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OVH VS HostGator – VPS Hosting Comparison

updated on Feb 16, 2017
OVH VS HostGator – VPS Hosting Comparison OVH and HostGator are well-known VPS hosting providers, both with 15+ years' experience. They have been focusing on service availability, and always trying to offer better solutions. The difference is that OVH was born in France while HostGator is a native of America.

For this comparison, we will analyze the similarities between the two web hosts as well as their own edges. The pricing, resources, features, performance and support are the main points that have been taken into consideration.

Based on our constant monitoring and the collections of user feedbacks, we have made the following ratings.

Plan in ComparisonVPS Cloud 2Snappy 2000
Read MoreOVH ReviewHostGator Review

The Common Point – Good Uptime

OVH VPS is built on its cloud platform to guarantee service consistency. For all virtual servers backed by the cloud, OVH promises 99.99% uptime SLA, and our monitoring tells that the company can get the promise covered in most times. The average uptime in the past 6 months is 99.991%.

HostGator guarantees the service uptime by utilizing world-class data centers with fully redundant power and network. The 24x7 data center monitoring and security measures like RAID disk arrays also contribute to good uptime. Combining these facts and the insistence on service quality, HostGator is able to deliver a minimum of 99.99% uptime for all VPS. You can read the company's recent uptime records in below.

How HostGator Edges out OVH

Rich features

HostGator offers many more features for VPS than OVH does. The company has 3 plans in total, which can both be semi-managed or managed, coming with a bundle of ready-to-use features like cPanel, WHM, site builder, PHP, Ruby, and more.

In terms of OVH, its virtual servers are pre-installed with an operating system, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and PrestaShop only. For any other application you want to use, you have to install it by yourself with root access. If you are not an expert, such servers are not good options for you.

For more information about the features and tools, read the following table.

Plan in ComparisonVPS Cloud 2Snappy 2000
OSDebian 8/CentOS 7CentOS 6
Apache Web Server
Site Builder
1-Click Installer
Domain Reseller Account
Free IP(s)12
Root Access
Free Website Transfer
ConclusionNot RecommendedRecommended

Excellent speed

HostGator is much faster than OVH in both server response and page loads. Although OVH operates 15 facilities, none of them are located in America – most of the facilities are in Europe, and another 4 in Canada. As a result, there is significant latency for American users. Our monitoring has also proved that.

Besides, the speed of OVH VPS is unstable sometimes. For most of the time, servers can respond to requests within 400ms, while the figure can increase to be more than 1500ms occasionally.

HostGator uses two data centers which are located in Houston, TX and Provo, UT. The company is able to guarantee good speed not only because of the high performance servers with 128 GB RAM and 32 core AMD Opteron processors, but also due to:
  • A redundant network backed by multiple network carriers including Level3, Cogent Communications and Comcast.
  • Network gear purchased from Juniper, Cisco, Brocade and Arbor Networks.
  • CloudFlare CDN, which serves website data with over 60 data centers to ensure quick loads for locations around the world.
Below are the real-time records of HostGator server response speed.

Responsive and helpful support

Technical support is the largest disadvantage of OVH VPS that has been criticized most. On the contrary, HostGator has maintained a high satisfaction rate by offering professional and useful solutions to customers' issues through multiple channels.

Both web hosts provide 24x7 support through phone and email, but HostGator wins an obvious edge due to the following facts.
  • HostGator offers live chat for quick assistance of simple issues.
  • For fully managed virtual servers, HostGator support covers the security patches, web server, control panel and more. However, OVH provides unmanaged servers, which means they are only responsible for the maintenance of the hardware. You cannot expect the assistance on any other technical issues.
  • HostGator support team responds to customers' support requests quickly, usually within 1 minute for phone and live chat and 3 hours for tickets, while with OVH, you can wait a whole day for the first response.

Reasonable refund policy

OVH does not officially offer a refund guarantee for their VPS products, and you can find many complaints regarding this if you have a quick search on Google. It is hard to obtain a refund from OVH even if you terminate the service 2 days after signing up.

Things are quite different for HostGator. This web host states clearly that unhappy customers can ask for a full refund for their accounts cancelled within the first 45 days. The guarantee will surely make your trial free from risks.

OVH Advantage – Low Price

OVH virtual servers are cheap indeed. Paying $8.99/mo, you can get 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, and 25 GB disk storage, which makes the offering more than affordable. However, you have to notice that this cost does not cover the control panel, and the server is completely unmanaged with little support.

HostGator virtual servers seem to be a little more expensive at the first glimpse. But when the control panel and other features are considered, the plans are affordable, too. Besides, if you make a purchase through the promotional link below, there is a 75% discount, starting at $19.95/mo only.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

In below, we have made a comparison between OVH VPS Cloud 2 plan and HostGator Snappy 1000. You can see that the former is a little bit cheaper than the latter.

Plan in ComparisonVPS Cloud 2Snappy 2000
CPU Core22
Storage50 GB120 GB
BandwidthUnspecified1.5 TB
Control Panel$13.99/mo for cPanelFree cPanel
Total Cost$31.98/mo$79.95/mo
Discounted Price$31.98/mo$19.95/mo
How to Claim-Link Activation

Which Is the Better Choice for VPS Hosting?

Our suggestion is HostGator. Although the virtual servers offered by this company are a little more expensive, they come with many more advantages, such as full management, free control panel, pre-installed applications, and helpful support. They are good for not only developers, but also individuals and businesses.