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How to Share Your Instagram Feed on WordPress Sites

updated on Aug 09, 2016
How to Share Your Instagram Feed on WordPress Sites Providing an addictive platform for users to share photos and videos in an elegant way, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks with over 300 million users globally. Therefore, if you, or your WordPress site, have already had an Instagram account on which you share good photos and videos regularly, it is important to display the Instagram feed on your website and show your readers the latest valuable content on Instagram.

Doing so brings several obvious benefits. First of all, your readers get more content to check on your WordPress site. Secondly, you will see a growth of the Instagram followers soon. More importantly, a larger number of followers mean better chances to start social media marketing.

In below, we will introduce the detailed steps for sharing your Instagram feed on WordPress sites by using the AccessPress Instagram Feed plugin.

About AccessPress Instagram Feed

AccessPress Instagram Feed is an easy-to-use Instagram feed plugin. It enables you to display Instagram images in multiple different layouts, and helps encourage your readers to follow you on the social networking site.

With the plugin, you can fetch the Instagram feed from your private account or any public accounts by using the Instagram API. And for the display of the feeds, there are three modes which are available with their own shortcodes, so you are able to use any of the modes by inserting the proper shortcode in WordPress posts or pages.

Besides, the plugin is fully responsive, displaying good images on mobile devices. Its user interface is interactive and user-friendly, too.

Add Instagram Feed to WordPress with AccessPress Instagram Feed Plugin

Get Started with AccessPress Instagram Feed

The only necessity for using the plugin is an Instagram account, so make sure you have opened one. After sharing images on the account, you can start installing the plugin and configuring it.

Upon activation, the plugin adds a new menu item AccessPress Instagram Feed to your WordPress dashboard. You need to click on the menu item to access the settings.

Under the "Instagram Profiles" tab, you will have to enter the required information for the Instagram feed, including your username, user ID and the access token. Only by doing so, can you make the plugin function properly.

You have already known your username, but to get a user ID and access token, you need to click on the link displayed below the user ID field, and then generate an access token.

Get Token

Alternatively, you can follow this link to get your user ID by entering your username.

Get User ID

As for the access token, simply click on the "Get Access Token" link, and then authorize the plugin to access your account information.

Authorize Access to Instagram Account

Once the plugin is authorized, an access token will be generated and filled in the corresponding field automatically. Now you can save the feed information to make the plugin work.

Save Instagram Feed Information

Configure the Display Settings

AccessPress Instagram Feed offers 4 layout options, including mosaic, mosaic lightbox, slider and grid. Therefore, before displaying Instagram images on your website, you should select a proper layout that matches your website design. Besides, you can choose whether to show the image likes.

Select Feed Layout

Embed the Instagram Feed to Website

After saving your Instagram profile information and the display settings, you can now share your Instagram images to your website in two ways – by adding shortcodes to a post or page, or by adding a widget to the sidebar.

For the former method, you are able to access all the available shortcodes under the "How to use" tab, and then copy any one of them depending on your needs. The rest work, of course, is to paste the shortcode into your content. No additional steps are needed.

Add Instagram Feed with Shortcodes

With the mosaic layout, you will get an Instagram feed like below in your WordPress post or page. The frontend display is different if you use another layout.

Display Instagram Feed with Mosaic Layout

In addition to the shortcodes, there are still two widgets available in the plugin, which enables you to display an Instagram feed in your website's sidebar easily. What you need to do is to access the Instagram feed widget in Appearance > Widgets, and drag the widget to the sidebar area. For the widget, you can make the following customizations.
  • Select how many images to be displayed in the feed.
  • Show or hide the header, Instagram post, followers and the follow button.
  • Link the images in the feed to your Instagram account.
After saving the widget, you will get your Instagram feed displayed in the sidebar.

Add Instagram Feed with Widget

Make an Upgrade

All the features discussed above are available in the free version of AccessPress Instagram Feed. But in fact, there is still a premium version of the plugin which includes even more features, including:
  • 10 different layouts for image display and 5 lightbox types.
  • The option to define the columns and rows of the grid layout.
  • The option to display comments counter, likes, username, and user profile image.
  • Instagram follow widget.
If you need these features, you can purchase the premium version at $18. This price covers lifetime free updates.