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Top Reasons Why Not Use Free Web Hosting Service

updated on Dec 24, 2014
Top Reasons Why Not Use Free Web Hosting Service Some people intend to get a free web hosting account for their websites because of the zero cost. However, there is no free dinner worldwide. Free web hosting saves you 5 dollars in a month apparently, but it actually takes much more but offers you no guarantee at all. As a matter of fact, free web hosting only suits for engineers to test websites or newbies who want to have a trial in the online world, but not recommended for hosting a live website because of the top five reasons revealed in the following.

1. Injected Advertisement

Of course there is no free lunch in the economic world, so almost all free web hosts ask the users having their advertisement on the hosting websites. After all, the web hosts that provide free web hosting service only rely on advertising revenue. Although a little per user, they can get much from thousands of users like you.

Some people think the advertisement is not a terrible thing, but the problem is that you cannot control what it is. Does it fit your website content, or does it align with your website style? These ads would make your sites strange and out of place, and distract your visitors and take them off your message. In addition, the ads and company logo makes your site unprofessional and loses your credibility.

Some people may want to remove ads when they have some certain visitors. However, you cannot do it only if you pay for the upgraded plans, which charges for tens of dollars, even much more expensive than the best web hosting for $3 to $5 per month.

2. Insufficient Resources

Almost free web hosting packages only provide the basic services for a sample website, including a limited amount of web space, email addresses, and some other resources. To save the expense manage and maintain, the web hosts allocate thousands of users hosted together. As one of these users, your website cannot get sufficient system resource to run smoothly and fast, especially at the peak time.

When you have complaints about the performance, where can you write for? You don't pay money for it. In addition, if you want more resources, you have to pay for each additional service. As a result, when you get what you want, you may spend much more than on a rich-featured, reliable and secure paid web hosting service provided by the reputed hosting providers.

3. Security Issues

Top Reasons Why Not Use Free Web Hosting Service A serious problem with free web hosting is security issues. The websites hosted with the free service cannot be as secure as paid hosting service. After all, with less revenue, the companies invest less into facility building and safety protection and offer poor management and maintenance.

Besides, as it is free, many spam websites and illegal websites such as adult, political, or illegal sites like to host with free web hosting. Therefore, using the same IP address with other dangerous sites, your website cannot be rated well in search engines, even be blocked together with the bad sites based on the law of some regions and countries.

4. Not Reliable

With free web hosting service, the uptime is not guaranteed. Free web hosts devote less to buy facilities or infrastructures to equip their data centers, which make them unable to provide good uptime and fast speed to run the websites smoothly and stably.

Moreover, the companies don't employ technicians or engineers to maintain and monitor the data centers and servers, so the hosted sites would be interrupted by any sudden issues.

If hosted with free web hosting, you don’t know when and how your website may disappear. As there are thousands of free web hosts coming and gone yearly, you don't know when the provider will be bankrupt or stop the service.

5. Poor Technical Support

Top Reasons Why Not Use Free Web Hosting ServiceA high level of technical support can help webmasters concentrate on their businesses without any distraction. However, the free web hosts have not enough money to hire a technical team or train the staffs with well knowledge and skills. Finally, there is little possibility that these companies can offer you effective support.

In addition, considering the reliable web hosts offer 24x7 US based technical via phone, live chat and e-mail, free web hosts only come with email support. Eventually, some web hosts have no manual help, but only online support center that lists some frequently asked questions and answers. In this way, you can't get quick response or efficient assistance to deal with your problems, which may cause serious damage to your business.


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