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How to Re-Order WordPress Posts Easily

updated on Jun 20, 2017
How to Re-Order WordPress Posts Easily Though being a powerful content management system, WordPress also lacks some features, for example, the feature to re-ordering posts. By default, you are not allowed to alter the reverse chronological order on the frontend. For a more user-friendly design, however, you need to work out a workaround to make up for the defect of WordPress.

In fact, there are more than one method available for post ordering: editing PHP file, changing the post dates, and using a plugin. If you are not knowledgeable about code, you are likely to mess up your website by editing your PHP file. When you try to change the post dates, you will get a headache because you have to handle a great number of WordPress posts. In this situation, you are advised to use an exclusive plugin which is the easiest way for you to re-order WordPress posts.

Re-Order WordPress Posts by Using a Plugin

On the market, there are many plugins which are designed for you to adjust the post order. For your convenience, you should give high priority to "Post Types Order" which works with regular posts and custom post types. After our test, we understand why the plugin stands out in the competition with more than 400,000 followers and 4.5 out of 5 stars. It allows you to move your posts in a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Since WordPress plugin directory is home to countless open source plugins, you can directly install the "Post Types Order" plugin on the Plugin > Add New page where you can use the search bar to quickly find the plugin you need. Alternatively, it is also possible for you to upload the plugin to your WordPress site on your own.

Post Types Order

After a click on the "Install Now" and "Activate", you need to land on the Settings > Post Types Order page. To remove the seeds of future troubles, you are advised to only allow administrator to use this plugin. If necessary, you can also make some changes to other default settings. Anyway, do not forget to save your changes.

Set Minimum Level

Upon activation, a drag and drop feature for reordering post has been automatically added to your WordPress admin panel. Therefore, you are free to display your WordPress posts in a new order on the Posts > Re-Order page. After that time, you have created a new order for your WordPress posts through the drag-and-drop interface.

Adjust Order

Re-Order WordPress Posts by Changing Dates

Certainly, there is no need for you to install a plugin if you just want to re-order a few posts. It is more convenient for you to change the dates of these posts with your manual efforts.
  1. On the Posts > All Posts page, select the post you want to edit.
  2. Edit the post and change the date for the post on the top right corner.
  3. When you fix the time, update your post.
  4. Repeat the above steps for the rest posts.
Change Dates


You can re-order your WordPess posts by using the "Post Types Order" plugin or changing the dates manually. Generally speaking, we advise you to give preference to the former method which can re-order a huge volume of posts at one time.