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Top 3 Dotclear Hosting in 2017

updated on Feb 17, 2017
Top 3 Dotclear Hosting in 2017 The top 3 Dotclear hosting services listed in this article are all selected discreetly based on real customer reviews, our close monitoring, and comprehensive reviews on 50+ web hosts' Dotclear hosting price, compatibility, reliability, performance, installation service, and technical support.

Dotclear is an open source blogging software firstly released in 2002. With the purpose to offer a user-friendly tool allowing both technical people and beginners to publish content on the web easily, Dotclear has gained popularity among bloggers and support from a large number of web hosts. InMotion Hosting, WebHostingHub and HostGator are among the best web hosts that offer optimized Dotclear hosting services.

Best Dotclear Hosting - InMotion Hosting

Reliable Dotclear Hosting InMotion is also a reputed web host that has been chosen by hundreds of thousands of webmasters to manage their online presence. But the difference is that InMotion not only offers shared web hosting service, but also provides more powerful VPS hosting packages and dedicated servers, which makes the company also a good option for large Dotclear websites.

Installing Dotclear on InMotion hosting accounts is effortless with the utilization of the user-friendly 1-click installer Softaculous which can automate the installation process thus eliminate the mess of downloading, uploading and configuration. What users should do is just have several clicks and fill in some required information like domain, username, and password. For the transfer of an existing Dotclear site, InMotion support team is always there waiting to help.

InMotion has 3 upgradable shared web hosting packages which are priced from $6.99/mo, while the current promotion allows a 50% discount for $3.49/mo (only valid for visitors going through the promotional link below). All of the packages include a large amount of advertising credits, multiple languages including Python and Ruby on Rails, and several security methods like SSL server and SSH.

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Reliable Dotclear Hosting - WebHostingHub

Best Dotclear Hosting So far, WebHostingHub has been in the web hosting industry for years. The company has been welcomed and adapted by thousands of Dotclear fans for the affordable and reliable web hosting service.

Over the years, WebHostingHub has been offering 3 web hosting packages. The regular price of the packages starts from $8.99/mo, but to make it more affordable to personal bloggers, the company now offers up to 78% discount for $1.95/mo for subscribers using this special promo link. This huge discount is valid for 3 months, and after that, the price becomes $3.99/mo which is still affordable.

The package includes nearly everything needed by Dotclear users to build an efficient blog – one click installer, domain name, enough disk space, email accounts, easy-to-use control panel, and more. Most importantly, WebHostingHub provides 24x7 US based support for all customers via email, live chat and phone, which is quite helpful for webmasters, especially beginners.

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Fast Dotclear Hosting - HostGator

Fast Dotclear Hosting HostGator is a web hosting provider that is famous for super fast speed which is backed by cutting-edge technologies and CDN. The company also offers a series of products to meet different Dotclear hosting demands – shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

HostGator claims that all the hosted websites can run several times faster than others. And for speeding up optimally, the company now leverages the power of the following things.
  • An advanced server platform that features redundant network and no server overloading, which provides a fast hosting environment for Dotclear sites.
  • CDN, which caches the static content to save bandwidth as well as to speed up websites for much faster page loading.
  • Enterprise-grade network cores and redundant network connectivity.
HostGator shared web hosting packages, which are suitable for personal and small sized Dotclear sites, are now available from only $3.82/mo for visitors using the coupon code HG45PERCENT, 45% off the regular price.

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How to Select a Hosting Package for Dotclear

As a blog publishing application that is free and open source, Dotclear has built up its reputation and is now actively maintained by a group of developers. It enjoys a relatively higher reputation in French-speaking regions, but it comes with multilingual support, so almost everyone can use it.

Dotclear has some great features. The most important one is that it allows easy blog publishing. The editor enables users to add content and format it easily. Other highlights include the support for multiple blogs, multiple users, rich-featured comment system, spam protection, and various media files including videos, music and images.

To select a hosting package that can assist in the building and management of Dotclear sites, there are many factors to look into. Below are some of the important ones.

Web hosting features

To make sure the ease of use of the hosting service and the smooth running of Dotclear, the following features must be paid much attention.
  • PHP and the database options. Dotclear 2 requires some server specifications in order to work, so the hosting package has to include PHP 5.2 or higher with the mbstring, iconv, SimpleXML and SPL modules installed, and any database among PostgreSQL 8.0 or higher, SQLite and MySQL 4.1 or higher with InnoDB.
  • Control panel. Control panel is crucial to the hosting experience, so cPanel should be the best choice, followed by Plesk, Webmin and vDeck.
  • Disk space and bandwidth. Make sure the resources are sufficient for your needs.


This includes the reliability and speed. If a hosting package is slow or delivers frequent downtimes, it is of no value. To find out some truth about these aspects, the tips below should help.
  • Read the user reviews on the Internet carefully to see how the customers think about the hosting service. Those services with severe complaints about the uptime, speed or security need to be avoided.
  • Test the uptime and speed with Pingdom and some other uptime monitoring tools.

Technical support

The quality and responsiveness of support matter to those who don't have enough experiences in web hosting or Dotclear. The availability of various communication methods (including live chat, email and phone) is appreciated, and faster responses are better. The waiting time can be tested by contacting the sales support.