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OpenCart VS osCommerce – Which Wins the Competition?

updated on Sep 14, 2014
OpenCart VS osCommerce – Which Wins the Competition? At present, there are numerous ecommerce and store-management software in the market, among which OpenCart and ocCommerce are two leading ones that are acknowledged and accepted by a large number of webmasters. But here comes a question that which one on earth is more competitive and trustful for hosting online business.

Thus, we now present a comprehensive comparison between the 2 applications in order to clarify the question mentioned above. It needs to point out that this comparison starts from several aspects, including cost, system requirement, hosting features, and technical support. Read the following parts and learn more about the details.


OpenCart VS osCommerce-Cost As a open source software, OpenCart is a totally free of charge shopping cart application for webmasters to create their online stores affordably and smoothly. Note that there is no default hosting package going along with the software and users should firstly seek for an appropriate OpenCart hosting package to get the software started.

As to osCommerce, it is also a self-hosted online store application which helps sell services and products worldwide. People choosing osCommerce to build a store are able to download and use it without paying for the license of the software.

System Requirement

In terms of the installation of OpenCart software, its common settings' configuration is essentially easy-to-understand and easy-to-handle. People who know little about how to install OpenCart can click the link to find the detailed steps. The installation just requires a minimum of PHP 5.2, MySQL 5 and suggests Apache web server for the download.

osCommerce nowadays offers online merchant v2.3.x and online merchant v3.0.x, which respectively request PHP 4+, MySQL 3 and PHP 5.3, MySQL 4.1.13 or 5.0.7. Attention should be paid that the former version is recommended for selling online because the latter one is currently in development and prepared for developers.


OpenCart VS osCommerce-Features OpenCart is made up of a large number of basic features, including unlimited categories, unlimited manufactures, unlimited product, up to 18 languages including English, French and Japanese or more, multiple currency and free documentation. Apart from this, it also caters multiple tax rates, stores, various payment gateways no less than 24 kinds, alternative shipping methods such as flat rate, Citylink, free shipping, and royal mail or more.

In addition, OpenCart doesn't request a permanent account for signing up so that customers are free of troubles to remember a lot of passwords and usernames.

Likewise, osCommerce prepares its users with tremendous administrative features, for example, the gift certificate, the restoring tools, the static banners and the physical or virtual products. Moreover, it provides webmasters with competitive products like merited add-ons, classified bug reports, detailed online demos and various live shops. And it has multiple currency support and payment methods including Sage Pay, PayPal and SecureBuy. Its shipping options are based on weight and price and the disabling is also permitted.

Technical Support

OpenCart VS osCommerce-Support OpenCart has a large number of store owners in the community forum and webmasters are able to find online support for all kinds of ecommerce solutions they are faced with in this place. And there are bug tracker and personal-designed contact page always available for webmasters who come across any bug or security issues during their online business activities.

In the same way, osCommerce gives its users free and commercial support for online business activities and it has worldwide partners who doom to provide the most satisfying services. Additionally, its community is filled with experts who are especially professional on problem resolving. Besides, webmasters can also turn to forum where there are over 1.5 million commercial problems related posts and to live chat where they are capable of communicating with community members.

Conclusion-Which Wins the Competition?

On the basis of what we have discussed above, we come out the conclusion that both OpenCart and osCommerce are favorable for hosting online business as they are rich-featured and easy-to-manage. But osCommerce performs poor on adding new features and security measures, and OpenCart is just fit for enterprise-level business.

As a fast and reliable web host is necessary for carrying out whichever application you choose, we have the following recommendations.