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NameCheap vs HostMonster for Budget Web Hosting

updated on Oct 19, 2017
NameCheap vs HostMonster for Budget Web Hosting Are you looking for a budget-friendly hosting provider to support your personal or small-scale website and blog? If so, NameCheap and HostMonster can be the hot options for most webmasters just like you, both of which ensure the quality web hosting solution but do not charge you too much. Between them, NameCheap is the larger option that focuses on a wide range of services to achieve the effective and easy hosting experience. As for HostMonster, this web host fails to be as large and experienced as NameCheap, but devote their minds to the great hosting solution only.

Due to the fact that they all have their own highlights and some unavoidable drawbacks, you may feel hard to make the decision between them. Here, we have made this NameCheap vs HostMonster for you, with which you can learn about their differences and similarities easily so as to make the wise decision.

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Industry Reputation

HostMonster has been focusing on the shared web hosting service for eCommerce websites. And NameCheap established the brand with the main focus on the domain name registration service. Certainly, there is a fact that NameCheap also offers web hosting services. The NameCheap vs HostMonster comparison is just based on their web hosting preferred by many webmasters due to the budget-friendliness.

To reveal the fact, we have never stopped the steps to collect reviews from the users who have used or are using the web hosting services. So their opinion matters a lot in judging whether the two web hosts provide good service quality. In this way, you are not cheated by the sweet words if a web host fails to carry out their commitments. With such statistics as follows, we come to a conclusion that HostMonster has more ability to gain a good using experience.
  • HostMonster: 251 customer reviews have been gathered with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.
  • NameCheap: 196 customer reviews have been gathered with a 87% customer satisfaction rate.

NameCheap vs HostMonster - The Similar Aspects between Them

Actually, both NameCheap and HostMonster have done great for the aspects of rich features, enough room for growth and the great chances for self-learning.

They All Offer the Rich Hosting Features

When choosing a web host, you need to figure out whether they have offered all the hosting features you will need to start and to perform your website effectively. Luckily, both NameCheap and HostMonster offer the rich-featured hosting packages that include all the necessary tools and services.
  • Bandwidth & Disk Space - They all offer the enough allocation for these two parts. If you perform the “normal” online operation without the over-consumption of the resources, you do not need to worry about how many contents you can upload and how much traffic you can afford on a monthly basis.
  • Domain Hosting - You are allowed to enjoy the multiple domain hosting along with the parked domains and sub-domains.
  • Necessary Tools - In order to ensure the easy hosting experiences, you can get the cPanel control panel, free website builder, 1-click script installer, countless supported applications and many more from both of these two web hosts.</li>
  • Email Features - With both of them, you can get multiple email accounts for different domains hosted on your account along with enough storage for your email messages.
  • Database & Programming - These two web hosts all offer the updated MySQL database and the widely used programming languages such as PHP and Perl.

Disk Space20 GB50 GB
Domain Hosting
cPanel & 1-click Installer
Database & ProgrammingMySQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, etcMySQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, etc
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They All Ensure Enough Room to Grow

With the growth of your website, you surely require more hosting spaces to ensure the proper site working. In this case, both NameCheap and HostMonster offer multiple hosting packages for their web hosting solution, along with the advanced VPS hosting and the dedicated hosting service.

They All Offer the Great Chances for Self-Learning

The knowledge base is the must-have part for all the web hosts. In this case, these two hosting providers also set up their self-owned ones to release a lot of useful tutorials and posts, with which you can deal with some confusion or issues on your own and learn more of their hosting solution.

NameCheap, moreover, showcases a special Q&A button on their official website. By clicking it, you can check the most popular questions raised by other webmasters along with the corresponding answers.

NameCheap vs HostMonster - The Different Aspects between Them

In order to figure out the different aspects between them, we have tried their web hosting personally and have searched for the online reviews submitted by their real users.

Hosting Charges - NameCheap Sets Up the Lower Prices

One of the largest highlights of NameCheap is their cheap hosting solution. If you choose this web host, you only need to spend starting at $0.82 for each month. Even the most advanced package only requires you to spend $17.98/mo.

However, we need to mention that these are promoted charges and are available for the first year billing only. After the initial 12 months, you need to renew your hosting account at the regular rate, which starts at $3.24/mo.

As for HostMonster, it is true that this web host offers over 58% discount, their reduced charges are still more expensive than those of NameCheap. Regularly, HostMonster charges you at the price of $9.49/mo at least. However, if you now choose to sign up via this link, you can enjoy the discount that cuts the rate down to $3.95/mo effectively.

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Beneficial Extras - HostMonster Offers More Options

Surely, both NameCheap and HostMonster provide you with all your needed hosting features. However, after checking their packages, we have found that HostMonster also offers more add-on features than NameCheap.
  • Money Back Policy - HostMonster offers both the full and the pro-rated money back. The former one is valid for the initial 30 days while the latter one is valid at anytime. As for NameCheap, they only allow the 14 days money back.
  • Marketing Offers - HostMonster ensures $200 advertising credits for all the web hosting plans. If you choose their Plus plan or the Pro plan, you can get extra $150 and $300 respectively. NameCheap, however, does not offer this feature.
  • Backup - The backup service of HostMonster performs on a daily basis while that of NameCheap performs twice a week.

Hosting Performance & Uptime - HostMonster Works Better

These two aspects are pretty essential, so we decide to carry out the online monitoring for them to figure out which of these two web hosts performs faster and ensures the better uptime record. According to the result, we have found that HostMonster is more reliable than NameCheap by achieving the 99.98% uptime.

As for NameCheap, the uptime record is 99.93% only.

When checking the reports of their hosting speed, HostMonster still does the better job by achieving the much shorter server response time of 342 ms only.

In fact, we are not surprised by the comparing result for these two web hosts. After all, HostMonster has spared much effort to ensure you the super-blazing hosting speed as well as the ultimately stable website running.
  • All of their web servers and the data centers are the industry-standard options. These are the critical base for the 99.9% uptime and the satisfactory hosting speed.
  • HostMonster offers the great CDN service that is CloudFlare branded. This special service can save the copies of your website on different servers. Once people send the requests from their browsers, the CDN service will respond them from the nearest machine. This can not only speed up the page loading, but only reduce the downtime frequency.
  • All the DELL servers used by HostMonster are pre-configured with the Intel processors and the SSD drives, each of which can improve your website performance a lot.

Technical Support - HostMonster Ensures the More Support Methods

The last comparison aspect is their technical support. Frankly speaking, when talking about the support quality and the professionalism of the representatives, both NameCheap and HostMonster do not disappoint us with their 24/7 available support service.

However, when it comes to the convenience for getting the support service, HostMonster does the better job by allowing a lot of contact methods, such as the ticket opening, email sending, phone calling and live chatting.

As for NameCheap, you only can get the live chat and the help desk support. The chances are quite limited.


If you only care about the hosting charges, both of them are the worthwhile options. However, if you also want to get the fast, reliable and rich-featured package along with the helpful assistance, you'd better choose HostMonster.