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PowWeb VS HostGator on Shared Hosting

updated on May 18, 2017
PowWeb VS HostGator on Shared Hosting Having reviewed many web hosts, webmasters may want to make a final decision between PowWeb and HostGator. Established in 1999, PowWeb has undertaken a single task to provide the affordable shared hosting. HostGator, a latecomer, can also meet the demands for cloud hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, etc. This article tries to answer the below questions.
  • Which one is more budget-friendly?
  • Which one guarantees a higher uptime?
  • Which one delivers a faster speed?
  • Which one offers more helpful technical support?
There may be a misunderstanding that HostGator is not able to guarantee a good shared hosting service because it cannot well balance between multiple hosting businesses. However, the below rating table and the detailed information which comes later will reveal the truth that HostGator does a better job than PowWeb.

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Which One Is More Budget-Friendly?

The all-in-one plan provided by PowWeb is now priced from $3.88/mo while HostGator requires webmasters to pay as low as $3.82/mo with the coupon code HG45PERCENT. To be honest, the starting price of HostGator is quite similar to that of HostGator.

However, there is a gap on the regular prices between the two web hosts. After the first term, the renewal prices of PowWeb start at $12.95/mo while those of HostGator start at $6.95/mo.It is true that HostGator is cheaper than PowWeb, but we can make a final conclusion only when the features are taken into account.

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It is nice for both to offer unmetered disk storage, unmetered bandwidth, unmetered mailboxes and marketing credits. However, some features of PowWeb are inferior to those of HostGator, such as MySQL databases, control panel, etc. Webmasters can find some evidences in the below comparison table.

PlanOne PlanHatchling
Free Domain10
Disk SpaceUnmeteredUnmetered
MySQL Databases75Unmetered
Ad Credits$200$200
Control PanelWeb-BasedcPanel
SSL CertificateSharedPrivate
Refund Policy30 Days45 Days
Ruby on Rails
Free Site Builder
SSH Access
Special Offer$3.88/mo$3.82/mo
Renewal Price$12.95/mo$6.95/mo
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And we would like to remind webmasters that the 30-day refund policy of PowWeb is for the credit-card payments only. If webmasters select a plan from HostGator, there is no need to worry about that the 45-day refund policy does not apply to a certain payment method.

Which One Guarantees a Higher Uptime?

PowWeb boasts that there is no server hardware and server maintenance failure, that is to say, it claims that no downtime will happen to any website. As far as we know, only a few hosting providers are able to achieve that. It is a regret that PowWeb does not belong to that group though PowWeb has made its own efforts like partnering with the OC12/48 connection providers. The uptime of PowWeb cannot be deemed to be a good job.

In comparison, HostGator who only guarantees 99.9% uptime has achieved the average of 99.99% uptime. The state-of-the-art data centers, DELL servers, and many other advanced facilities make great contributions to the achievement.

Which One Delivers a Faster Speed?

It is worth mentioning that PowWeb develops its own servers and software, not relying on the equipment from other third-party companies. However, the long server response time says that PowWeb would better purchase the related service from third parties.

For better performance, HostGator has invested much on DELL servers, CloudFlare CDN, and other cutting-edge technologies. The below chart proves that the result lives up to the HostGator painstaking efforts.

Which One Offers More Helpful Technical Support?

At the beginning, we take for granted that both PowWeb and HostGator can provide a good customer service because both have built multiple contact tunnels for customers' convenience. Webmasters are free to make a phone call, have an online chat, or send an email to ask for a help.

During our investigation, however, we found out that the PowWeb technical support is often rated 2.5 out of 5 stars because of the unhelpful support team who ignores the requirement for cancellation and gives unprofessional answers to the technical issues. So far, we have not noticed some bad reviews about HostGator who has created a well-trained support team.

HostGator Is a Better Shared Hosting Provider

At present, we are able to say HostGator provides more budget-friendly shared hosting options, guarantees a higher uptime, delivers a faster speed, and offers more helpful technical support. It is no wonder that HostGator can be a leader in the hosting field. With the growth of website, webmasters are also free to upgrade their package while PowWeb limits the choice to a single plan. Thus, there are many reasons why webmasters should go with HostGator instead of PowWeb.