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Rochen VS HostGator – Which Is Better for Shared Hosting

updated on Apr 25, 2017
Rochen VS HostGator – Which Is Better for Shared Hosting Rochen and HostGator are holding the same goal of offering powerful web hosting with high availability and the latest technologies. They have both one-site and multi-site hosting plans, and the common developer features like SSH, Perl, Python, .htaccess and SSI are all available.

However, this doesn't mean it doesn't matter which web host you choose to host websites, because they have some differences in the critical things like technical support. Before analyzing the differences one by one, we'd like to show the ratings below.

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The Common Competitive Parts

With rich experience in offering web hosting, both Rochen and HostGator now provide budget web hosting plans and good uptime. Besides, they show their care about the planet by purchasing carbon credits and trying other methods to offset the carbon emissions.

Affordable hosting plans with a refund guarantee

Rochen offers two web hosting plans. Based on the number of site(s) that is allowed, the plans are named One Site and Multiple Sites. The current prices of these plans are $4.95/mo and $8.95/mo. Rochen promises that the prices don't increase when you renew the account. Besides, both plans include a domain name credit.

HostGator has three plans which are affordable, too. If you use the coupon code HG45PERCENT, you are able to get 45% off any plan, so that you can enjoy the special rates starting from $3.82/mo only. The coupon code is applied automatically with the following promo link.

The renewal prices of HostGator plans start at $6.95/mo. Such prices are not high on today's market.

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In terms of the refund guarantee, HostGator promises 45-day full refund which is great for everyone to try those plans. Rochen says it offers refunds for the first 30 days, but the TOS shortens the period to 15 days only. Therefore, you have to make this issue clear by contacting the Rochen sales team in case there is any trick.

Good uptime

Rochen and HostGator have done much in order to offer a stable and reliable web hosting environment. For Rochen, it utilizes CloudLinux OS to segregate the accounts on shared servers, and has set up a custom WAF (Web Application Firewall) to prevent SQL injections.

And as for HostGator, this web host uses two world-class data centers with the latest technologies and robust infrastructure. These data centers feature redundant networks and power feeds, and the network is operated centrally by a dedicated team of experts. All those things help minimize the downtime.

As Rochen and HostGator promise 99.9% uptime, we have found that the latter does a little better than the former although both can offer 99.9% uptime in most months. Below are the HostGator uptime records which show the excellence.

HostGator Has More Edges

Though Rochen claims to offer premium hosting services, it lags behind a lot in the competition with HostGator due to the obvious drawbacks in the after-sale support. Besides, HostGator is a little better in the speed and feature.

Richer features

When comparing the plans of Rochen with those of HostGator, we found a lot of same things such as shared SSL certificate, daily backups, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel, etc. The biggest difference, however, is the disk space available in the plans. Rochen restricts the usage seriously while HostGator provides more. You can see more details in this table.

PlanOne SiteHatchling
Disk Space20 GBUnlimited
Ruby on Rails
Cron Jobs
CloudFlare CDN
Ad Credits$200
How to Claim-Promo Link

Better hosting speed

Rochen has been trying to provide fast speed. To achieve such a goal, the company uses LiteSpeed web server, cache, CDN and some other technologies. For HostGator, it has built up a dedicated network powered by Cisco and Juniper, and managed by a team of engineers.

Backed by the infrastructures and advanced technologies, neither of the two web hosts is slow when it comes to the speed of their shared hosting services. But HostGator is indeed faster by consuming about 300ms less for server responses and 2 seconds for page loads.

Much more satisfying technical support

The most significant weakness of Rochen in the competition is the poor technical support. This company lacks efficient contact channels, replies tickets slowly, and doesn't offer helpful online resources like the competitor. Here is the detailed comparison.
  • HostGator offers support through all the popular ways including tickets, live chats and toll-free telephone calls. Rochen, however, doesn't allow one-on-one connection because you can only submit tickets when you have a trouble.
  • There are hundreds of members in the HostGator support team ready to help. They answer phone calls and reply chats and tickets with efficiency, so you don't need to wait long. On the contrary, Rochen is complained a lot for helpless answers and over 2 days' waiting for a ticket to be resolved.
  • HostGator provides many support resources on its website, including thousands of articles, dozens of video tutorials, and forums. Rochen, however, doesn't offer any of these things, which is not commonly seen in the industry.

Conclusion – HostGator Is Better for Shared Hosting

Rochen is a quite a good web hosting choice if you don't care about the technical support or refund guarantee. Comparatively, HostGator is much better in guaranteeing a worry-free hosting experience. It offers trials for 45 days, and a large support team is available for help. As a conclusion, going with HostGator is a wiser option.