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NameCheap VS eNom on Web Hosting Service

updated on Feb 28, 2016
NameCheap VS eNom on Web Hosting Service As NameCheap and eNom are both big and top-grade web hosting companies that have many similarities in common, it is a time-consuming and difficult task for webmasters to make a decision between them. Therefore, we would like to make an overall and fair comparison between the two web hosts by our related hosting knowledge and experience on selecting the best web hosting providers.

Moreover, before starting with our comparison, we firstly make out some ratings on the two web hosts' hosting service from the aspects of support, features, price, uptime and loading speed. Keep on reading the following parts and information.

Loading Speed
Customer Support
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Brief Introductions to NameCheap and eNom

NameCheap was started in 2000 with the aim to provide affordable domain names to the average people. Now the company is an ICANN accredited domain registrar with over 3 million domains under management. However, when it comes to web hosting, NameCheap is not that experienced as it has been offering this service for a couple of years only. The reliability, speed and support of its web hosting services still need improvement.

Being the same as NameCheap, eNom was founded in 1998 as a domain registrar, too. As the business expands, the company started offering web hosting services several years later. In terms of web hosting, eNom has received a number of complaints about the speed, cost and several other aspects.

Plans & Cost

As one versatile hosting company which offers reseller and VPS hosting service, NameCheap provides individuals and webmasters who would like to host their sites on shared servers with four differentiated shared hosting plans. Moreover, the mentioned hosting plans are named after Value, Professional, Ultimate and Business SSD plans. What's more, each of hosting packages charges for different fees in accordance with different signing-up periods.

NameCheap VS eNom - Plans & Cost Taking the Professional plan for example, the charged prices for people who are purchasing this plan for one month, three months, six months, one year, two years and three years are $7.48/mo, $6.95/mo, $6.78/mo, $6.48/mo, $5.98/mo and $5.59/mo in sequence with a 14 days money back guarantee involved in the meantime.

Comparatively, eNom, as a professional and multi-functional web hosting provider which is compatible with both Linux and Windows platform, offers three trustworthy hosting plans which are named as Just The Basics, Best Value and Business plans. Furthermore, their prices are as low as $4.88/mo, $8/mo and $17.6/mo for webmasters who are now signing up its service.

In addition, it is apparent that the shared hosting price of the latter is much more cost-effective and cheaper than that of the former, but is still a little bit higher when compared with that of other high-quality hosting providers, such as iPage which offers its one single shared plan with a competitive price of $1.68/mo.

Hosting Features

When speaking to the built-in hosting features which are the most concerned and cared elements in hosting online business and blogging websites, NameCheap has overwhelming advantages over its competitor as it makes use of the most easy-to-control cPanel as its control panel and more advanced and useful tools, such as the hotlink protection and SpamAssassin tools.

In fact, eNom now offers Plesk as the web hosting control panel, which is also a piece of good news. Plesk is an easy-to-use control panel built with most of the useful features of cPanel, but it is not as popular as the latter in the Linux hosting field, which may make the future transfer of websites and databases harder.

For the comparison of other important features like disk space and bandwidth, we have made a table listing what are included in the Professional Plan of NameCheap and the Just The Basics plan of eNom. To ensure a better understanding, we will also mention a rich-featured plan from InMotion, a leading web host.

PlanProfessional PlanJust The BasicsLaunch
Disk Space50 GB20 GBUnlimited
BandwidthUnlimited200 GBUnlimited
Email Accounts10050Unlimited
MySQL Database10015Unlimited
PHP eAccelerator
PHP, SSI, CGI, Ruby on Rails
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Refund14 DaysN/A90 Days
Regular Price$6.57/mo$4.88/mo$6.99/mo
Discounted Price$1.66/mo$4.88/mo$3.49/mo
How to ClaimLink Activation-Link Activation

Reliability & Performance

NameCheap VS eNom - Reliability & Performance To prevent sites from frequently-happened downtime and hacker interruption, both NameCheap and eNom have invested a quantity of time and money on developing the uptime-friendly facilities and infrastructures. What’s more, by using the first-rate CloudFlare content delivery service, the former proclaims to offer at least 99.9% uptime for customers.

Our hands-on monitoring statistics shows that the network uptime of the two companies in the passing 30 days averages 99.91% and 99.92%, which is slightly lower than that of some high-quality hosting companies but quite satisfying.

In the meantime, both NameCheap and eNom promise to deliver blazing-fast server response speed. But from what has been detected in our accumulated monitoring statistics in the passing multiple months, we finally find out that the former surpasses the latter a little.

Customer Support

NameCheap VS eNom - Customer Support Both of the two web hosting companies permit their customers to seek for help through handing in the email ticket and well-equipped knowledge base and forum where people can independently find out the needed problem-solving and comprehensible solutions. But only eNom includes the convenient toll-free phone call contact way and only NameCheap contains the 24x7 browser-based live chat support method.

Money Back Guarantee

NameCheap promises to refund those customers who cancel their accounts within 14 days of signup. After this short trial period, there will be no refund for any service. As the industry standard is a 30-day refund guarantee, NameCheap is not considerate enough.

However, the situation with eNom is even worse. The company does not claim to offer any refund if the user cancels the service actively. It only says that in the case the service provider terminates the service, the user may receive a refund, which is unreasonable. Considering these facts, eNom is not a risk-free hosting choice.


From what we have reviewed above, NameCheap is much cheaper in price, richer in hosting features and faster in loading speed, but it doesn't support useful phone call support. Besides, eNom has relatively higher uptime, but it doesn't supply webmasters with the on-site live chat.

However, we have the following better recommendations for people who are constantly looking for a cost-effective, fast, rich-featured and reliable web hosting company which includes email, live chat and phone call support ways.