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Network Solutions VPS Hosting Review

updated on Jan 14, 2015
Network Solutions VPS Hosting Review As a multi-functional and big hosting company, Network Solutions offers its VPS hosting package for webmasters whose website traffic has grown more than one thousand page views per day. Under this circumstance, we make out an authentic and all-around review on this company's VPS hosting service by carefully analyzing the real customer hosting reviews.

First of all, we also make out an unbiased and objective rating chart of this company's VPS hosting service so as to display the ratings of compatibility, reliability, reputation, feature and support. Move forward to the following chart and learn more helpful information.
Network Solutions VPS Hosting Review
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Cost & Plans

As a trustworthy and qualified web hosting company, Network Solutions promises to offer a high-quality and satisfying VPS hosting experience for its customers with its two differentiated hosting plans which are named as Essential and Professional plan respectively in accordance to differently offered VPS hosting features. Note that different fees are charged in obedience to the different lengths of time. Here, we have collected and classified the price-related information as follows.

Plan in ComparisonVPS Essential HostingVPS Professional Hosting
Regular Price$40/mo$80/mo
Monthly Billing$40/mo$80/mo
12 Months Billing$33.32/mo$66.64/mo
24 Months Billing$33.32/mo$66.64/mo
36 Months Billing$32.24/mo$64.48/mo
5 Years Billing$31.08/mo$62.16/mo
10 Years Billing$30/mo$60/mo

Note that although there are different levels of discount for different billing cycles as mentioned above, the service of VPS hosting given by this web host is not so as cost-effective as many other noted VPS hosting providers, such as JustHost whose VPS hosting price is only $14.99/mo.

Hosting Features

Unlike other reputed VPS hosting companies which use the most popular and easy-to-navigate cPanel, Network Solutions endows its customers with the Plesk control panel which is not as good as cPanel but can be ranked as one of the top web hosting control panels on the market. What's more, by using this company's VPS hosting plans, customers are allowed to enjoy the convenience and simplicity of managing multiple sites on a single server and are capable of getting the flexibility to install or configure almost any program as they like.

Network Solutions VPS Hosting Review - Hosting Features Furthermore, all of the mentioned VPS hosting packages have 512MB guaranteed RAM and upgradable 1024MB RAM in the meantime. What's more, attention should be paid that the Essential plan has 10 GB storage and 500 GB data transfer as well as 10 max managed domains in store for customers; relatively, the Professional plan has 50 GB storage and 2000 GB data transfer as well as 100 max managed domains in store for webmasters.

In addition, all VPS hosting plans come with one free domain name and up to 200 mail boxes which can be set up or assigned to the clients and employees as you want. Besides, customers are able to have one dedicated IP address and the dedicated-server-like functionality of root access which enables people to install applications on different operating systems.

Performance and Reliability

By making use of the 24x7-based monitoring on this company's server and the most current version of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Network Solutions claims to provide webmasters with extremely reliable and fast VPS hosting experience. What's more, this web host utilizes first-rate technologies in its data centers and redundant power supply from diesel generators so as to indeed achieve a relatively high average uptime of 99.92%.

Network Solutions VPS Hosting Review - Performance & Reliability However, the monitoring statistics which are conducted by us in the last several months shows the average server speed of Network Solutions is 587ms which is much more than that of many big hosting companies, such as BlueHost and HostGator.

Technical Support

In terms of the technical support, this web host only allows its customers to communicate or contact with their well-trained and responsible technical staffs through giving one free-of-charge telephone and sending one time-consuming email. However, there is no user-friendly contact tunnel of live chat. Thus, this web host may not be an ideal choice for people who meet with some urgent issues and need instant help from the on-site live chat technical staffs.


From our detailed and tailored Network Solutions VPS hosting review above, we find out the price of the service is relatively reasonable and the hosting features are useful and rich. However, this company's server response time and hosting uptime as well as technical support which lacks effective contact way of live chat are not so satisfying for people chasing better hosting experience.

Thus, we don't recommend this hosting company to people chasing high uptime and fast hosting speed and in the meantime we have the following recommended ones all of which are reliable, fast, cheap and rich-featured with 24x7-based live chat, telephone and email. Learn more highlighted features of the recommended VPS plans as follows.