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NameCheap VS SiteGround on Shared Hosting

updated on Apr 01, 2017
NameCheap VS SiteGround on Shared Hosting NameCheap provides multiple services including web hosting, domain registration, and dedicated servers. SiteGround, whose hosting solutions become more popular nowadays, is more concentrated.

Both of the two companies have been marketing their shared hosting services, so this comparison focuses on analyzing which can provide you with a shared hosting plan that is reliable, fast, feature rich, and affordable. All of the cost, performance and technical support are detailed. Now, we suggest you read the following ratings to get some overall information about the comparison.

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Shared Hosting Price – NameCheap Is Cheaper

NameCheap offers some of the cheapest shared hosting plans. With the promotion that has been going on for a long time, you can get the company's three cheap plans at $0.82/mo - $2.49/mo only, which is quite impressive. But before enjoying these prices, pay attention to the following things.
  • There is only an annual term for the cheap plans, which means you have to renew one year later at much higher costs of $3.24/mo - $10.82/mo.
  • NameCheap only offers refunds for new customers who ask for a cancelation within the first 14 days.
Compared with NameCheap, SiteGround is a more expensive option no matter what you consider is the special price for the first term or the renewal rates. The SiteGround plans start from $3.95/mo to $11.95/mo for newcomers, and $9.95/mo to $29.95/mo for renewals.

For all the plans, SiteGround offers 30-day refund guarantee. Besides, one free website transfer is included. However, note that there is no free domain. To be honest, SiteGround is not one of the cheap hosting providers.

Features – Neither Is Good Enough

Both NameCheap and SiteGround offer cPanel, the Softaculous script installer, and many other features in common, such as the latest PHP, Perl and MySQL. However, many differences still exist. For example, NameCheap supports Ruby on Rails, while SiteGround doesn't. Python is included in the feature list of SiteGround, but it is not installed on NameCheap servers.

To make the similarities and differences easy to understand, we will compare NameCheap Professional plan with SiteGround StartUp.

Disk Storage50 GB10 GB
MySQL DBs100Unlimited
PostgreSQL DBs100Unlimited
Email Accounts100Unlimited
FTP Accounts100Unlimited
BackupsTwice a WeekDaily (1 Copy)
Ruby on Rails
Regular Price$6.57/mo$9.95/mo
Discounted Price$2.49/mo$3.95/mo

Performance – Both Are Reliable But Slow

To get reliable statistics for the two web hosts' shared hosting performance, we have set up programs to monitor their service uptime as well as the response speed of their servers. The result is that both of them can offer excellent uptime with the minimum downtime, while neither is great in speed.

Service uptime

NameCheap and SiteGround have made some of the same efforts to offer a reliable hosting environment. For instance, both of them supply redundant power to all data centers, and their expert team makes regular updates and security patches.

Besides, SiteGround also adopts account isolation and the Linux Containers virtualization technology to guarantee even better uptime. As a result, we found that this web host is outstanding by keeping the service interruptions to less than 0.1%, which means over 99.9% real uptime.

As for NameCheap, it can also provide 99.9% uptime. Some downtimes happen, but generally the uptime is quite good. Below are the recent records.

Hosting speed

Both web hosts have been trying to persuade users that their shared hosting services are fast. They claim to host databases and users' files on fast SSDs, and SiteGround also provides free CDN powered by CloudFlare's global data centers.

However, we are quite disappointed at the monitoring results of their server response speed because both of them need about 600ms on average, and the spike can even be 700ms or more. There is no winner in this aspect.

You can check some statistics in the following chart for NameCheap.

Technical Support – SiteGround Is Better

Being among those providers that care about customers, NameCheap and SiteGround provide the convenient live chat system and ticket system for users to seek help for their troubles. These systems are operated by on-site experts 24x7. Besides, a knowledgebase is available on both web hosts' official site.

Except for these common things, we have also found some edges of SiteGround which make this company a better choice if you will need a lot of assistance.
  • SiteGround has released a toll-free phone number that you can dial to reach a support expert within seconds. The responses are fast.
  • The technical support of SiteGround is extensive, covering website migration, software installation, the popular software extensions, etc.
However, some unpleasant experiences of SiteGround support have been reported on the Internet, too. It is said that some of the company's employees don't speak English well, which means SiteGround might outsource the support service sometimes.

Which to Choose?

Neither of NameCheap and SiteGround can provide affordable services with great performance and technical support. So if there are better choices, we'd suggest you consider them before making the decision to go with these two web hosts.

In the case that you may want some advice from us, we will list the following ones for you. They have been the leading shared hosting options that are tested by thousands or even millions for providing quality services.