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Top Open Source Customer Relationship Management Software

updated on Nov 15, 2016
Top Open Source Customer Relationship Management Software The top open source customer relationship management software is important for running business online, as its great help for successful business operation and strong impact on commercial activities between companies and customers. Following the online business trend, the number of CRM software on market is increasing constantly.

So here comes the question that which one is really good for running small or medium business on earth. So, now let's have a brief look of the some of the best open source customer relationship management software including the Vtiger, Sugar CRM, EPESI, Tine 2.0 and Zurmo.



Vtiger CRM is an ideal CRM software for small and medium businesses since it only charges for $12/mo and reliable features. Vtiger CRM provides diversified and useful functions like the E-mail Marketing, the Project Management, the Customer Portal, the Calendar and Task Management, the Reporting, the Document and the File Management, the Team & Access Control and the Inventory Management. Besides, Vtiger makes it possible to fully explore the potential of marketing, sales and overall customer service.

Vtiger also supplies plugins that drive data to the software your business need to run. In addition, plugins like the Micorsoft Outlook, the Mozilla Firefox, the Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Exchange Server and the Mailchimp and so on are totally involved. The software has helped a large number of companies and organizations like Contus and Elobe achieve great improvements on market and has always received high ratings of 4.5 of 5 stars from the users and guests.
Customer Relationship Management Software - vtiger

Sugar CRM


Sugar CRM is an open source project which has been downloaded over five million times since 2004 when it was firstly founded. At present, it works for over 500,000 users in 75 languages. Sugar CRM provides customers with tools for sales, marketing, and support, which gives a strong impetus for keeping business running efficiently.

In addition, Sugar CRM gives adequate and classified solutions on the company size, the industry, the audience and the users’ guideline or more to serve customers heart and soul.

With cooperation with many partners worldwide including the Channel Partners, the Technology Partners and the OEM partners, Sugar CRM makes it possible for many global organizations to create extraordinary customer relationship by meeting different kinds of demands. As a world's leading provider of commercial open source CRM software, Sugar CRM enjoys trust and popularity worldwide.
Customer Relationship Management Software - Sugar CRM



EPESI is a web application for supervising business information. By adopting CRM application with PHP framework which is open and free of charge, EPESI is developing into specialized modules. And its modular design makes users easy to understand and control. Besides, EPESI's clean and intuitive interface and its specially designed functionalities both make works more effective.

For a quick access to data, it has a great deal of shortcutting methods like the customizable shortcuts, the E-mail client-Roundcube IMAP, the individual watchdog module which monitors record changes and so on. Having so many unique designs and functions, EPESI receives 4.5 of 5 stars on the ratings with little poor remarks about it.
Customer Relationship Management Software - EPESI

Tine 2.0

Website: http://www.tine

Tine 2.0, as a project of Metaways Infosystems GmbH, is an open source Groupware solution which integrates classical E-mail with calendar functions by field-specific applications. Based on its modular, web-based and user-friendly interface features, Tine 2.0 has the management of appointments, tasks and contacts easier for users.

The Tine 2.0's all standard upgrades are free of charge and available via new software version which includes the address book, the task administration, the file manager, the time tracking, the multi-language, the telephone integration and the search function or more.

Apart from this, its profession in the fields of hosting, application development, web productions as well as consulting & services has won trust and popularity which shows on the 4.5 of 5 stars rating on reviews.
Customer Relationship Management Software - Tine 2.0



Zurmo is an open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is mobile, social. It provides various functions like the contact management, the activity management, the deal tracking, the security and the personalization to make it an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize application that can be adapted to any business use case.

And its custom-built CRM system which is also called a test-driven methodology lays a solid basis for the maintenance of the stability of the system. It is widely welcomed and used, and it only charges $32/mo per user.
Customer Relationship Management Software - Zurmo


By briefly discussing those five Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwares, it is obvious that different software has its unique and special functions. And according to the distinctive personal demand, each of the software has its own advantage for running business.

In this case that you are searching for a reliable, stable and fast web hosting platform to obtain outstanding performance for any of the applications, we have the following recommendations.


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InMotion Hosting

Having been an industry leader in the industry for more than 12 years and obtained over 70 web hosting awards, InMotion has been dedicated to offering webmasters exceptional and insuperable business hosting experience by providing its three powerful hosting plans which are called as Launch, Power and Pro with accordance to different hosting features. The plans are available for visitors who are now signing up its service through clicking the promotional link with just charging for the competitive price of $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $9.99/mo differently.

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JustHost has rich experience in delivering ultra-fast and stable web hosting service by adopting advanced data centers, quality servers as well as bountiful speed boosting tools. Moreover, having more than 10 years' hosting experience, this company offers multiple server locations for customers to choose the nearest servers for faster speed. Now, its CRM hosting plans charge visitors who use the promotional link below for $3.49/mo only.

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