on Your Website to Increase Conversions Popups are widely used by marketers to increase conversion rates, but they are sometimes annoying when used improperly, which drives visitors away. However, exit popups are the exceptions that are useful while offering a good user experience.

As the name indicates, exit popups are those popups that appear when visitors intend to exit your website or a certain page on the site. Usually providing a good chance for the visitors to claim a special offer like a discount or a freebie, exit popups are effective in boosting sales, generating leads, and reducing the bounce rate when they are applied in a proper way.

If you are interested in exit popups yet haven't tried them, then you should read the following parts carefully. In below, we will present some basic information about exit popups, and then show you how to add one to your site. Some optimization tips are also available.

The Benefits of Using Exit Popups

There are several good reasons to try exit popups. First of all, they are among the least irritating ones among all types of website popups, so they don't bring much harm to your visitors' browsing or shopping experience. Besides, you can expect the following things from properly executed exit popups.
  • Increased conversions – This is the largest benefit of using exit popups. By offering a special discount or some other attractive things, you gain another chance to encourage the potential customers to complete their purchase.
  • Increased traffic and lowered bounce rate – If the content in the exit popups is appealing enough, some people would continue browsing your website instead of leaving immediately.
  • Increased email subscribers – Encouraging the potential consumers to opt in by providing them with a freebie is also a good idea of applying exit popups, which helps boost your email marketing performance.
Benefits of Using Exit Popups

Who Should Use Exit Popups & How to Use Them

Exit popups are good-to-use, but they are not necessary for every website. However, if you are running a website that sells, you are quite suggested to give the tactic a try, because most of your potential buyers will be happy to see a larger discount on your popular products. In this case, you can choose either to:
  • Display a popup with a free trial or an exclusive discount when someone tries to exit your website.
  • Or to show a popup with an additional discount when someone tries to exit the checkout page.
How to Use Exit Popups

Besides, you can also use an exit popup as a reminder of the unpurchased products. No matter which way you adopt, you'd probably see an increase of the conversion rate and a reduction of the abandoned carts.

In addition to the examples above, you may also want to use exit popups in the following ways.
  • Suggest the related content if you are running a pure blog or some other content-oriented sites, which contributes a lot to a lower bounce rate.
  • Offer support if you have complex content or products. Displaying a chat box or a popup that redirects to the support page helps a lot in improving the user experience and encouraging the consumers to make a decision.
  • Run a simple survey to know more about your audience.
  • Suggest the popular products which might also be wanted by others.
Exit Popup Examples

After suggesting the usages of exit popups, we now would like to show how you can add a good exit popup to your own website.

How to Add an Exit Popup to Your Website

There are two different ways for creating an exit popup. One is to write the script by yourself. You can search for the examples online, and then make some tweaks you want. However, this requires a relatively high level of scripting skills. Of course, you can also ask for a developer to complete the task for you. But as your needs would change, you may need to pay each time a tweak is required.

The easier method, then, is to purchase a ready-to-use popup solution. If you are interested in this method, OptinMonster should be a good choice. OptinMonster provides a full-featured toolset including an exit popup builder.

The builder comes with a lot of customization options, so you can configure both the popup design and the behavior. The exit-intent technology can detect the user behavior and then prompt your visitors with targeted campaigns. Besides, there are several pre-made themes available. The change of colors, backgrounds and content is simple, and you can add your own CSS, too.

The price of OptinMonster starts at $9/mo for one-site use, which is quite affordable.

Add Exit Popup with OptinMonster

If you don't like OptinMonster, that's OK, because you can still try another solution. Thrive Leads, along with its SmartExit+ tool, also provides a great point to start. This service is available at $67 for a single site license.

Add Exit Popup with Thrive Leads

Top Tips to Optimize Exit Popups

Exit popups only work when they are configured right. If you don't deal with the popup behavior or the content well, you may not get any benefit. However, there are indeed some hacks that have been proven and suggested by many big names. In below, we will list some of them. You can run A/B split tests when applying these suggestions.

1. Pay attention to the design

To maximize the conversion rates or email subscriptions through an exit popup, you must pay much attention to the design since the visual effect is critical for your visitors to make a decision. At least you should keep the following rules in mind.
  • Make sure that the popup design is consistent with the website design.
  • Make the popup eye-catching or add a little fun into it. Color contrast is recommended.
  • Try to prevent using full-screen popups which deliver a bad user experience.
  • Keep the form simple if you collect information from the popup.
  • Use "Wait" in the headline to grab attention.
Exit Popup Design

2. Make the CTA clear enough

No matter which type of popup you want to apply, the CTA should always be clear so that the readers can immediately know what you want them to do and how they would benefit from taking the action. Therefore, when designing an exit popup, remember to emphasize the CTA and keep your offerings clear and easy-to-understand, or people may leave without reading the popup content. Try your best to prevent negative CTA.

Make CTA Clear

3. Offer a freebie or something else attractive

People love free things, so you'd better provide some free offerings in the popup to grasp the last chance of keeping visitors staying on your site for a longer time. Below are some widely-used tips.
  • Offer a discount for a popular product.
  • Offer a free trial of a popular or complex product.
  • Offer some other free yet valuable extras, such as an eBook, a free gift or free shipping.

4. Express urgency

Expressing urgency is important for encouraging your visitors to take actions immediately without hesitating for a quite long time before making a purchase. To accelerate the lead generation, you can emphasize that the thing you offer in the popup is limited in time or quantity, for example, a limited-time discount, or a limited-quantity free gift.

For limited-time discounts, display a countdown timer to deliver a sense of urgency. And for those limited-quantity things, list the remaining number to imply the scarcity.

Express Urgency

5. Customize the popup's behavior if possible

If the tool you use allows it, you should try to adapt the popup behavior to better fit the needs of different groups of audience. For example, depending on your business needs, you may want to display one special popup to the new visitors and another for the returning visitors who are already on your email list.

A good exit popup solution would allow you to set some criteria based on the visitor activity. Therefore, when searching for a popup builder, try to find this feature out.