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How to Set Up Google Voice to Add a Clickable Phone Number to a WordPress Site

updated on May 24, 2017
How to Set Up Google Voice to Add a Clickable Phone Number to a WordPress Site With the prevalence of smartphones, more and more users have gradually changed the habit to browse websites. If you run a business, it is necessary for you to add a clickable phone number to avoid the loss of potential customers who are bothered to copy and paste the non-clickable phone number to get in touch with you.

To add a clickable phone number to a WordPress site, you should firstly learn how to set up Google Voice for a business phone number at first. The phone number given by Google Voice rings all your phones, which means Google Voice works well on any devices so that you can call, text message, and check voicemail in the most convenient way.

How to Set Up Google Voice for a Free Phone Number

To start with, pay a visit to Google Voice and sign up for your Google Account to get a free phone number. Upon login, you need to click the link "Get a Voice number".

Google Account

At this moment, there is an "Upgrade your account" window where you should press the "I want a new number" button.

Want New Number

On the next page, you are required to add a forwarding phone that will ring when the free phone number is called. Later, you have the freedom to add more forwarding phone numbers.

Forwarding Number

After a click on the Continue button, you need to press the "Call me now" button, verify your phone number, and then select a Google Voice number. So far, you have set up Google Voice.

Verify Number

Add a Clickable Phone Number to a WordPress Site

It is time for you to learn how to add a clickable phone number to a WordPress site. In our experience, the best way to achieve that is to rely on coding. It does not matter if you know nothing about coding because we will guide you step by step. Note the proper format for a phone number is <Country Code><(Area Code)><Local Number>. Here is an example for you: +1(887) 595-4482.

On the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to the Appearance > Widgets page where you need to select the Text widget and then click on the Add Widget button to proceed. The Text Widget allows you to display text, images, links, or any combination to your sidebar or footer area.

Text Widget

In the Text widget, you need to enter the code into the Content area: <a href="callto://18875954482">+1(887) 595-4482</a>. As long as you save your changes, the clickable phone number will be added to your live site.

Content Area

You can visit any post to check whether the text widget really works on any devices. If you make a test with your smartphone, the link will ask you whether you want to dial the number with Skype or your phone service. If you browse the website with your desktop or notebook, you are only allowed to make a Skype call.

Test Number

It is also possible for you to add an image to the phone number with the below code.

Add Image


Besides adding a clickable phone number, there are also some other ways for you to allow quick contact from your website visitors, for example, integrating Skype with WordPress or offering a contact form.