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Netfirms VS HostGator on the Shared Hosting Quality

updated on Jun 08, 2017
Netfirms VS HostGator on the Shared Hosting Quality Maybe you have been on the way to look for a good shard hosting provider for a long time. In the end, you narrow down your choices to either Netfirms or HostGator. Limited to knowledge, you feel upset because you have no idea how to make a comprehensive survey on the two web hosts. Under the guidance of this article, you will find an answer to your question and have the courage to make a decision.

Generally speaking, you need to take several factors into consideration, such as, the hosting prices, server resources, hosting environment, customer service, etc. We not only have worked out a rating table but also made a detailed comparison, trying to make your idea as clear as possible from the beginning to the end.

As the rating table shows, there is a big gap between Netfirms and HostGator. Indeed, it is not a surprise because Netfirms is a small hosting company though it has covered more than 15 years while HostGator is recognized to be one of the best hosting providers though it entered into the hosting field later. To make things clear, we will take a close look at what edges HostGator has over Netfirms.

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HostGator Is More Cost-Effective

We select the Plus plan from Netfirms and Hatchling plan from HostGator given that most of our readers may just want a personal blog or a small business site without the need to spend too much money. There are some similarities Netfirms and HostGator share on the server resources, such as, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, etc.

According to the below table, the Plus plan comes with other good features including a 1-year free domain name and $250 marketing credits. However, HostGator offers more and better features because the Hatchling plan also comes with unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, cPanel, and a 45-day refund policy.

Free Domain10
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP Users50Unlimited
MySQL Databases5Unlimited
Control PanelCustomcPanel
Cron Jobs
SSH Access
Ad Credits$250$200
Refund Policy30 Days45 Days
Special Offer$4.45/mo$3.82/mo
Renewal Price$8.95/mo$6.95/mo
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The more important thing is that HostGator is more budget-friendly whether in the regular time or at the current time. With the coupon code HG45PERCENT, you can receive up to 45% discount and then pay as low as $3.82/mo for the Hatchling plan. After the first term, the discounted price of $3.82/mo will turn into $6.95/mo.

However, Netfirms whose features are not as powerful as HostGator requires you to pay at least $4.45/mo for the Plus plan during the first term and $8.95/mo after that. In a word, HostGator is more cost-effective than Netfirms.

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HostGator Offers a Much Better Hosting Environment

HostGator can not only offer budget-friendly plans but also live up to the expectations for a good hosting environment. It is able to guarantee a higher uptime and deliver a much shorter server response time thanks to the below efforts.
  • Dell-branded servers are housed in top-tier data centers.
  • Partnering with multiple bandwidth providers, HostGator can improve the hosting environment into a new stage.
  • There is CloudFlare CDN available for you to bring your visitors the faster connection.
  • More professional workers keep a close eye on the network and prepare to fix any issues all the time.
It is true that there is no explicit information about the Netfirms hosting infrastructures, but we have found many bad reviews about the constant downtime. Our monitoring also shows that Netfirms takes much more measures to catch up with HostGator who achieves more than 99.9% hosting uptime and less than 400ms server response time.

HostGator Offers a Better Customer Service

It seems that HostGator and Netfirms attach a great importance to customer service because both offer multiple communication methods which are available at any time. After an in-depth exploration, however, we are sorry to inform you that Netfirms fails to offer a quality customer service due to the longer response time and limited online resources.

Netfirms needs to take more than 1 hour to make a response to our questions in most cases and even double the time for the peak period. What's worse, we are disappointed about Netfirms who cannot give us satisfying solutions. In comparison, HostGator replies our issues with helpful answers in a faster way because it has assigned more than 500 workers and well trained them to be at the better service.

To solve our problems on our own, we try to find useful answers from the online resources. On one hand, we can find helpful answers from HostGator who offers more than 680 articles and 500 video tutorials. On the other hand, we can also have a discussion through the user forum. Things turn different when we try to get that help from Netfirms due to the much more limited online resources.

HostGator Is Recommended

It is unwise for you to put Netfirms on your shopping list because it has a long way to provide a quality shared hosting plan. However, you can also stop your steps to look for another hosting provider because HostGator can meet your requirement.