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How to Transfer Your Website from Drupal to WordPress

updated on Jun 12, 2017
How to Transfer Your Website from Drupal to WordPress To transfer a site from Drupal to WordPress is a rather difficult task for newbies and beginners lacking of relevant Internet knowledge and experience. Therefore, we prepare the following plain and cognitive tutorial on transferring a site from Drupal to WordPress by our real experience in the passing month. Move forwards and get to know the needed information as follows.

Why to Transfer Websites from Drupal to WordPress

At the first place, having hosted our Drupal sites for the last several months and analysed the real customers' voices from many reputed review sites, we figure out the top reasons for switching from Drupal to WordPress. First of all, as the most leading blogging and open-source CMS, WordPress makes it much easier for people whether have related technical background to build up a self-developed and creative website with well-organized design.

Additionally, the update from WordPress cannot be much simpler, which just requires a few clicks on the user interface. Comparatively, the update from Drupal, especially making an upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 is a total huge project and requests rebuilding the site. Moreover, WordPress plugins and modules are typically created for users, which makes WordPress more user-friendly than Drupal whose modules and plugins are made for PHP pros.

In addition, the WordPress widgets allow webmasters to have a quick and instant way to customize the site through adding some specialized items, but its competitor makes it difficult for non-technical fellows to get their sites customized. What's more, there are more themes and problem-solving solutions at WordPress forums and events.

How to Transfer Websites from Drupal to WordPress

Why to Transfer Websites from Drupal to WordPress Back to the ground, we would like to give the detailed steps for converting site from Drupal to WordPress. Generally speaking, there are two ways for the whole migration including automatic way and manual ways. To be more specific, the former migration way is more simple than the latter one and all you need to do is to download and use the well-prepared CMS2CMS WordPress plugin which is designed for moving site content from Drupal to WordPress.

In terms of the manual migration method, the first thing you need to do is to make a copy of the current Drupal database and in the meantime create a fresh WordPress database so as to run them on the separate offline databases and the same database server. Then, follow the listed steps in below and accomplish the whole process by assuming that you have named your WordPress database with the prefix of "wp_" and correspondent database named as Drupal.

Firstly, you are required to clear all of existing content on WordPress and the needed codes are showed like this.

Clear All Existing Content on WordPress

Secondly, you need to create related categories and make your spam tags be eliminated from "uncomment" and "import" by following the query in below.

Create Related Categories

Next, add taxonomies and eliminate spam tags from "uncomment" and "import" if necessary like this.

Add Taxonomies

Then, you need to import needed posts and pages to WordPress and change the categorized way for post in Drupal by adding term of "article" on the bottom line.

Import Pages and Posts

Moreover, define the tag and post relationship with the following code.

Define the Tag and Post Relationship

Next, you are required to fix breaks and images in the post content by entering the code in below.

Fix Breaks and Images
Fix Breaks and Images

Up till now, the last thing you need to do is to update the comment counts and import them and if everything goes well you have already successfully migrated the site from Drupal to WordPress.