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Network Solutions VS BlueHost on Shared Web Hosting Service

updated on Nov 16, 2016
Network Solutions VS BlueHost on Shared Web Hosting Service The comparison between Network Solutions and BlueHost is designed to make clear that which is the better shared web hosting provider, although both of them are 2 of the most popular web hosts trusted by millions of webmasters, which is written from several aspects, including price, features, reliability, performance and technical support.

We have hosted 2 WordPress websites on the shared platform of Network Solutions and BlueHost, and kept monitoring the sites closely with a 5-minute interval. Besides, to know the real voice of the hosting users, we have browsed a pile of verified feedbacks. Based on our hosting experience and the customer reviews, we have made the ratings on some important aspects of the 2 companies' shared hosting service.

RatingNetwork SolutionsBlueHost
Loading Speed
Customers' Votes01086
Customers' RatingN/A
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Plans & Price

Network Solutions VS BlueHostNetwork Solutions is established on 1979 for registering domain name initially, and began to launch web hosting service since 2005, powering more than 350,000 websites and over 7 million domain names. This company has released 3 advanced shared hosting plans named as Essential, Professional & Premium, which are priced at $2.99/mo, $3.99/mo and $36.95/mo.

As the largest shared hosting provider, BlueHost offers 3 shared hosting packages, which are named as Basic, Plus and Prime, starting at $7.99/mo regularly. However, visitors who subscribe this service by going through the promotional link below are able to get 63% discount and cut the price down to $2.95/mo. Moreover, all plans come with a free domain name for 1 year.

In addition to the compelling discount and the free domain name, this company provides 30 days full money back guarantee and anytime prorated money back guarantee, which means customers are able to ask for a full refund if they want to cancel the accounts in the first 30 days and a prorated refund after that period. Furthermore, BlueHost accepts both credit cards and PayPal, designed to ensure the purchase is easy and safe.

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Both of the 2 companies offer a large amount of features to make it easy for every single of their customers to build a website for their personal purpose or small business. In addition, both Network Solutions and BlueHost integrate their shared hosting plans with 1-click script installer to enable customers to install many popular open source software with a few clicks in minutes.

In the table below, we have listed the main features of Network Solutions Professional Hosting and BlueHost Basic and Plus.

FeatureNetwork SolutionsBlueHostBlueHost
Plan in ComparisonProfessional HostingBasicPlus
Disk Space500 GB50 GBUnlimited
Email Accounts2,5005Unlimited
1-Click Scripts Installer
Hosted Domains51Unlimited
Total Credits$175-$200
Custom Cronjobs
Regular Price$3.99/mo$7.99/mo$10.99/mo
Current Price$3.99/mo$2.95/mo$3.95/mo
How to Claim-Link ActivationLink Activation


Network Solutions VS BlueHostNetwork Solutions guarantees 99.9% uptime for all of their customers. The company has built multiple first-class data centers, all of which are equipped with a lot of high performance servers, redundant power supply and state-of-the-art security. Therefore, this company is always able to provide better uptime that what they guaranteed, about 99.92%.

On the other hand, BlueHost has invested over 20 million dollars in their 3 world's class data centers in Utah, which makes them can offer very satisfying uptime. In the data centers, they use hundreds of quality servers developed by themselves, redundant UPS power supply and diesel generators. Additionally, on-site engineers and technicians are monitoring the servers and data centers 24x7, so that they are able to find and resolve any sudden issue as soon as it arises to ensure customers can run website without any unexpected interruption.

Our monitoring results show that BlueHost uptime is always more than 99.98% in the past months. Learn the real-time BlueHost uptime of the past 30 days in the following statistics chart.

When it comes to hosting speed, by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, BlueHost is 135% faster than its competitor. After browsing hundreds of customer reviews on the Internet, we found that there are tons of complaints on the slowness of Network Solution shared hosting service, but no complaints on the hosting speed of BlueHost. According to our monitoring result, the server response time of BlueHost is 320ms that is much less than that of many common web hosts.

Below is the statistics chart on BlueHost server response time of the past 30 days.

Technical Support

Network Solutions VS BlueHostNetwork Solutions offers 24x7 technical support for all of their hosting users through phone call and email, which enables these customers who are native English speakers to get instant help to deal with their issues. However, for customers who are non-native English speakers and can't communicate with the support staffs on phone fluently, it is hard to get quick assistance to solve problems. Because this company doesn't offer support through live chat.

On the contrary, BlueHost allows their customers to contact them through toll-free phone call, email and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of the support representatives are professional, experienced and well trained, so that they are able to help troubled customers to resolve any kind of hosting issue effectively.

What's more, in the knowledgebase, engineers and technicians have worked out thousands of in-depth articles and detailed video tutorials, designed to teach customers how to resolve common issues independently.


From all the aspects we have reviewed above, both of the 2 companies provide affordable, rich-featured and reliable shared hosting service. However, considering that BlueHost offers much faster hosting speed and more quality technical support, it should be the better choice on shared web hosting.