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PowWeb VS BlueHost - Shared Hosting Comparison

updated on Oct 24, 2017
PowWeb VS BlueHost - Shared Hosting Comparison Driven by the goal to selecting a proper shared hosting plan, you must have reviewed many web hosts. If you happen to add PowWeb and BlueHost into cart this time, you will find the answers to some questions through this comparison, such as, which one is the winner in the cost-effectiveness, which one ensures a better hosting environment, which one offers better customer service, and some more.

PowWeb only focuses on shared hosting while BlueHost extends the business scope into WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, Cloud hosting, and many more. Simply judging from the business scope, you may take it for granted that PowWeb has more expertise in the shared hosting. In fact, it does not mean that BlueHost naturally spends less energy in the shared hosting. You can find the evidence in the below table and following explanations.
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The ratings are as objective as possible, based on all the information we have collected. During our investigation, we not only look into the details on our own but also encourage the real users to help reveal the fact. As a result, BlueHost distinguishes itself from PowWeb with the ability to guarantee better service quality. In the following, we will also have a discussion on how we come out the ratings.

Price - BlueHost Wins

Since PowWeb only offers a complete all-in-one shared hosting solution, you cannot upgrade your choice if necessary. Therefore, the plan is only suitable for a small business website or a personal blog. However, BlueHost allows you to select a proper shared hosting package from Basic, Plus, and Prime among which the former two can meet the demands for most users.

At present, there are discounts available for new customers. Then BlueHost reduces the prices down to $2.95/mo and PowWeb is now priced from $3.88/mo. The lowest prices are valid for those who sign up for a 3-year contract. Pay attention that the renewal price of PowWeb ($11.95/mo) is higher than that of BlueHost (from $7.99/mo).
PlanOne PlanBasicPlus
Renewal Price$11.95/mo$7.99/mo$14.99/mo

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Features - BlueHost Wins

It is clear that PowWeb is more cost-effective than BlueHost. With up to 68% discount, you can pay less to enjoy unlimited websites, disk space, and bandwidth from PowWeb. However, there is a lack of some advanced features in the PowWeb plan during our exploration. Moreover, the BlueHost Plus plan includes unlimited server resources, pricing from $5.45/mo.
PlanOne PlanBasicPlus
Disk SpaceUnlimited50 GBUnlimited
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimited5Unlimited
Control PanelCustomcPanelcPanel
Free Domain
Ruby on Rails
Free Site Builder
Shared SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
Ad Credits$100$200
Refund Policy30 Days30 Days30 Days
Current Price$3.88/mo$2.95/mo$5.45/mo
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If you are a fan of cPanel, you may be quite disappointed by the PowWeb custom control panel. The main reason is that you need to spend extra time to master how to manage your hosting account with the new interface. Moreover, you have no idea about whether the customized control panel is as convenient as cPanel because there is no control panel demo available for you.

In order to improve the using experience, BlueHost kindly charges cPanel for free and allows you to easily set up a website with only a few clicks. As far as we know, some hosting providers require you to pay about $2/mo for cPanel.

Refund Policy - BlueHost Wins

It seems that there is no difference in the refund policy between PowWeb and BlueHost because both of them claim a 30-day full money back guarantee, but we have found some differences during our in-depth exploration. The slight difference is that PowWeb will charge you $15 for domain fee while BlueHost will deduct $15.99 from your refund. The main difference should be that the PowWeb refund policy applies to credit-card payment ONLY.

Hosting Environment - BlueHost Wins

As one of the largest hosting providers, BlueHost mainly earns the reputation via the reliable and fast hosting environment. PowWeb, an old hosting provider, has not achieved the goal to eliminating all single points of failures. Admittedly, they deeply understand the importance of good uptime and speed because both of them are open to many advanced facilities and cutting-edge technologies.

The following chart shows the monitoring results of BlueHost.

The big rating gap between PowWeb and BlueHost left a deep impression on us when we collected feedbacks from real users over the Internet. The former one is 1-2 while the latter one is often 4 out of 5 stars in terms of the uptime rating. The rating scores are also accordance with the above chart.

Customer Service - BlueHost Wins

Since email/ticket is not a high-priority way to contact the support team, we advise you to make an effort to speak to someone on the phone or through live chat to get fast answers and solutions. When you cannot well explain your problems via instant communication methods, you are advised to send an email since the support team also needs some time for investigation.

According to our test, BlueHost provides US-based technical support while PowWeb may outsource the phone support to others because the PowWeb team members who did not speak English very well had never heard of Zen Cart. Though BlueHost takes 3-4 minutes to respond to our chat, it will fix our problems in a more professional way. However, PowWeb often gives no useful answers to our problems.

In fact, you are advised to search for answers to common problems in the knowledge. The online resources prepared by their technicians are useful with since sometimes you can directly find the detailed guidance.

Are PowWeb and BlueHost Reliable Shared Hosting Providers?

The article shows that BlueHost is a better choice when compared with PowWeb due to the easy setup, very good uptime, and good speed. We also point out that the plan is not cost-effective enough and the chat support is not fast enough. Generally speaking, however, BlueHost is a good shared hosting provider to host your site.