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How to Show the Social Share Count on Your WordPress Site

updated on May 26, 2017
How to Show the Social Share Count on Your WordPress Site If you have already carried out a social media marketing plan, you should have added some social sharing buttons to your site. Showing the social share count, then, enables you to present your social proof and popularity, which eventually helps with the increase of your website credibility and traffic.

Depending on which social network you have integrated, you can show the number of your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, email subscribers, G+ followers, LinkedIn connections, YouTube subscribers and more in a sidebar widget, footer widget or anywhere else you want.

This can surely be done with coding, but for beginners, we would suggest using a plugin which can help you display the stats you want beautifully in an easy way. The plugin we recommend is AccessPress Social Counter which not only supports multiple social media, but also comes with built-in themes.

Configure Your Social Profiles

After installing the plugin you need, you will notice an AccessPress Social Counter menu item in WordPress dashboard. Clicking on it, you can access the settings page. There are several tabs available, and under the Social Profiles tab, you need to configure the social profiles for which you'd like to show the stats.

The free version of the plugin supports 7 popular social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Dribble and SoundCloud, as well as WordPress posts and comments. For the social media, you have to enable those you need one by one, and then fill in the required information to make them work on your site.

For example, Facebook requires the Page ID, App ID and the App Secret. For these pieces of information, AccessPress Social Counter provides tutorials for getting them. So even if you are unfamiliar with the process, you can deal with each task easily.

Configure Social Profiles

If you want to display the total number of posts and comments, simply check the display counter option, and there is no additional setting.

Show Post and Comment Count

To show the stats of multiple social media, you may spend some time configuring each of them. And after getting things right, remember to save all the changes.

Customize the Display

As the plugin provides some customization options, you can access them by opening the Display Settings tab. There you are able to change the display order of the social media by dragging and dropping them to the proper place.

Change Display Order

Next, you are able to select a theme from the 5 available choices depending on your own preference. The choice is completely yours, but the theme should always be consistent with your overall design.

Select a Theme

Besides, it is also possible to select the counter format, disable the font CSS, and disable the frontend CSS.

Select Counter Format

Display the Social Share Count on Your WordPress Site

The plugin provides a shortcode which you can use to display the social profiles with stats. If you want to show counts within a post page, simply add the following shortcode anywhere you want. The shortcode will display all the enabled social profiles with the theme you have selected.


If you only want to show the count for a certain social profile, then use the shortcode below. "twitter" can be replaced by any other social profile that the plugin supports.

[aps-get-count social_media="twitter"]

In the case that you'd like to display all the stats in a sidebar widget, simply go to Appearance > Widgets, and drag the "AccessPress Social Counter" widget to the sidebar.

Display Social Profiles in Widget

Get More Social Profiles and Customization Options with the Pro Version

In addition to the free version, AccessPress Social Counter also comes with a pro version for those who need more possibilities. If you need any of the following things, you can consider a purchase.
  • The support for Buffer, WhatsApp, Reddit, StumbleUpon or Telegram.
  • Change button colors/styles or add tooltips on the buttons.
  • Use 30 effects animations and 10 hover button animations.