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NameCheap VS Network Solutions - Similarities and Differences

updated on Mar 29, 2016
NameCheap VS Network Solutions - Similarities and Differences Established in 2000, NameCheap is a well-known ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company. In contrast, Network Solutions is founded in 1979 and has been offering web hosting services since 2005. Having reached a lot of users, both companies are popular in the industry.

However, with time going on, complaints about various aspects of the two companies have increased. These unsatisfactory voices have eroded their overall reputations. Based on the shared hosting packages, this NameCheap vs Network Solutions comparison reveals the common points and differences between the two companies in regarding of affordability, feature, performance, and support.

Overall Rating of the Two Companies

As is mentioned above, both of NameCheap and Network Solutions gained their first fames for domain registration services. It is undeniable that they are good choices for domain purchases, however, their hosting solutions have not been thought the best in the industry. As large companies, they are able to take good care of the reliability of their servers and networks, but what they lack are the professional support and care for hosting customers.

After reviewing the two companies' shared hosting services and investigating the customer satisfaction, we have made the following ratings from which you can get an overall impression.

RatingNameCheapNetwork Solutions
PlanValueEssential Hosting
Read MoreNameCheap ReviewNetwork Solutions Review

To be honest, neither of NameCheap and Network Solutions is good enough. Reasons are available in the analysis below.

What Have They Both Done Well?

When it comes to hosting reliability, uptime is the top concern for most users. Both NameCheap and Network Solutions provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee. To fulfill this guarantee, they have made many efforts.

NameCheap utilizes multiple data centers across North America and Europe. This company has paid much attention to its hardware and infrastructures. All of its data centers are equipped with multiple redundant network, power, climate, and security systems. Also, the company partners with Dell, HP, and Supermicro who provide top-notch servers to ensure a relatively stable hosting environment.

According to our monitoring results, NameCheap has achieved an average of 99.93% uptime in the past month. Technically speaking, this uptime is pretty satisfying in the industry. For more detailed information, check the following chart of the company's uptime.

Also, Network Solutions guarantees a 99.9% uptime. With the help of multiple data centers, hundreds of Dell servers, and redundant power supplies, the company is able to ensure a fairly good uptime, which is averagely 99.95% in the past thirty days.

What Are Their Common Shortcomings?

As mentioned before, there are many complaints about various aspects of the two companies. After the in-depth comparison, we find that both NameCheap and Network Solutions have some common drawbacks that are detailed as below.

Not cost-effective hosting packages

For shared hosting, NameCheap provides four packages, namely, Value, Professional, Ultimate, and Business SSD. The prices of the former three plans are $9.88/year, $19.88/year, and $29.88/year in several. However, it has to be noted that these prices are only valid for new signups in the first year, after which the renewal prices will be applied.

As for the Business SSD, the billing terms are more flexible, including 1/6/12 month(s). But this plan is provided at quite premium prices, starting from $17.98/mo for yearly payments.

Network Solutions also provides multiple hosting plans that are charged with even higher prices. These hosting plans, namely, Essential Hosting, Professional Hosting, and Premium Hosting, are priced up to $9.96/mo, $13.29/mo, and $29.13/mo for yearly billings.

In today's highly competitive industry, there are many reputable hosts who provide shared hosting packages at less than $3/mo with rich features and flexible billing cycles. Therefore, compared with these providers, the hosting packages of NameCheap and NetWork Solutions are not cost-effective.

Relatively slow speed

Speed is an important aspect when choosing a hosting provider. Even though NameCheap and Network Solutions have paid much attention to their facilities, their performances in speed are not outstanding as that in uptime.

According to our monitoring results, it takes NameCheap about 595ms for responding to each server request while that of Network Solutions is 580ms averagely. The following chart presents more detailed information about NameCheap server response time.

Unsatisfying support

Having been in the hosting industry for more than a decade, both companies have realized the importance of technical support in users' overall hosting experiences.

To ensure the quality of their supports, both of the two companies provide easy-to-use email and ticket systems. They also hire experienced technicians to guarantee the support quality. Besides, they provide various helpful guides, tutorials, and other materials for users to solve problems in self-helping ways.

However, there is no such a thing as a perfect service. Over the Internet, we find numerous complaints about their technical supports, which are mainly addressed to the phone and live chat supports.
  • Phone support: There are a series of branches with Network Solutions phone support, including Domain Names, Websites, Web Hosting, etc. However, phone supports on these specific topics are not all available 24x7. As for NameCheap, this company simply lacks this support channel.
  • Live chat support: NameCheap does provide the live chat support. However, users have to perform several clicks, fill out some personal information, and finally get the online chat launched. This process to some extent is both time and money consuming. The situation is even worse with Network Solutions because this company does not support online chat.

How NameCheap Wins Over Network Solutions?

Slightly richer hosting features

In fact, the hosting packages of both companies are very limited in features. To figure out which host provides relatively richer features, we have worked out the following comparison table between Value and Essential, the most basic hosting packages of the two companies. Showed as below, NameCheap wins a little over Network Solutions.

FeatureNameCheapNetwork Solutions
PlanValueEssential Hosting
Disk Storage20GB300GB
Hosted Domain31
Email Accounts501000
FTP Accounts5025
MySQL Databases5025
cPanel & 1-Click Installer
Free Shared SSL
SSH Access
Ruby on Rails

Besides, NameCheap also offers FreeDNS for every registered user to translate Internet domain and host names into IP addresses. Also, this company provides Email/URL forwarding and DynamicDNS by default.

cPanel control panel

Another significant advantage of NameCheap is that it offers the award-winning cPanel. As is known, cPanel is the recognized best Linux hosting control panel with an easy-to-use and well-designed interface. The features included in cPanel are quite rich. You can create domains, change email settings, install scripts, configure hotlink protection and do many other things with ease.

Besides, NameCheap has integrated Softaculous in cPanel, which enables you to install and manage 300+ forum, blog, CMS and eCommerce scripts with the minimum efforts being made.

Network Solutions is not among the majority of web hosts who adopt cPanel, and it does not use another third-party control panel, either. Instead, the company has included a custom control panel in its shared hosting plans. This control panel can meet the basic needs of account management, but there are many negative comments about it on the web.
  • The control panel is hard to access. The logging-in is not straightforward, and you need to take several steps to find the entry.
  • The features are quite limited and cannot compete with those in cPanel.
  • The tutorials for the control panel are limited, too. Besides, some of the tutorials are not well-written, with a low rating of 2 out of 5 stars from Network Solutions customers.

Multiple applications and tools

NameCheap provides a large range of apps and tools for building sites, establishing brands, and expanding toolboxes. Some of these applications are even offered for free. Typical examples are listed as follows.
  • Canvas - a fast and easy-to-use website building tool
  • NameCheap Uptime Monitoring - a self-developed application to view downtime incidents, run tracks, and track overall uptime

How Network Solutions Wins Over NameCheap?

Money back guarantee is also an important concern for each user in selecting a host. After all, there is no perfect hosting plan that fits every user the best. Consequently, there are times when some users want to terminate their accounts and ask for refunds.

In this case, NameCheap offers merely 14 days money back guarantee, which is certainly too short for users to try out its hosting services. In contrast, Network Solutions offers refunds within the first 30 days. This relatively longer refund period makes the company's hosting services more risk and worry free.

Conclusion & Suggestion

From this in-depth comparison, it is true that NameCheap and Network Solutions do provide satisfying uptime guarantees and have their relative advantages. However, these highlights are shadowed by multiple obvious shortcomings. The two companies provide poorly featured hosting packages at relatively premium prices. Also, they fail to guarantee fast speed and quality technical support.

As a result, we do not recommend either NameCheap or Networks Solutions. If you are looking for a cost-effective yet quality hosting provider, the following alternatives are right for you.

Awarded by many experienced editors and webmasters, these best web hosting companies provide affordable hosting packages with flexible billing cycles. Also, they ensure each hosting package with reasonable prices, rich features, excellent performances, and effective supports.