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Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting - Is It Worth the Dollar

updated on Jun 12, 2017
Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting - Is It Worth the Dollar With the increasing popularity of WordPress, more and more web hosts turn their passions into a managed platform for this CMS, namely managed WordPress hosting. Without doubt, this hosting type is much better than the common web hosting packages for running WordPress. But also, its hosting charges are at a higher level.

Now, you may be wondering whether you really need such a costly WordPress hosting. In the following, we have introduced this hosting type in detail, along with its pros and cons.

General Information of Managed WordPress Hosting

In some simple words, managed WordPress hosting is an advanced hosting type helping you run your WordPress site easily by resolving all the back-end tasks and technical aspects related to this content management system. These include the updating of WordPress core, the installation of themes and plugins, the speeding up of page loading, the maintenance of website stability and the backups of website data.

In fact, the idea of managed WordPress hosting is to give you a worry-free and hassle-free experience of WordPress running, with which you only need to focus on delivering the best quality contents for your readers.

Besides, this hosting type is generally built on the revolutionary VPS technology to ensure the best-performing platform for WordPress.

Managed WordPress Hosting

The Pros

Generally, this hosting type is better than the common WordPress hosting in terms of speed, technical support, website security and website stability.

Fast Page Loading

This is the first benefit you can get from managed WordPress hosting, speeding up your webpage loading 2-3 seconds or even better. After all, to guarantee the top-level hosting experiences, the web hosts will adopt the server-side caching and utilize the optimal version of PHP, MySQL and Apache, all of which are properly configured to achieve the best hosting performance.

Besides, with the common web hosting, you can run any scripts as you want. Therefore, the web hosts may fail to do some WordPress-related tuning and modifications. Managed WordPress hosting, however, tweaks every aspect to make your WordPress sites run better.

Great Technical Support Service

You cannot deny that your reliable web hosts have a group of professional and patient support representatives who provide you with an effective troubleshooting against any issues for site building. However, when it comes to the specific and technical issues of WordPress, they may not have the enough expertise.

The support service of managed WordPress hosting, however, is totally a different thing. They know what WordPress version your website uses and which plugins you install. So they will never give you a reply such as “have you updated your WordPress” or “have you deleted your unused plugin”. Instead, they will have a deep insight into your website troubles and give you an effective resolution.

Strong Website Security

>[image:Managed WordPress Hosting Security|uploaded/tutorial/2017-01/managed-wp-hosting-security-image.png.jpg] Due to the large user base, WordPress is the main target of all the spammers and hackers all over the world. With managed WordPress hosting, however, your chances to be hacked and maliciously intruded can be reduced greatly.

After all, the common WordPress hosting require you to share a single server with multiple websites. Once your neighborhoods operate their websites in a bad way, resulting in some vulnerabilities of the web server, you website will undoubtedly face some dangers. With the managed one, however, you can enjoy a virtually private hosting environment, isolating the outside loophole effectively.

Besides, this hosting type also has an increased level of security protocols, daily scans for malware, strong protection against any cyber attacks such as the DDoS threats.

In fact, even though your web host gives you a worry-free web server to host your site, you may still be hacked due to some wrong practices you have made on your website. Once this happens, you can ask help from your managed WordPress hosting providers. They can give you a detailed how-to tutorial for dealing with the hacking issues based on your website situations.

Automatic Website Backups and WordPress Updates

There is no need to emphasize how important the regular backup is for all the websites. After all, once your site is hacked, the backup file is the only thing that can bring your site back to normal.

Regularly, you need to back up your WordPress site manually on a regular basis. With the managed WordPress hosting, however, you no longer need to worry about this. Most managed hosting providers offer the automatic website backup each day, along with a 1-click restoration feature to restore the backup file within minutes.

As for the WordPress updates, this is the responsibility of your managed hosting provider at all. After all, your server is managed by some experts whose aims are to ensure the peak-performing of your WordPress site. To achieve this, the automatic update of WordPress is one of their major issues. Even, the update covers the aspects of operating systems, PHP, MySQL and Apache versions.

Good Website Stability

As everything is tuned for the proper running of WordPress, your website can always be accessible online no matter how much traffic you get in one time. Generally, this hosting type can guarantee you a 100% uptime track record even during the traffic spikes.

The Cons

As for the drawbacks, this web host charges at a high price level and sets some limitations on your website running.

Expensive Price

To get the better hosting service, you surely need to spend more. Generally, it is priced starting at $15/mo, which doubles the hosting charges of the common WordPress hosting on average.

Some Limitations

Almost all the managed WordPress hosting providers will set some restrictions on the installation of WordPress plugins for the concerning of website security. After all, not all the available plugins are up to date with no loopholes and vulnerabilities.

Besides, the caching plugins are likely to be banned as this hosting type carries out the caching things in the server level.

In addition, as the server architecture is WordPress specific, you are limited to use this CMS only with no extra options like Joomla and Drupal.

Is It Worth the Dollar?

In fact, WordPress is a user-friendly blogging tool that can be managed easily even by a five-grade student. Therefore, if you only want to have a personal blog site and are not serious about it, there is no need to waste the money.

However, if you are looking to set up a large and successful WordPress site with much traffic, but do not want to spend times and energies for the back-end maintenance, it makes senses for you to try the managed WordPress hosting solution from some reputed web hosts like BlueHost.

In the following, we have listed the top three web hosts that offer good WordPress hosting service for small bloggers in a reliable and affordable manner. All of them are picked by our comprehensive reviews and comparisons. Besides, these web hosts are highly popular in many review sites.