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How to Start WordPress Giveaway Effectively

updated on Nov 30, 2016
How to Start WordPress Giveaway Effectively Now, many webmasters strive every sinew to strengthen the relationship among them and their website visitors. For instance, they open the comment area and discuss something with people here, collect readers' email addresses to send the regular newsletters, launch the online debate or poll to encourage the user engagement and many more. Now, there is another great method available for you to better relate to your readers - start and run the giveaway.

Actually, this is an excellent method to effectively promote your website and business image. Also, it works fine if you want to reward your loyal readers. In this case, running a giveaway can be a win-win choice, for your site can be wisely marketed with improved vitality while people can get the prize offered by you.

In the following, we have introduced the steps about how to start WordPress giveaway effectively.

Start WordPress Giveaway using Rafflecopter

Instead of recommending some WordPress plugins to help you start the giveaway, we are much more likely to recommend an online tool that is named as Rafflecopter. It achieves the easiest and the most secure method to run the giveaway for any kinds of websites, with no IT, coding or advanced knowledge required.

To use it, you should firstly sign up an account of it. Note that this tool releases 4 plans. Here, if you are just a common webmaster and do not require some advanced features, the free package is enough for you.

The signup process is pretty easy. You only need to enter your name, your email address and a strong password. After passing the security question, you can start the journey by clicking the New Giveaway button.

New Giveaway

Add the Prize and Gifts

In the next page, you firstly need to enter the prize you are going to offer by clicking the Add A Prize button.

Add A Prize

After entering the prize with the proper value, information and quantity, you can click the Save This Prize button. Note that you can also insert the image to better demonstrate your offering, but this feature is only available for the paid packages.

Save This Prize

Note that you can add multiple prizes as you want by clicking the Add Another Prize button.

Decide the Tasks

Next, you need to determine what people need to do for entering and winning your giveaway. This time, you should click the Add An Entry Option button.

Decide the Tasks

By default, this tool offers you 9 options, among which visiting the Facebook fan page, tweeting on Twitter, following the Twitter account and subscribing to the mailing list are the hot choices. Also, if you launch an online poll or open your comment, you can require them to answer you poll or to comment on your web contents.

Besides, you have to note that each entry task requires you to enter different information. For instance, the Facebook and Twitter options require you to enter the full and correct URL for your Facebook page and Twitter account and the comment option requires you to decide what people need to comment about.

In addition, there is a special “Friend Referring” part that allows you to share this giveaway with your friends.

Schedule the Giveaway

Now, you need to schedule your giveaway by deciding the date and time for starting and ending this special website activity. Note that the default time zone is in Eastern Time for Canada and the US. However, if you need, you can change the time zone based on your geo location.

Schedule the Giveaway

Fill Out the Nickname and Terms & Conditions

The next step you need to do is to enter a nickname for this new giveaway. Note that the nickname is just used for the managing and organizing purpose, which will not be displayed in the front-end of your site.

In addition, you also need to fill out the Terms & Condition that demonstrates some rules and regulations you want to set for your giveaway. If you do not know how to enter this field, you can directly use the template offered by this tool and make some minor modifications based on your real needs.

Nickname and Terms & Conditions

Install the Giveaway

As all the components for this giveaway are entered properly, now, you can click the Preview and Install button.

In this page, you firstly can figure out how this giveaway will be showcased on your site. If you want, you can even change its background.

If you feel good, you can copy the code generated by this tool automatically and paste it into your webpage that is used to showcase this giveaway. Here, we have to mention that the code can only be entered when you use the text editor but not the visual editor.

That’s it. You now can run this giveaway since the starting time you have decided. In addition, it is possible that you want to modify some aspects of this activity even if it already starts. If so, you can move back to the Rafflecopter and enter your account to make the changes you want. Note that you do not need to make an update to the generated code, for all the changes you have made can be applied by this tool automatically.

Better Promote and Market Your Giveaway

This is the last step you'd better carry out. After all, the success of your giveaway activity depends on how many people join this event. In the following, we'd like to share some simple steps for the promotion and marketing of your giveaway.
  • You can get the attention of your readers by displaying a fixed or floating sidebar to showcase the launching of the giveaway.
  • You can send out the newsletters to all your loyal subscribers and encourage them to join and win your giveaway.
  • You can share your giveaway information on all your social accounts. If you have enough followers who are likely to share your statement, you can get more potential participants.
  • You can come out a sticky post that exclusively introduces this special activity, and you can delete or remove the sticky function at the end of your giveaway.