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Top 10 WordPress Slideshow Plugins for Creating and Managing Elegant Slideshows

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Top 10 WordPress Slideshow Plugins for Creating and Managing Elegant Slideshows Slides are considered to be perfect when it comes to highlighting the best content and important news on your website. They can be used for showing amazing videos and photos on your sites too. There are many online shops that make use of these slideshows in order to promote their significant products and special offers.

These days, sliders have become a very pre-eminent component of many WordPress themes. In case your WordPress theme does not contain an option to display the sliders, then you can use WordPress slideshow plugins for the purpose. These plugins can be utilized for inserting a slideshow in your web design right in the area of content. Read this article and get to know about the best WordPress slideshow Plugins.


Slideshow plugin helps you in integrating a slideshow for any kind of installation of WordPress. You can easily load an image into the slideshow by selecting it from the media page of WordPress. The plugin also allows you to add the images that are already uploaded on WordPress in your slideshows too. Similarly, you can create as many slideshows as you want with variant settings, styles and images. The other features of this plugin include YouTube video slide addition, image slides, text slides, options for adding multiple slideshows etc. The plugin is responsive and easily customizable.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - Slideshow

Simple Slideshow Manager

This is a very simple slideshow plugin that allows you to have multiple slideshows. It can also display the slideshows with the help of PHP coding, shortcodes and widgets too. The prominent features of this plugin include multiple slideshows, drag and reorder slides option, shortcode support and multiple widgets, shortcode generator, customization and animation options, delay configuration of fade-in and fade-out and options for adding YouTube and Vimeo slides. The AJAX interface of this plugin makes it easy to use and customizable.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - Simple Slideshow Manager

Slideshow Gallery

This plugin enables you to feature your website content in a fast and beautiful JavaScript powered slideshow gallery. By using this plugin, you can display variant amount of galleries on your WordPress website. You can also display the custom added slides and galleries in the pages and posts of WordPress. The best thing about this plugin is that it is flexible, and all the aspects can be easily embed in the slideshow gallery.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - Slideshow Gallery

Portfolio Slideshow

Portfolio Slideshow helps you in creating a clean and a responsive JavaScript slideshow in your website. You can easily integrate the slideshow in your themes and designs. The plugin also offers many options for the advanced users as well. The other features of Portfolio Slideshow include an infinite number of slideshow sizes, graphical navigation, slideshow editor, inline videos, mobile galleries and many more.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - Portfolio Slideshow

GB Gallery Slideshow

GB Gallery Slideshow plugin is based on AJAX and Jquery. It is very simple and easy to use, and enables you to create effective and customized slideshows. The plugin helps you in choosing and customizing your special effects for all the images you want to add in the slideshows. The plugin also helps you in displaying your desired images in variant sizes without altering the real image. It has the options of adding post images, managing groups, adding customized effects in the sliders and many more for you.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - GB Gallery Slideshow

Flickr Set Slideshows

With the help of this plugin, you can easily embed the slideshows of Flickr photos in your WordPress posts and pages. You just need to link your account on Flickr to the plugin. Create the slideshow of one of the photo sets on Flickr in a simple and easy manner with this plugin. In addition, you can embed this slideshow anywhere in the pages and posts by just copying and then pasting the shortcode. After creating and editing a slideshow, Flickr sets this slideshow and provide you with a preview.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - Flickr Set Slideshows

Slideshow Satellite

The goal of this plugin is to provide you with a beautiful and fully responsive slideshow experience on your WordPress sites. By using this WordPress slideshow plugin, you can select from multiple and easy to be used themes. You can make use of WordPress Media Galleries and your own customized Gallery Editor for adding images in the slideshows as well. Intalling this plugin is also quite simple with detailed documentation.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - Slideshow Satellite

JSJ Gallery Slideshow

With the help of JSJ Gallery Slideshow, you can bring improvements in the galleries of WordPress in a simple, elegant and easy manner. This is done in an automatic way. All you need to do is to install this plugin, and it can do the rest of the work for you. You can also bring changes in the way the slideshow is displayed by altering the settings like timeout between transitions and speed. The plugin has been developed on the basis of Jquery Cycle.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - JSJ Gallery Slideshow

WP Image Slideshow

WP Image Slideshow is an updated version of My Drop-in Image Gallery of Slideshow. Each image is dripped into the view in the gallery. The slideshow pauses when you roll the mouse over. In addition, this plugin has separate links of management in the dashboard. You can easily manage the images of gallery and other target links from the link of the dashboard. The images are retrieved from the folder directly in the old Drop-in image slideshow plugin. The plugin is free, simple, and customizable, and contains hyperlink options to every image too.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - WP Image Slideshow

SH Slideshow

SH Slideshow is an excellent WordPress plugin that creates animated promo slides on your WordPress website. The plugin can be used for the promotion of posts, custom post types, pages in your website and the pages from outside too. It is customizable when you change the settings from the admin pages. The plugin utilizes jQuery and JavaScript frameworks.

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Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins - SH Slideshow