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How to Set Up ReCaptcha in Joomla 3?

updated on Apr 29, 2015
How to Set Up ReCaptcha in Joomla 3? As a great addition to Joomla 3, ReCaptcha is a free type of captcha service that is used to block spams and any other malicious events. To get the captcha spam protection has been much easier than ever, and we are ready to demonstrate how to set up such a ReCaptcha plugin in your Joomla 3 website. Note that, this post would start with how to set the ReCaptcha as the default captcha plugin as below.

How to Set the Default Captcha as ReCaptcha?

Assuming that you've set up a Joomla 3 website, you are expected to log onto the admin dashboard firstly. Inside the left-side menu, just make a hit on the "Global Configuration" option under the "Configuration" section.

Joomla ReCaptcha - Choose Configuration Option

This will open up a new settings page where you are expected to enter this "Site" tab. Just scroll down and locate the "Default Captcha" setting. Once you move the mouse over its text, Joomla itself will remind you to input needed information for the captcha plugin within your "Plugin Manager" area. To change the default "None Selected" captcha, you only need to select out "Captcha – ReCaptcha" from the drop-down list. Do remember to check the top "Save & Close" button at last.

Joomla ReCaptcha - Set the Default Captcha

How to Set Up ReCaptcha on Your Joomla 3 Website?

Now that you've set ReCaptcha as the default captcha, it's time to set up ReCaptcha by going to "Extensions" > "Plugin Manager." From the blank "Search" text box, you can type in "recaptcha" so as to search out this "Captcha – ReCaptcha". Just click on this result and scan more details for this plugin.

Joomla ReCaptcha - Search ReCaptcha Plugin

To enable this plugin, you can set the upper-right "Status" to "Enabled." As captcha plugin makes use of the ReCaptcha service to digitize newspapers and prevent spammers, you will have to register with ReCaptcha so as to generate the required public and private API keys. Note that, you can also sign up/in with your Google account.

Joomla ReCaptcha - Register with ReCaptcha

Also, it is possible to make a selection of your preferred "Theme" from several options, including "Clean", "White", "BlankGlass" and "Red." After the completion of all settings, make a hit on the "Save & Close" button to store the changes.

Important to Note: Till present, you would see ReCaptcha live in action on your Joomla 3 site. It is advisable to check whether this plugin has been set as expected by navigating to the user registration page. Just refresh this page and you would take a look at it from the bottom section. Once you've registered an account through ReCaptcha successfully, an activation link will be sent to the email address you provide.

Joomla ReCaptcha - User Registration Page