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Top 5 Factors That Affect Search Engine Ranking

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Top 5 Factors That Affect Search Engine Ranking Good search engine rankings are critical because they increase the visibility of your website thus drive more traffic and even sales. If there is no visit, all the efforts made to the website are in vain, after all.

We have kept hearing worries from some readers that their websites cannot get the chance to shown on the first 3 Google search result pages. If you have the same problem and want to do something to improve that, you should figure out why this could happen to your website.

There are dozens of reasons why your website as well as the posts on it are not good enough in the aspect of SEO, but the following 5 factors are those affect search engine rankings to the largest extent.

Web Hosting Performance

When it comes to SEO, many people only focus on the strategies taken on their website but ignore the importance of page loading speed. In fact, no matter how your website content and other aspects are successful, search engines like Google do not like the site if it takes a minute to respond and load. When a website is extremely slow and has frequent load problems, it's probable that the website will get penalized by Google.

Web hosting speed always has the largest impact on page loading speed, so, to speed up your website to gain better search engine ranking, you should keep away from those slow web hosts and go with a good company that offers fast web hosting service backed by rock-solid facilities. If you have no idea where to go now, we recommend InMotion Hosting, a leading web hosting provider specialized in delivering super fast speed.

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Social Media Engagement

Surveys have shown that those websites with a large number of shares, likes, tweets, and +1's tend to get preferred by search engines, which means that social media integration is also an important factor that distinguishes well-positioned websites from lower ranking ones.

Therefore, it is time to add some social buttons to your website, no matter it is only a personal blog or an online business. As the most widely used social media on websites are Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you can choose to manually integrate one or some of them with your website or use some plugins to complete the task.

Content Quality

Top 5 Factors That Affect Search Engine Ranking - Content Quality High quality website content is always much more important than most SEO tricks, and the number of internal links, word count, keywords in links, and images all have effects on the quality of the content. Also, using keywords in H2 could positively influence the rankings of the website, but note that keywords in H1 often bring the opposite result.

Good content should be informative, able to solve the problems of visitors, have relevant links, and have a proper 4% - 8% keyword density. If you always keep these things in mind, one day you will see a difference and be surprised at the search results.

The Selection of Keywords

Selecting the right keywords is undoubtedly one of the key jobs for setting up an effective search engine optimization strategy because an article or a blog post never brings large traffic without the right and efficient keywords.

To find quality keywords that drive traffic, you should analyze the monthly search volume first, which can be done with the help of Google Keyword tools. Besides, the competition of the keywords you plan to use is also a factor that should be considered, and in this aspect, the keywords with low traffic, low competition but high conversion rates are most recommended.

The Quality of Website Themes

Top 5 Factors That Affect Search Engine Ranking - Theme Quality You may be wondering how the theme used can affect search engine rankings, but you should know that a bad-coded theme can negatively decrease the speed of your website as well as influence the organization and quality of the whole website.

To reduce the risk of being badly affected by improper website design, we suggest you to purchase a premium theme that is well-coded to be fast and secure. Another benefit of a premium one is the responsive design which brings a large amount of traffic from mobile devices.

There are many marketplaces on the web where you can buy good themes, among which Elegant Themes, Mojo Themes and ThemeForest are the most popular and reputed ones. All the themes they provide have perpetual updates, high quality, and after-sale support.