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NameCheap VS InMotion Hosting on Shared Web Hosting

updated on Mar 02, 2017
NameCheap VS InMotion Hosting on Shared Web Hosting Both NameCheap and InMotion have a long history in the industry, and they are now capable of meeting all the growing business needs with various solutions from shared hosting to dedicated servers. But in fact, there are great differences between the two companies' hosting services.

The biggest difference that you can notice easily is that NameCheap pays more attention to domain registration, while InMotion has been putting almost all focus on hosting. This difference, then, results in many more explicit differences between the two web hosts' web hosting performance, features, and technical support.

According to our comparison between NameCheap and InMotion, the latter is much better in shared hosting. By reading the following ratings and the details about the two companies' similarities and their edges, you will soon find out that InMotion is an excellent web host, and NameCheap is an "OK" choice but it is not special and competitive enough.

RatingNameCheapInMotion Hosting
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The Similarities Between Their Shared Hosting

After carefully reading the official information, conducting monitoring and trying all support channels, we have found several things you can get from both web hosts, which are good uptime, cPanel control panel, and Softaculous script installer.

Excellent reliability

The uptime and page loading speed are critical for all the business owners, as these two factors influence and page views and bounce rates, thus affect the generation of online revenue indirectly. In this case, both InMotion Hosting and NameCheap have paid much attention to website uptime and performance by using the robust web servers and data centers.

NameCheap promises 100% uptime for all shared hosting users, and InMotion guarantees 99.9%. These guarantees are great, and what's better, both companies have been offering good uptime higher than 99.9% on average in the past year.

To provide such uptime, NameCheap and InMotion have equipped their data centers with complete redundancy in almost everything, including the storage devices, power supply, air conditioning system and security.

Besides, their network provides connections to several different bandwidth providers, and traffic is routed intelligently, so that there is always a network connection available. Even if a route fails, backup choices start working to guarantee the service consistency.

You can read our monitoring of NameCheap uptime in below.

And the monitoring of InMotion is as follows.

cPanel and Softaculous

The shared hosting services offered by both NameCheap and InMotion are easy-to-use, which attributes a lot to the great tools they offer.

cPanel and Softaculous are the best choices in their own fields, and when combined, they can deliver a happy user experience to everyone from beginners to developers. You can create mailing lists, set up hotlink protection, manage databases, add domains, delete files and install scripts with ease.

NameCheap Edge - Extremely Cheap Shared Hosting Plans

NameCheap offers 4 plans to enable you to scale up and down when you need. The cheapest Value plan is priced at $9.88 per year now, which averages $0.82/mo only. This price is among the lowest we have ever seen. The popular plan named Professional is available at $1.66/mo, which is also cheap.

If you want to have a try of the cheap plans, you can simply subscribe to the plans by paying low fees. However, you cannot expect to enjoy the cheap prices for any time longer than one year because they are applicable to the first year of the initial term only. The renewal prices of the two plans mentioned above are $3.24/mo and $6.57/mo, still affordable but not cheap.

Besides, you have to pay attention that NameCheap doesn't offer any monthly billing term.
InMotion provides 3 plans which seem quite affordable, too. The regular prices start at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo, $15.99/mo, but you can now buy them at low rates from $3.49/mo to $7.49/mo as InMotion is offering a 50% discount for the two cheaper plans and a 53% discount for the advanced plan.

The discounts are available for everyone using the promotional link below, and you can enjoy the discounted prices for a long time of 3 years.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

How Does InMotion Perform Better?

Except for the uptime and control panel, InMotion wins NameCheap in all other aspects, including the hosting resources, freebies, speed, and support. In addition, InMotion offers much more worry-free refund guarantees.

Attractive freebies

For all shared hosting users, InMotion provides the following freebies which are valuable.
  • Each order of any shared hosting plan includes a free domain. You can register a new domain for free when checking out, or InMotion will give you a credit which you can use later.
  • Free daily website backups.
  • $100 advertising credits for Google AdWords, $75 for Yahoo and $75 for Bing, which can be used to drive valuable traffic to your website.

Commitment to the open source communities

InMotion has been sponsoring multiple open source projects including Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop and b2evolution. While doing this, the company has also been optimizing its servers and services to provide users with an optimized environment for hosting the projects. These are why InMotion is among the top recommendations on the official sites of many open source applications.

Richer shared hosting features

NameCheap plans are cheap, but after taking features into account, we find that these plans are not as valuable as those offered by InMotion. For example, NameCheap Value plan doesn't support PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, IP deny manager, MIME Types and many other features.

In addition, the edge of InMotion plans also lies in the following features which are absent from NameCheap shared hosting plans.
  • Pre-installation of Joomla, PrestaShop and WordPress.
  • Application roll-back when there is a problem with an updated version.
  • WP-CLI, which saves time in managing multiple WordPress sites.
For a deeper comparison, we have listed the features of NameCheap Value and Professional plans as well as InMotion Launch plan in below.

FeatureNameCheapNameCheapInMotion Hosting
Allowed Sites3102
Disk Storage20 GB50 GBUnlimited
FTP Accounts50100Unlimited
Email Accounts50100Unlimited
Ruby on Rails
BackupsTwice a WeekTwice a WeekDaily
Google Apps Integration
Free Domain
Regular Price$3.24/mo$6.57/mo$6.99/mo
Discounted Price$0.82/mo$1.66/mo$3.49/mo
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Faster speed

Both NameCheap and InMotion promise fast speed backed by SSD technology. However, the difference between their real page loading speed is sharp, according to the monitoring results. InMotion shared servers are much faster, and the reasons for this should include:
  • The Dell servers that have been carefully tested for performance.
  • Optimized shared hosting environment with enterprise-level Linux OS.
  • Full SSD storage.
  • The high-performance network which is under 24x7 monitoring.
  • Partnership with the largest ISPs to achieve direct data delivery using peer exchanges.
To see how InMotion wins the competitor in shared hosting speed, read the following comparison of their server response time.

Besides, you may note that NameCheap provides CloudFlare CDN for free to increase the reliability, security and webpage loading of all the hosted websites. InMotion Hosting, however, simply lacks this offering.

More professional and quicker customer support

NameCheap and InMotion provide 24x7 customer support so that you can get in touch with the support team whenever your site is inaccessible, the DNS doesn't work, you have problems with application install, or you need another version of PHP. Both companies' support teams are reachable via a ticket system and the instant live chat.

However, after going deeper into the support waiting time and efficiency, we easily came to the conclusion that InMotion provides better support. The facts below explain why.
  • InMotion offers toll-free phone lines for technical support. This support channel is available 24x7, which means you can get immediate help via phone at any time.
  • The waiting time via live chat and phone averages no more than 90 seconds.
  • InMotion support center includes tons of resources for common hosting issues and helpful hosting tools.
  • You can ask questions in the community, and there will always be a support agent answering your questions in minutes.

Industry-leading refund guarantees

InMotion promises to issue full refunds if you cancel the service you purchased within 90 days, and it has indeed kept this promise well, since no complaint has been found at all. With such a guarantee, you get 90 days to decide whether to stay or leave.

NameCheap, however, provides 14 days only for you to make the final decision. Cancellations within this period will result in a refund, while any termination thereafter isn't applicable to any money-back. As the industry standard of the refund period is 30 days, 14 days seem too short.

InMotion Wins the Competition

The comparisons above clearly show that InMotion is the better shared hosting choice than NameCheap. This is understandable because the former has always been dedicated to hosting and has invested heavily in data centers and network infrastructure. Besides, InMotion has a high user satisfaction rate that is among the best in the industry. So in short, hosting with InMotion is the better way out.