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Top 5 Bulk Image Resizer Helping Optimize Your Site Speed with Better Image Sizes

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Top 5 Bulk Image Resizer Helping Optimize Your Site Speed with Better Image Sizes As there are quantities of guidance and tools for optimizing the image on the website, we would like to recommend you the leading 5 bulk image resizers which help to improve your site's speed by re-adjusting your image sizes.

Many webmaster would have a headache about the slow image or page loading speed oftheir websites and they would get lost when faced with so many choices and tutorial information. That is why we write this article. A powerful bulk image resizer plays a crucial role in processing piles of images, and we dedicatedly select out those top 5 resizers as follows for you to choose.

Kigo Image Converter

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As an easy-to-use and free image converter for the Windows users, Kigo Image Converter is created to scale image size, change image format, add watermark and compress image by batch. This software gives fully support for many kinds of image formats, including JPG, BMP, J2K, JPC, TIF, PNG, or more. What's more, you are able to set the size of target images by setting them as thumbnail size in Size page.

Besides, it has an easy-to-manage and simple interface above which you are able to add, clean or remove images by click the "Add Remove Clear" button. Under the "Convert Settings," you are capable of setting output folder, output format, add watermark to images and adjust image sizes. In addition, the "Convert" button is set to start and stop converting. It is indeed a right and wise solution to convert images under whatever circumstances.
Top 5 Bulk Image Resizer - Kigo Image Converter

Picture Resizer

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As a tool to accelerate the speed to process and resize multiple pictures, Picture Resizer allows you to resize all the pictures in your own folder in obedience to the settings you specify earlier. It is a completely free to download and use software for whatever personal or business purpose. You can ease your tense mind because it really doesn't include spyware, adverts or any other limitations.

It is a helpful and powerful tool for resizing your images or pictures as it has the function to resize a large number of pictures within few minutes and less efforts. Moreover, this software supports to resize all pictures in one folder from Windows Explorer (version 2.0+) quickly and smoothly. It can resize JPEG, BMP, TIF and GIF files and also can resize the portrait pictures or landscape to different sizes.
Top 5 Bulk Image Resizer - Picture Resizer


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As a free of charge batch image or photo resizing tool, Fotosizer enables you to resize a large quantity of images in a short time by an easy and quick way. Besides, the standard edition of this software is totally free of charge and it supports multiple user languages including English, French, Chinese, German, Russian or more.

Note that this software can be used by on Windows 7 or 8, Vista, XP, Windows 2000 operating systems. Also, it can add your own copyright notice, name or your logo as watermarks on the images so as to show your authority over them. Besides, Fotosizer can rotate and apply rounded corners to your images so that you can take absolute control on them as you like.
Top 5 Bulk Image Resizer - Fotosizer


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As a small and user-friendly resizing tool, PhotoScaler is especially designed to scale down hundreds of images to the specific size you need. What's more, this software can allow you to have a rather professional experience for scaling as it supports to choose the type of scaling and to apply color filters to images. Besides, this software also gives support for the rotating and flipping of your output images.

In specific, its newest version 1.5 has added the process priority and the ability to edit settings before adding the image as well as the improvement on the scaling system. It is truly a helpful tool to re-change your website images as it is really powerful and easy-to-control.
Top 5 Bulk Image Resizer - PhotoScaler

ImRe Bulk Image Resizer

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ImRe Bulk Image Resizer is a simple and useful tool for changing and adjusting multiple images. By adopting this software, you are able to change a considerable number of images or pictures into the size you want and to store them in one of those image formats including BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EMF or WMF.

In addition to it, this software has the ability to resize quantities of images by just one click and to change pictures or images into any mentioned format as you like. Perhaps the only thing you need to spare efforts is to specify the images' new width and height.
Top 5 Bulk Image Resizer - ImRe Bulk Image Resizer


To be frank, an effective and powerful web host can be a great impetus on optimizing your website's speed, although those mentioned bulk resizing image tools can make a difference on your slow website speed and image sizes. Thus, we cordially recommend you with BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, and WebHostingHub, all of which are cost-effective and award-winning web hosts.