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Topnotch Web Hosting Customer Service In-depth Analysis

updated on Feb 16, 2017
Topnotch Web Hosting Customer Service In-depth Analysis This article is to reveal the secrets on how some topnotch shared web hosts can provide terrific customer service, while most others nearly neglect their client needs generally. In fact, it's realistic for web hosting companies to offer high-quality customer service at an affordable rate, by expending in size, improving the process, and adjusting the support team member structure.

We often heard people suffered from budget shared web hosting. Their issues might need days to be addressed; they might always get the frustrated standard answers for their problems; even their sites or accounts might be suspended without notification because it's considered violating the web hosting policy. Well, these are typical complaints to the poor customer service in web hosting community.

Many people start to think it's impossible to receive high-quality customer service from shared web hosting providers by paying about only $5 for a month. It's correct in a way, but not correct at all. There are some topnotch shared web hosting providers offering reliable customer service also at a budget price. Take some successful examples as following.
  • BlueHost, offering 3 upgradable web hosting packages from $2.95/mo, the customer satisfaction is 99.2% based on the survey from 1086 real customers. Read BlueHost Reviews.
  • InMotion Hosting, awarded as the Best Business Web Hosting, offering business-class web hosting packages pricing from $3.49/mo, the customer satisfaction is 98.9% based on the survey from 1258 real customers. Read InMotion Reviews.
  • HostGator, making up about 1% of the world's internet traffic, offering web hosting packages pricing from $3.82/mo, the customer satisfaction is 99.4% based on the survey from 345 real customers. Read HostGator Reviews.

Why Customer Service Poor

The succeeded web hosts listed above show the fact that it's possible for web hosting companies to offer reliable customer service at an affordable rate. The poor web hosting customer service is caused by the following reasons usually.

Small Size

There are about hundreds of thousands web hosts over the internet, but most of them are startup and small companies with only 2 or 3 employees. In this case, it's not realistic for them to offer the consistent customer service.

Unreasonable Hiring

A sophisticated support team shall consist of both senior and junior support staffs under a proper ratio. The senior staffs are expensive while they're knowledgeable and experienced on solving the tricky issues. Hiring only junior staffs or only senior staffs are both unreasonable to the company operation.

Bad Support Process

Some web hosts have tens of employees but not managing the customer support in a proper process. The support process adopted by most successful companies is to separate customer support into multiple tiers. The junior staffs are in tier one facing to clients via telephone, live chat, email, or tickets directly. When an issue is considered as complex, it's escalated to senior staffs in tier two. In this way, it ensures the most knowledgeable staffs are always solving the tricky issue, saving the time of junior staffs to work for more clients.

Cheap Pricing

Cheap pricing doesn't mean budget. Some web hosts offer extremely cheap web hosting service like WebHostingPad offering their discounted web host starting from $1.99/mo only. The cut-throat competition comes from cutting off the service and overselling the shared web hosting to mass of clients.

How Topnotch Web Hosting Providers Work

BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, and HostGator are the best web hosting companies in over a hundred which we have reviewed so far. The common characteristic of them are
  1. they're large sized that helps them utilize the resources and manage the cost more efficient.
  2. they have devoted into web hosting industry for many years and accumulated rich experience.
  3. they're historical brands so that they're more careful on their reputation in the community.
  4. they don't following the cut-throat competition, but offering the affordable price considered with the service quality and customers' cost.

Choosing a budget web host is simple, but choosing a reliable budget web host is very tricky. After 5 years devoted into this industry, we highly recommend you going with these 3 best web hosting 2012 instead of looking for an over-advertising and cheap web host elsewhere.