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7 Tips to Boost Email Signups and Get More Subscribers for Your Newsletter

updated on Aug 03, 2016
7 Tips to Boost Email Signups and Get More Subscribers for Your Newsletter A large and quality email list is essential to successful email marketing which increases your website traffic, conversion rates and income. The more email subscribers you get from your website, the more business opportunities that are open to you.

The simplest way to get subscribers is to put a signup form in a post or a page on your website and then wait for the visitors who are interested to offer their email addresses to you. However, there are many tips you can follow to speed up the building of your email list, for example, using popups.

In this tutorial, we are going to introduce several practical methods that could easily double the number of your email subscribers in a week. Which methods to adopt depends on your own considerations of the website design and content, but you should remember that never be too aggressive. People don't like to be forced to do something.

Tip 1: Give Some Incentives

Your readers, especially those new visitors, need some motivations before they are willing to type their email addresses in your signup form. Therefore, you should promise them some exclusive benefits that are not available to the common visitors. Also, be sure to use some alluring words like "free" and "special discount" in the signup copy to encourage signups.

Depending on the type of your website, you can offer different benefits to your email subscribers. Below are some suggestions.
  • For content-heavy blogs which don't sell: A well-made eBook or PDF file with valuable content, regular in-depth blogging tips, email courses, or the latest whitepapers.
  • For eCommerce sites or any other sites which sell: A free trial of the popular products, a special free service, regular freebies, or exclusive holiday discounts.
No matter what you offer, try to make the benefits clear and easy to be noticed. Besides, it is recommended to provide a special deal to new subscribers. For example, you can offer a free product exclusive to first-time subscribers to make the subscription more enticing and beneficial.

Get More Subscribers by Giving Some Incentives

Tip 2: Pay Attention to the Placement of the Signup Form

Making a signup form and placing it on a page is easy. However, this is not suggested because most of your visitors would not want to navigate to another page to subscribe to your newsletter. In fact, there are several main spots that many marketers use to place their signup forms, all of which have been tested to work better than a separate signup page. Below are some options available when you consider the placement of the signup form.
  • Make a sticky header on your website and put a "subscribe" option in it to get the maximum attentions. A short sentence with incentives is needed.
  • Embed a subscription form in the footer section of your site so that the form is visible to all visitors, and people can complete the form at any time without leaving the page they are reading.
  • Add the signup form to a sidebar. This is a good strategy that is utilized by a lot of large websites.
  • Add the signup form after your blog posts. Those readers who find your content is interesting and helpful are likely to subscribe for updates immediately.
  • Add a signup checkbox in the comment form so that commenters can subscribe to your newsletter easily while leaving a comment with their email addresses.
  • Add a signup checkbox to the checkout page. If you can promise discounts and coupons for the next order, you will certainly get a lot of subscribers from your existing customers.
Get More Subscribers by Choosing Right Placement of the Signup Form

The placements listed above are all good in driving signups. You can certainly try two or three of them at the same time to maximize the results. Just be careful and don't make your website look spammy.

Besides, there is another thing to pay attention. For the signup options in different places, you should use different signup copies to match the intent of your users. For example, for the signup form in blog posts, you can say "Like this post? Sign up to get more interesting posts every week." While on the checkout page of an eCommerce site, you'd better tell something like "Sign up to get special discounts, coupons and freebies for your next order delivered to your inbox."

Tip 3: Make Proper Use of Popups

Offering a signup form in popups is one of the best strategies for getting more email subscribers since popups can dominate your visitors' attention in a highly customizable way. Usually, you are able to customize the form design and decide when the popup appears depending on your knowledge about your target audience. By using popups properly, you can expect double or even triple subscribers.

However, not all people like popups. Some would find them annoying and even block them from showing up. If you haven't done enough researches, you may easily make mistakes which result in strong dislikes to your website. Therefore, when trying this method, you have to avoid the common popup mistakes and make sure that:
  • Your popups do not occupy the entire screen.
  • You are providing a clear exit option.
  • The call-to-action is clear and powerful.
  • The popups are displayed at the right time, not too quick and not too slow.
Get More Subscribers by Using Popups

Tip 4: Run Contests, Competitions and Giveaways

Running contests and competitions is a creative and effective way for growing your email list. By promising people the chances to win a free award which they can know before they participate in the activities, you can easily obtain their email addresses. Many of your visitors will be generous to offer their contact information in order to compete for your awards, especially when your awards are attractive enough. The same results come to giveaways, too.

Besides, when asking for email addresses, you can remind users that by signing up, they will be notified of the future contests and competitions via email so they are not going to miss out any precious chance.

Tip 5: Make Use of Content Upgrades

If you have prepared some add-on resources for a post on your website, you can offer these additional resources as content upgrades to require readers to offer their email addresses in exchange for the resources. These resources could be a PDF version of the post, an eBook, a template, a video tutorial, free icon sets, etc.

In most cases, content upgrades are placed after a post in the form of a clickable image or a download link. When readers click on the image or link, they will be asked to enter their email addresses in order to access the additional resources.

Note that a content upgrade is specific to a post on your website, so the resource in it must be closely related to the topic of the post.

Get More Subscribers by Offering Content Upgrades

Tip 6: Offer Signup Options on Social Networking Sites

The power of the popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook is enormous. In fact, such sites can not only help increase your website traffic, but also help grow your email list. However, to achieve the latter goal, you have to work out some strategies because the tasks are not as easy as sharing a post to your followers. Here are the suggestions.
  • Add a signup form to Facebook by using the powerful Facebook apps.
  • Insert a signup link in your profiles on the social networking sites.
  • Promote those posts with content upgrades on social networking sites. The readers who find valuable information by following the links will possibly give you their email addresses.
Offer Signup Options on Social Networking Sites

Tip 7: Host Webinars

Webinars are a great way to establish yourself as a professional in your field. If you have enough skills, you can host webinars and ask for email addresses for the participations. When the webinar is finished, you can even make a video for it, and then offer the video as a content upgrade in a post about the webinar.

The extra benefit of webinars is that they naturally make you an authority, which results in that more people visit your site, trust you, and sign up for the newsletter to get informative advice from you.