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How to Stop Content Hijacking in WordPress with Frame Buster

updated on Aug 15, 2016
How to Stop Content Hijacking in WordPress with Frame Buster Have you been irritated by someone else putting ads or call-to-actions on your content? This unethical marketing practice has been around for some days as there are several tools available that help marketers load your website content while showing their ads.

Such marketers are content pirates, and what they do to your website is called content hijacking. If you are troubled by a content hijacking issue, then it's time to find a solution to stop it.

In below, we will introduce what content hijacking is in detail, and then show you how to protect your WordPress site against the bad people.

What Is Content Hijacking?

Content hijacking is a method with which people can load their own affiliate links, call-to-action buttons and ads on others' content. This sounds difficult, but the tools like Start a Fire and Sniply make it quite easy to carry out the practice. Generally speaking, these tools offer a frame in which users are able to load the content of any link while presenting their own messages and ads. Within the frame, the real link will be disguised by a shortened URL which looks similar.

Below is an example of content hijacking.

What Is Content Hijacking

When the fake link is shared via social media, it will be visited by those who are interested in your content. Since the content loaded in the frame is exactly the same as the original content on your website, some normal users won't see any difference, and then they may click on the irrelevant ads. But as soon as they look at the shortened URL, they will find that something is wrong with your website.

Content hijacking does much harm to your website and online business for the following reasons.
  • You have spent much time producing good content, but the content is easily taken advantage of.
  • Readers click on the ads and call-to-action buttons because they trust you. Content hijacking, however, makes your website's credibility stolen by the bad guys.
  • If the ads lead to malicious content, your credibility will decrease.
  • You will possibly lose traffic.
Content hijacking provides a good way for the unethical marketers to promote the products they want, but as a website owner, you will never want this. You'd appreciate the legitimate content marketing strategies more.

Stop Content Hijacking with Frame Buster

Frame Buster is a lightweight WordPress plugin that is built with a single goal – to help users fight against content pirates. It is very easy-to-use as you need to do nothing after installing the plugin and activating it. There are no extra plugin settings to configure. Frame Buster simply starts working immediately upon activation.

Stop Content Hijacking with Frame Buster

The plugin automatically detects the instances that your website is shown in a frame, and it can find out any rerouted URL for your content. For the bad pages that have been found out, the plugin will redirect the traffic to these pages to the original content on your website. Therefore, content pirates can't steal your traffic, conversions or leads. Whatever they want to do with your content inside a frame will fail.

Frame Buster is completely free, so that everyone can make use of it to protect website content at no cost.