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Top Resources for Web Design Inspiration

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Top Resources for Web Design Inspiration If you are interested in web design, or you are a web developer taking designs as a career, you may have the time when struggling for inspirations due to the lack of useful resources. Then you have come to the right place because we are here to introduce some of the best resources that come with numerous professional and creative photo galleries, web design to magazines and some other kinds of resources for good inspiration.

No matter what the style and theme you want to deliver with your work, you should be able to find the right resources with little time and efforts consumed in the following collection.

Web Creme

Web Creme is a professional web design gallery with more than 518 pages of great eye-caching websites currently, each of which comes with several different colors. All of the designs are categorized by month and by color, so it should be quite easy to find one that meets the requirements, especially when you have a clear idea of the color or the theme of the new design. It is quite a popular site among designers favoring beautiful and simple style.

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Resource for Web Design Inspiration - Web Creme

CSS Remix

CSS is a gallery of attractive CSS designs that collects the best designed web 2.0 sites to offer references to its more than 15 thousand subscribers. Created and administered by new-media designers, CSS Remix sorts works by the popularity and time. At present, there are 143 pages with 16 masterpieces on each page. If you want to get notified whenever a new work is featured on the site, just follow the link below to subscribe to the RSS feed now.

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Resource for Web Design Inspiration - CSS Remix

CSS Mania

CSS Mania is one of the most popular CSS-based galleries and a leader in showcasing genre with 10 years' history. With over 30,000 sites showcased, this site has all of them well sorted by month, detailed colors, and topics, such as technology, Internet, marketing, lifestyle, companies, weblogs, countries, and more, which makes it an easy thing to find the one you want. Besides, CSS Mania has also kept a blog with the introduction to more resources and tutorials.

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Resource for Web Design Inspiration - CSS Mania


DesignSnack is targeted at showcasing not only portfolios and websites but also the designers. The resources on the site include standard CSS, XHTML and Flash web design galleries with thousands of works that are searchable by name and categorized by time, color and layout. The highlights of the site are being dynamic and social, the support for comment and vote, and the great filters.

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Resource for Web Design Inspiration - DesignSnack


Founded in 2007 by Stewart Foss, an author, educator and designer, and powered by higher education web design professionals, eduStyle is a specialized gallery dedicated to college and university websites to enable people to be inspired in designing websites for educational institutions. There are specially categorized topics as redesigned, popular and new. The site also grants eduStyle Award annually to great works.

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Resource for Web Design Inspiration - eduStyle


As a gallery of inspirational imagery and great design, Creattica is a resource for web and screen, multimedia, photography, art, wallpapers, print design, miscellaneous and UI elements. There are a large amount of contents under each category. For example, the art includes 3D graphics, digital painting, hand drawn illustration, pixel art, logos, and many more. It is really great for designing posters, T-shirts, business cards, book covers, and wallpapers.

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Resource for Web Design Inspiration - Creattica

The Import

The Import, previously named CSS Import, is one of the very first inspiration galleries that focus on delivering not only the latest beautifully built websites but also the inspirational blogs, studios and portfolios from the world's hottest digital artists, illustrators and photographers. Besides, the site also pays attention to the accessibility and creation of a website. The Import Blog is a place for design, interviews with talents and spotlights on creative studios.

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Resource for Web Design Inspiration - The Import

One Page Love

One Page Love is a large collection of the single-page designs with focuses on not only website showcase but also the inspiration of the artists behind their art. This site is regularly updated to ensure there are always fresh contents and new ideas. It helps to resolve the problems in styling the landing page, portfolio, sing-up, placeholders, online applications, downloaded sites, and so on.

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Resource for Web Design Inspiration - One Page Love