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OpenCart VS ZenCart on Feature & Support

updated on Sep 15, 2014
OpenCart VS ZenCart on Feature & Support Among the dozens of online shopping cart solutions on the market, OpenCart and ZenCart are 2 of the best ones that have been chosen and trusted by millions of webmasters. However, due to the advantages they have in managing online business, numerous people don't know which is the better choice for building eCommerce website.

To figure out which is the better option, we have worked out a comprehensive comparison between the 2 software to show the main information about them. Note that this comparison is written from several important aspects, including price, feature and technical support.


Both OpenCart and ZenCart are open source shopping cart applications that are totally free to all users. Therefore, people just need to download to use or modify them to set up their unique online presence. However, before building your online store, you need to purchase a web hosting solution that costs about $7/mo.

OpenCart VS ZenCart - PriceIn these years, we have reviewed hundreds of hosting packages, and found some that are extremely good for hosting online presence with either of the 2 applications, among which the ones released by BlueHost, InMotion, and A2Hosting are priced less than $5/mo, coming with good uptime and fast hosting speed.


In term of feature, the 2 software share a lot of similarities, such as customer registration, design features, inventory reports, mobile user interface, newsletters, etc. However, they also have many differences. For example, OpenCart supports unlimited products, multiple store, digital goods and content management, while ZenCart supports low stock alters, content management, and email when sale is made. Learn the detailed information about some important features in below.

SEO & Design Features

SEO and design functionality helps enhance the aesthetic of eCommerce websites and improve page ranking on search engines. In this respect, OpenCart includes bulk image upload, site templates, store/product subcategories and unlimited store/product categories, while ZenCart contains breadcrumb navigation, dedicated IP addresses, drag and drop design, optimized URLs and WYSIWYG editor.

Customer Management Features

OpenCart VS ZenCart - Customer Management- PriceCustomer management functionality is able to build customer loyalty by helping provide an exceptional online shopping experience. In this aspect, ZenCart comes with customer profiles, customer account creation and customer order history, while its competitor just has the later 2 features.

Shipping Features

When it comes to shipping features, both of the 2 CMS are integrated with the shipping price calculator, shipping weight calculator, tax by country, tax by state and USPS price lookup. However, OpenCart is featured with flate rate shipping, product specific tax rules and weight based shipping, while the competitor is with Fedex price lookup, international postage fee lookup and UPS price lookup.

Hosting & Security Features
To ensure online store owners' data and customers' information stay safe, ZenCart provides data encryption, database caching, dedicated SSL, daily backup and PCI compliance, while the other company just offers the last 2 characteristics.

Inventory Management Features

OpenCart VS ZenCart - Inventory ManagementTo provide the real-time information needed to track the quantity, location, status and history of every inventory item within the online store, OpenCart offers reorder alerts, supplier management and real-time inventory status, while another one only supports shipment tracking and real-time inventory management.

Payment Gateways

In below, we have listed the payment gateways the 2 applications support respectively.
  • OpenCart: eWAY, PayMate, SagePay, WordlPay,, PayPal & Skrill.
  • ZenCart: Beanstream, Iridium, Nochex,, PayPal & Skrill.

Technical Support

Technicians and engineers in the 2 companies have worked out a number of in-depth articles with a lot information about the applications, from which users are able to find the answers of the common issues. In addition, both of them give users the ability to have online self-serve. Besides this, OpenCart provides technical support through phone, blog, email, instructional videos, user manual, and request form, while ZenCart helps users through FAQ, help desk and Wiki.


From the aspects we reviewed above, both of the 2 software are good options for building online store. Nevertheless, if you have basic business requirements or enough technical skills to intrude into the code, you'd better choose ZenCart. On the other hand, if you want a store up and running quickly and easily, you should turn to OpenCart.

No matter which one you choose, you need a reliable web hosting package with 1-click script installer. In the following table, we have selected some of the best hosting solutions that come with, rich features, cPanel, and 24x7 technical support.