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Top Web Hosting Control Panels That Are Popular & Easy-to-Use

updated on Sep 15, 2014
Top Web Hosting Control Panels That Are Popular & Easy-to-Use An easy-to-use control panel plays a pivotal role in managing web services, as it provides numerous conveniences for webmasters, especially for the beginners who know little about web hosting, to supervise their websites with a simple and clear interface. Besides, control panel enables users to manage their email accounts, FTP accounts and most of the settings in a single location.

However, it is difficult to select the most appropriate control panel for hosting websites, because there are quantities of control panels in market currently. Thus, we have been doing in-depth investigations and researches for a long time, so as to figure out a synthetical analysis on the most popular and easy-to-use control panels, including cPanel, vDeck, H-Sphere, Plesk, DirectAdmin and Webmin.


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As a web hosting control panel based on Linux system, cPanel enjoys many appreciations and acknowledgements among the public. By utilizing cPanel, which adopts three tier structures, webmasters are able to automate and manage their databases, email accounts or website files through a standard web browser easily and quickly.

Furthermore, cPanel is also compatible with a dedicated server or virtual private server, and it supports various installations and scripting languages, such as CentOS, CloudLinux, Apache and PostgreSQL. In addition, it can be integrated with many other third-party tools including auto installers like SimpleScripts.
Top Web Hosting Control Panel - cPanel


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As one of the outstanding control panels, vDeck has a completely redesigned and easy-to-use interface for webmasters to create or navigate their own websites. In details, vDeck is integrated with many useful site creation tools which are chosen from thousands of professional design templates with pre-installed scripts and e-commerce solutions available.

Furthermore, vDeck has plenty of helpful features in store for managing website's data and improving website's quality, as is showed as follows:
  • A comprehensive file management.
  • Microsoft exchange hosting.
  • Website statistics programs.
  • Install wizards for popular open source applications, including blogs and photo galleries.
  • Search engine optimization and submission services.
Top Web Hosting Control Panel - vDeck


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Plesk panel is a commercial web hosting automation program and its users are capable of setting up websites, reseller accounts and DNS entries or more. Designed on Linux operating system, Plesk supports various platforms, including Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD and Ubuntu, etc.

Besides, on the one hand, for Linux system, it requires 512MB of RAM and 10GB hard disk. On the other hand, for Windows system, it requires 1GB of RAM and 32GB hard disk. For more details, Plesk supports different versions of the Linux and Windows which makes its service accessible for more range of people.
Top Web Hosting Control Panel - Plesk


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H-Sphere is also a web hosting automation control panel which can work well in the Linux, Unix and Windows environment. What's more, it is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Moreover, H-Sphere is an ideal tool to reduce the expense for web hosting operation.

In addition, it has the unified payment method for shared hosting or virtual private servers and offers perfect solutions for small and medium-sized hosting providers. And taking its operations automation for example, it is fit for telecommunications provider, ISP, big hosting provider with numerous accounts to manage and service programs with large quantity of capacity.
Top Web Hosting Control Panel - H-Sphere


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Webmin is designed on the basis of Unix-like systems, but its newest version supports the installation and work on Windows system. It is built around modules so as to equip the configuration files or servers with an interface.

Also, by installing modules, Webmin can be more and more expanded in a customizable way. And there are two major projects to extend its features, including Usermin and Virtualmin. The two projects work respectively for supplying webmail tasks other than administrator-level tasks and the server admin for users.
Top Web Hosting Control Panel - Webmin


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DirectAdmin is a rich-featured and trustworthy control panel which works to improve the management of the website. In terms of its user features, it has email, FTP, DNS, Statistics, Subdomains menu, file manager, MySQL databases, site backup, error pages, directory password protection and other advanced tools.

For more highlighted features involved in reseller features, check the following list.
  • Resellers are capable of sending messages to all their customers by using the support system.
  • Resellers are capable of creating personalized name servers for their customers from its menu.
  • Resellers are capable of allocating IP address to their customers by using its menu option.
Top Web Hosting Control Panel - DirectAdmin


Based on what we have analysed, different control panel has its different insuperable functions and characteristics so that webmasters are able to choose the most proper one for web hosting in terms of individual appetites.

Besides, note that a powerful provider is indispensable for running websites successfully and smoothly, and there are some excellent hosting providers which offer quality service with a rich-featured control panel like cPanel. Here are some recommendations.