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In-Depth Review on SiteGround WordPress Hosting Service

updated on Sep 15, 2014
In-Depth Review on SiteGround WordPress Hosting Service Having been in the industry for about 10 years, SiteGround has been trusted by millions of webmasters in a world scale. However, is this company powerful enough to host WordPress? The answer can be found in the following comprehensive review on the company's WordPress hosting service from several aspects, including price, feature, compatibility, usability, performance and technical support.

We have been using this service to host 3 of our medium-sized websites for over 6 months, and kept monitoring the sites closely. In addition, we have searched a lot on the Internet to learn how other users think about this service. According to our personal experience and the information we have collected, we have made the ratings of this service as below.
SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
  • Reputation
  • Compatibility
  • Feature
  • Performance
  • Support

Plans & Price

SiteGround WordPress Hosting - PriceSiteGround has released 3 different WordPress hosting solutions to enable customers to choose the most proper one, which are named as StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek, priced at $9.95/mo, $14.95/mo and $29.95/mo regularly. Now, the company is providing a considerable discount to promote the packages, with which the price is low to $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $14.95/mo. Besides, each plan comes with a fee domain name for 1 year.

What's more, the company guarantees 30 days prorated money back to enable customers to ask for a prorated refund if they are not 100% satisfied with the service and want to cancel their accounts in the first 30 days. Note that the company only supports credit cards.


Among the 100+ WordPress hosting providers we have reviewed, SiteGround is one of the companies offering quantities of features, including multiple hosted websites, unlimited monthly data transfer, email accounts and MySQL databases. In addition, SSH is provided to guarantee the security of the remote management. Besides, CloudFlare CDN is used to gain faster hosting speed. Learn the detailed feature information in the following table.
Hosted Website(s)1MultipleMultiple
Disk Space10 GB200 GB300 GB
Shared SSL
30 Backup Copies

Compatibility & Ease of Use

SiteGround WordPress Hosting - CompatibilitySiteGround claims 100% compatibility with WordPress because they have met the minimum system requirements of running this software. To guarantee the best possible WordPress hosting experience, this company has installed PHP5.3.x, MySQL 5.2.x and Apache 2.2x on all the shared servers. In addition, the PHP runs as suPHP to increase the security of hosted websites. Therefore, the WordPress service from this web host is really compatible.

What's more, the company adopts cPanel, the most easy-to-use control panel, with which customers are capable of taking full control over every aspect related to their accounts and websites. Moreover, Softaculous 1-click script installer is integrated with cPanel to help customers install the application with just a few clicks, within less than 1 minute, which saves software users a lot of time, especially the newbies with little hosting knowledge.


The company offers strategic data center locations on the continents: North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Having a choice of different locations gives customers the benefits to choose the closest one to the majority of their visitors for best website performance. Besides, in the data centers, the web host uses top-of-the-line diesel generators, UPS power supply and hundreds of custom-optimized server configurations.

In addition, technicians and engineers are monitoring the servers and data centers 24x7, so that they are able to find and resolve any sudden issue as soon as it occurs to protect the hosted websites from any unexpected interruption. According to our monitoring result, the uptime of this provider is 99.93%, and the server response time is 634ms.

Technical Support

SiteGround WordPress Hosting - SupportSiteGround offers a high level of technical support carried out by hundreds of professional and experienced support consultants through toll-free phone call, live chat and tickets. All the support staffs are on-site 24x7 and proficient in this software, so that they are able to respond quickly and provide instant and effective assistance, guaranteeing that the waiting time of phone support and live chat is less than 30 seconds, while that of ticket support is no more than 10 minutes.

What's more, technicians and engineers have worked out thousands of helpful articles and detailed video tutorials with a lot of information about hosting. In this way, customers can learn more about hosting and the resolutions to deal with common issues.


Owning the advantages of variety, affordability, good compatibility, ease of use and satisfying reliability, SiteGround WordPress hosting is worth going. However, due to the slowness of service, we don't recommend it to readers who desire a cheap, user-friendly, reliable and fast web host to host their WordPress sites. In these years, we have found several of the most reputed and trustworthy WordPress hosting companies.

Learn details about the selected hosting providers in the following table.