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Top 3 Web Hosts Offering CloudFlare CDN Service for Free

updated on Nov 23, 2017
Top 3 Web Hosts Offering CloudFlare CDN Service for Free CloudFlare CDN should be a familiar term for most webmasters who have been seeking to gain super fast web hosting performance, as it has been recognized as one of the best CDN services available on the web. According to careful tests and monitoring, websites using CloudFlare CDN can run up to 200% faster than normal ones.

In this article, therefore, we have introduced the top 3 web hosts that offer CloudFlare CDN for free, all of which have been keeping a good partnership with CloudFlare, and have the ability to serve customers' websites with rich features, easy-to-use tools, outstanding reliability and optimized website performance.

Best Web Host Offering CloudFlare CDN


Best Web Host offering CloudFlare CDN BlueHost is a well-known web hosting company that has millions of loyal customers all around the world. Once the web host was recognized as the largest web hosting company that serves several million websites with a single shared web hosting plan for over 15 years, but now, BlueHost has also added VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting service to extend its product list.

BlueHost web hosting service is fast, as the company not only provides CloudFlare CDN, but also utilizes top quality servers, custom built Linux kernel, a nationwide fiber network, and some cutting-edge technologies like CPU protection. Each of these things adds new power to optimize customers' website performance, and combined, they bring web hosting speed to the next level. According to our monitoring statistics, BlueHost servers take an average of 320ms to respond in the past 6 months.

BlueHost professional web hosting plans start from $7.99/mo regularly, and now its limited time promotion allows 63% discount for $2.95/mo for subscribers going through the exclusive promotional link below. When a website grows to be too large for shared web hosting, the owner can also easily upgrade the plan or buy a VPS/dedicated hosting which now come with 50% discount for the first month.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Green Web Host Offering CloudFlare CDN


Green Web Host offering CloudFlare CDN GreenGeeks is also a reputed web host that provides fully upgradable web hosting products. The largest highlight of this company is the 300% green web hosting service that enables all the hosted websites to be eco-friendly. Besides the 3x wind energy credits paid for the power consumed from the grid, GreenGeeks has also reconfigured the servers to reduce emission and upgraded its data center with a better cooling system.

GreenGeeks web hosting package includes sufficient server resources and a large number of useful tools, such as cPanel control panel, Softaculous 1-click application installer, and a free site builder with 1000+ customizable templates. In addition, the package also features 24x7 on-site technical support which is reachable via live chat, email, and a toll-free phone number.

The regular price of the package starts from $7.95/mo, but visitors going through GreenGeeks promotional link below can subscribe to it at a quite affordable price starting from only $3.96/mo. Free pay-per-click ads credits are included to help customers easily drive traffic to their websites.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

High Performance Web Host Offering CloudFlare CDN


High Performance Web Host offering CloudFlare CDN A2Hosting is a leading web host best known for its super fast web hosting performance which is backed by the solid hardware and software infrastructure in its 2 data centers, as well as the advanced speed-boosting technologies utilized.

All of customers' websites are hosted on A2Hosting exclusive SwiftServer platform which is designed with high performance in mind. Featuring enterprise-level CloudLinux OS, no server overloading, redundant power supply and redundant network, the SwiftServers are able to significantly improve the accessibility and latency of the hosted websites.

SSDs (Solid State Drives), which can effectively ensure up to 300% faster web hosting speed, are also available at A2Hosting. This kind of hard drives are optional, but for webmasters who need fast speed to support online stores or photography websites, SSDs should be the solution. With SSDs, CloudFlare CDN and the Railgun Optimizer combined, websites are expected to gain more than 600% faster speed.

A2Hosting offers one shared web hosting plan which is regularly priced from $5.99/mo. By default, A2Hosting provides 17% discount for all subscribers, but those going through the promotional link below have access to 51% discount for 1/6/12-month subscription for only $3.92/mo. This plan has been recognized as the best developer-friendly one in the shared web hosting field.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

What is CloudFlare CDN service?

CloudFlare can be one of the best CDNs on the market. It combines content delivery network (CDN) service with the Domain Name Server service. As a result, websites will be backed by increased speed and performance with the use of the two technologies. In the meantime, CloudFlare can also better protect websites from issues and security risks, for example, DDoS attacks.

How Does CloudFlare CDN Work?

The main reason for the faster delivery speed is that CDN will store copies of the statistic content. Thus your website content will be delivered to visitors through the Internet. In other words, the graphically closet servers CloudFlare's network will be responsible for serving the content. This is critical for a popular website or a global website due to the more direct route and quicker travel time.

Also, CloudFlare helps you obtain a more reliable hosting environment. There are some instances when issues happen to one server. In this case, CloudFlare will direct visitors to another one so as to guarantee the accessibility of your website. From this perspective, you won't suffer from a loss of website traffic even potential customers because of the constant downtimes.

What's more, CloudFlare will keep a close eye on traffic patterns, identify attack attempt, and provide threat reports. In consequence, CloudFlare has the ability to block a range of security threats before they have a bad influence on your website.

Why These CloudFlare CDN Hosting Providers?

The good news is that free CloudFlare CDN can be accessible through the purchase of hosting services from some web hosts. What you need to do is to activate the service. BlueHost, GreenGeeks, and A2Hosting are recommended to be your first choices for CloudFlare CDN hosting. Apart from the provision of free CloudFlare CDN service, these web hosts also guarantee a good service quality and have a good reputation among webmasters.

A possibility exists that you want to correct your choice. All these web hosts show their confidence to deliver the best possible hosting service, allowing 30 days for you to receive a full refund. What's more, A2Hosting makes you feel risk-free to have a try on the service. There is also a pro-rated refund policy after the full refund period.

And these web hosts also bring the convenience to get technical assistance. A solid support has been built to guarantee the high support quality for those who fall into troubles. Their support representatives are ready to show the right direction via chat, phone, and other communication channels.