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Top 10 Free Joomla Website Themes

updated on Oct 14, 2014
Top 10 Free Joomla Website Themes Being one of the most popular open source software, Joomla has a large community in which hundreds of developers are working on the design and development of themes and extensions. As a result, there are thousands of Joomla extensions and designs available over the Internet, and many people are always confused about which to choose.

Before choosing the right theme, you should decide whether you need a free one or a paid premium one. If you don't have too many requirements, we suggest you to use a free theme to cut down your cost.

In this article, we have selected the top 10 Joomla website themes after we have collected enormous feedbacks on over 1,000+ Joomla themes. The 10 themes listed below are all well designed with the top techniques like responsive design and SEO friendliness.

NO.1: JSN Vintage


JSN Vintage is a new template from JoomlaShine, which includes all the advanced features to enable you to deliver an incredible user experience. The unconventional and elegant design brings a breakthrough display in a wide range of devices. This theme is the best option for users who has a website for art, photography, wedding planner or creative portfolio.

Highlighted features:
  • 50+ template parameters.
  • 3 font styles, 5 menu styles & 6 color variations.
  • 36 module positions & 120 module styles.
  • SEO optimized & Overrides for all default extensions.

JSN Vintage Joomla Theme

No.2: Music


Music is a free responsive Joomla theme used to set up an attractive music website. Built on the Gavern Framework, this theme comes with the support for modified News Show Pro GK4 extension and the K2 component which enables information to be displayed in attractive and unique ways. In addition, Music supports the mooMasonry script which blocks modules to be positioned in the available space optimized for the target device.

Highlighted features:
  • Built-in typography features, including code listings, quotes, text blocks with icons and tooltips.
  • Integrated support for both Google and Squirrel fonts.
  • Social API which lets users log in using their Facebook accounts and easily add social media buttons.
  • Support for EU "Cookie Law" and all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Music Joomla Theme

No.3: JA Elastica


As the first Joomla responsive template, JA Elastica is completely free licensed under GNU/GPL V3. Built on JA's robust JAT3 v2 framework and jQuery Masonry scripts, this theme can work well and fit well on all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers. If you want to create a magazine website, JA Elastica is really what you need.

Highlighted features:
  • 5 layouts, 4 menu options & multiple module styles and badges styles.
  • Responsive media Typo, font-size, image, logo, etc.
  • Built-in Google fonts configuration, CSS & Javascript compression.

JA Elastica Joomla Theme

No.4: Oxygen


Oxygen is a professional bright and clean template. The popular free release uses the latest Joomla51 framework with a series of new features. This theme is compatible with Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.0, and supports 48 fully collapsible module positions, 14 web safe fonts and 100 Google fonts.

Highlighted features:
  • 3 color styles & 2 pre-installed menu positions.
  • 3 column layouts with 6 possible layout options.
  • Tableless and 100% CSS based design.
  • J51 Thumbs Gallery module & ImageSlideshow module.

Oxygen Joomla Theme

No.5: CMS Blue


CMS Blue is a simple responsive theme that comes with the basic features but allows you to modify it as you like. You can download and install it for free. This theme comes with different colors and styles, including CMS Grey, CMS Water and CMS White. In addition, you can learn how to activate the top links, social media icons, logo, banner, showcase and columns in the support video.

CMS Blue Joomla Theme

No.6: Vertex


Vertex is a completely free Joomla template with responsive layout. Built on Shape5 Vertex template framework, it gives you all the powerful features, such as S5 Flex Menu, 94 module positions, mobile device version, and the ability to hide the component area on any page. Besides the attractive features, Vertex also has a beautiful look which can be customized with your own custom highlight color and fonts.

Highlighted features:
  • 94 collapsible core template positions & 4 mobile positions.
  • S5 Flex Menu, RTL language support & 3 custom module suffixes.
  • Google fonts & SEO optimized.
  • PSDs, Tooltips, Lazy Load, Info Slide & 100% tableless CSS.

Vertex Joomla Theme

No.7: JA Puresite


JA Puresite is a responsive Joomla template developed by JoomlaArt professional Joomla template club. It comes with style support for JZ Comment Component, K2 Component and Acymailing Component. This template works well and fits any screen sizes. So far, it has more than 12,000 downloads at JoomlaArt.

Highlighted features:
  • 5 layouts, 4 menu options & multiple module styles and badges styles.
  • Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x compatible.
  • Responsive media Typo, font-size, image, logo, and so on.
  • CSS file flexible customization.

JA Puresite Joomla Theme

No.8: Leo Restro


Designed for showcase, portfolios and blog sites, Leo Restro is a responsive template that can adapt to the resolution size of smartphone like iPhone, Android phone and other mobile devices. It has 3 theme colors, clean styles and allows the customization for background, text-color, font-size, etc. Leo Restro is built upon Leo Framework and support K2 Component.

Highlighted features:
  • Multiple module suffixes & layouts.
  • Compressed JS & CSS engine option.
  • Lightweight, modern & fast-loading design.

Leo Restro Joomla Theme

No.9: MJ Nustar


This theme is developed by MoJoomla with responsive design. It is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.0. Besides the appealing appearance that has attracted a large number of Joomla fans, MJ Nustar also includes many advanced features that can meet the needs of most users.

Highlighted features:
  • Optimized display for mobiles and desktops.
  • HTML5, CSS , custom fonts & typography.
  • Well structured 12grid system 7 customizable 17 module positions.

MJ Nustar Joomla Theme

No.10: OneWeb


OneWeb is a basic template for Joomla that is built with CSS framework and OOcSS principles. It comes with great maintainability, scalability and customizability. You can easily use OneWeb to develop a better template design. Note that this theme is more suitable for people who have knowledge on HTML, CSS, and Google.

OneWeb Joomla Theme