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How to Send Thank You Email to WordPress Blog Commenters

updated on Jan 22, 2017
How to Send Thank You Email to WordPress Blog Commenters A question has often been raised by our readers that how to send thank you email to WordPress blog commenters. Are you looking for an answer to this question? This article is to tell you how to automatically send a thank you email to anyone who has left a comment on your WordPress blog. At the beginning, we will explain why sending a thank you email is a good idea in detail.

Why Sending Thank You Email

Blog commenting is so important that it can be used to measure whether your blog is active and whether your visitors are engaged. There is no doubt that you certainly want to establish an active communication with readers. Now by sending your readers a thank you email, you are able to engage them further. The more you engage them, the more they will interact with you and make your blog popular.

On one hand, you tell your commenters that you have read their comment and sincerely sent them an email. On the other hand, a thank you email invites your readers back to your blog and asks them to check for replies to their comments, successfully effecting the two-way interaction between you and your readers.

Besides, you can get extra benefits by customizing the email message with some links. For example, you are able to get more traffic by linking to other posts on your blog. If you add your promotional link into the email, you can give a discount for purchases. Or by creating a link to your Twitter or Facebook pages, you will get more followers or likes. Just a thank you email can have such functions which are beyond your expectation.

Creating a Thank You Email

Maybe it is known to you that WordPress does not directly support for sending a thank you email, so in this situation, the Thank Me Later plugin comes into being for your needs. This useful plugin allows you to email a thanks message to commenters after a time of your choice. Here a question may arise in your mind that how to install and activate it.

At first, you need to click Plugins > Add New from WordPress admin area. And then search "thank me later" and click "Install Now" and "Activate". You may have noticed that the whole procedure is just like other plugins. From now on, we will guide you on how to create a thank you email with this plugin step by step.

Send Thank You Email to WordPress Blog Commenters

Upon activation, click "Thank Me Later", which is beneath the "Settings" menu instead of inside of it. To complete the installation, you still need to click Thank Me Later > Install > Enable Email Open Tracking so that the plugin can be ready to perform its full functions.

Complete the Installation

Now you can go to Thank Me Later > Messages > Add New page, in which you can create a thank you email with a name, message subject, and an actual email account provided at first.

Add New Message

You can fully customize the email texts in the message box on the left side. As we mentioned before, it is wise for you to include some links inside your emails. And what you are editing will be automatically previewed on the other side in HTML form with one click. Besides, shortcodes can be taken advantage of to make your email more personal.

Customize Message Texts

Next, you can also decide on when to send them in minutes, hours, days, or weeks. What's more, you can set a limited number of times for the email. The original setting "0" means that there is no limitation for certain times. It is strongly recommended that you should set the maximum send limit to 1 in order to email a commenter just once.

When to Send

When it comes to the targeting part, you can allow the email only for certain tags, categories, or posts on your blog. Certainly, you can also target all posts without selection.

Targeting Part

Under the tracking section, you are able to track the number of times the email is opened. If you want to view open statistics, you can go to the Thank Me Later > Stats page.

Having configured all items, the last step is to click on the Save Message button. In this way, a thank you email has been completely created with the help of the Thank Me Later plugin. And it will be sent automatically to commenters following your custom settings.

In Conclusion

Thank Me Later enables you to create many thank you emails with different settings. Here we want to remind that you need to delete the sample message targeting all posts in case of unconsciously sending an email message twice to a WordPress commenter.

We sincerely hope that you have acquired the skill of sending thank you email to WordPress blog commenters. A kind suggestion is that you should configure your WordPress blog with SMTP in order to guarantee the delivery of your emails.