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SEMrush Review – How Can It Help Your SEO Campaign

updated on Jan 02, 2018
SEMrush Review – How Can It Help Your SEO Campaign As a service used for optimizing SEO and SEM, SEMrush is used by more than 400,000 individuals and companies currently. This review on it is worked out to present details about the service and to figure out why it is popular among online businesses.

There are various simple ways for improving SEO, such as writing SEO optimized content, using SEO plugins and selecting the right keywords. SEMrush, however, focuses on offering detailed and advanced data and tools to help analyze competitors' positions, dig into millions of keywords, and compare SEO metrics. The following parts include detailed information about the service' features, as well as the price and support.

Pricing & Plans

SEMrush provides a total of 3 plans named Pro, Guru and Business which are claimed to be suitable for regular users, agencies and researches respectively. The most popular Pro plan is priced at $99.95/mo for 1-month subscription, but people going through the promotional link below can get the price down to $83.28/mo for annual billing cycles. SEMRush advertises Guru as the best choice, charging it at $199.95/mo per month and $1999.40 per year. According to our experience, however, the Pro plan should be your choice with the combination of price and feature.

The exclusive features of the Pro plan include 3,000 reports per day with 10,000 results per report, API access, the tracking of 500 keywords and 5 campaigns, and the displaying of advertising research. The plan is suitable for people running small businesses or eCommerce sites.

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Organic Data Collection

Organic Data Collection SEMrush collects a massive amount of SERP data from Google and Bing for more than 106 million keywords and 94 million domains. As the data is collected on both the level of domain and the landing page rankings, users are able to see how their competitors are ranked in the top 20 Bing and Google search results and thus adjust their strategies according to the results to come up with or even surpass their competitors.

There are multiple types and metrics of organic data available at SEMrush, with which users can measure the value of organic traffic to a certain domain, the value of a keyword to a domain, the popularity of a page, and more. Besides, the data enables people to compare their websites with any other ones among the millions of choices to better their strategies by comparing the organic positions.

Keyword Analysis

SEMrush collects and tracks the top 106 million keywords in different databases for Google and Bing in more than 20 countries to offer accurate and detailed keyword data to assist people in analyzing and selecting the proper keywords that are beneficial to their businesses. The service tracks the values and metrics of keywords directly from Google and Bing instead of referring to any other third-party services.

The data is refreshed on a regular basis to guarantee that all the statistics are up-to-date. Taking advantage of the statistics, webmasters are able to browse what they want to know, including CPC, the volume, competition, trend, the number of results, related keywords, and so on. The large collection of data makes SEMrush one of the best keyword research tools.

SEO Metrics Comparison

SEMrush comes with an excellent charting functionality which allows people to view various metrics with different types of charts and to compare different sites based on some certain metrics. Users are able to choose the intervals to be 1 month, semi-annual, annual and more, and select the statistics of a certain country to display.

SEO Metrics Comparison By comparing several sites' search engine traffic, keywords, traffic price, ads traffic, ads traffic price and some other keyword related aspects, webmasters can easily get statistics about the commons and differences of the sites. This feature should be more than beneficial for making the right decisions in changing strategies and campaigns.

US-Based Support

SEMrush offers 2 support phone numbers: a toll-free one for customers inside the US, and another one for international customers. The support team is promised to be online during the work time on Monday to Friday. Besides, people are also allowed to contact with a support representative via email and Skype.

There are a large amount of useful resources on SEMrush site which offers guidance and tools for both professionals and beginners. The resources include details about SEMrush API, FAQs, video tutorials, best keywords, glossary explanation and other beginners' tutorials on SEO and SEM.

SEMRush Overview

SEMRush is not a perfect tool but a useful one. Search engine optimization involves different ways to improve the results of online searches. As a well-balanced SEO platform, SEMRush provides many noticeable features for users to have a better understanding of their competitiveness in the market. Its reports are relevant to domain overview, organic research, backlinks, advertising search, traffic analytics, keyword overview, and more. Thus you can learn some SEO tips from SEMRush.

It could be better if this tool brings users the convenience to make keyword list management. And the high prices are also a problem for a great number of webmasters.


Trusted by so many users around the world, SEMrush is a good service for improving SEO and SEM strategies as it offers rich data and analyzing tools to help people know about themselves and their competitors. Making good use of this service, it should be easy to come out an optimization plan which is worth the cost.