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NameCheap vs A2Hosting on Blog Hosting Solution

updated on Dec 16, 2016
NameCheap vs A2Hosting on Blog Hosting Solution Setting up a personal blog site has become a trend in recently years, so almost all the web hosts now claim to ensure the worth-trying blog hosting service, with which you can get your online presence up and running properly. Among these hosting providers, NameCheap and A2Hosting are two of the hot choices, both of which focus on the aspects of hosting affordability and reliability. In addition, as they all serve for a large number of webmasters for tens of years, they know exactly how to ensure the best service you are looking for.

Now, the question is which of these two web hosts is the better option? In the following, we have made a NameCheap vs A2Hosting comparison for this confusion. Note that to come out the most precise, objective and comprehensive result, we have started the online survey among hundreds of real customers and have signed up with their hot plans for personal hosting experience.

Before presenting the detailed comparing information, we firstly have made an editorial rating as below. According to the rating stars, A2Hosting seems to leave a better impression for our experienced editors.

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What They Are In Common?

As two of the famous web hosting providers, they surely have something in common. Based on our in-depth comparison, we have found that the biggest similarity between them is their hosting reliability. After all, the frequent and long downtimes not only annoy your readers, but also affect your SEO ranking and online traffic. In this case, both NameCheap and A2Hosting have done a lot to ensure at least 99.9% uptime.

A2Hosting only adopts the reliable and high-quality web servers, each of which comes with the branded components to host your website effectively. In addition, this web host has a group of experts who work hard at ensuring all the servers run at their peak and features the latest security patches. Also, they locate the server machines at the best data centers in Asia, USA and Europe. Each data center is equipped with the multihomed network, dual fiber, redundant power units, 24/7 video surveillance, automatic control for climate and humidity and many more.

As tested using our sample site that is hosted by this web host, the overall uptime is around 99.99% during the past 6 testing months.

As for NameCheap, this web host has a number of data centers that are located across Europe and North America, along with the redundant architecture to ensure the smooth hosting environment. In addition, this web host allows you to choose the data center location before you placing an order. This freedom allows you to be closer to your web server, which can benefit the hosting reliability to a large degree.

Based on our real-world monitoring, this web host achieves a 99.94% uptime for our tested site.

What Are Their Differences?

Surely, there are some differences between NameCheap and A2Hosting. In the following, we have concluded 6 aspects that include hosting charges, technical support, package features, money back guarantee, ease of use and server response speed.

Hosting Prices - NameCheap Is Slightly Better

To be frank, affordability is one of the key factors for most quality web hosts. In this case, both NameCheap and A2Hosting launch their exclusive promotional campaigns to ensure the affordable blog hosting.

With A2Hosting, there are 3 plans available that charge you starting at $7.99/mo initially. But now, you can get a 51% discount if you sign up via this beneficial promotional link. The discounted prices are ranging from $3.92/mo to $9.31/mo.

A2Hosting Promotion Link Activation

To be frank, the hosting packages offered by A2Hosting are surely budget-friendly, but you can even get the cheaper prices from NameCheap. This web host offers 4 plans in total, charging you starting at $0.82/mo effectively. Even the most powerful plan of Business SSD can be got at $17.98/mo only. However, we have to mention that this cheap rate is available for the 1 year billing. After the valid period, you have to renew your plan. However, the renewal price is 4 or 5 times more expensive than the discounted charge.

Technical Support - A2Hosting Is Much Better

Technical support is the core aspect for all the quality web hosts. In this case, A2Hosting has set up a professional support team consisting of well-trained representatives and gurus. After testing the quality of their support service, we have found that no matter when we contact them, we can find someone dealing with our issues or answering our questions. In addition, this web host supports multiple contact channels that include the hotline, email, ticket and live chat. Based on the personal trying, we can always be responded within 5 seconds via the phone and live chat support and 15 minutes via the ticket and email support.

As for NameCheap, this web host also offers the 24/7 support service. However, as compared with the technical support offered by A2Hosting, they fail to ensure the same level of reply efficiency. Especially, the live chat support always takes tens of minutes to have some talked to us. Besides, NameCheap does not allow the convenient phone support that is effective to deal with some emergent issues.

Package Features - A2Hosting Is More Generous

After comparing all of their hosting plans, we have found that A2Hosting offers relatively more useful features than NameCheap. To give you the clear impression, we have displayed a feature comparison table in the following for the Professional plan of NameCheap and the Swift plan of A2Hosting. Both are the hot packages recommended by the hosting providers.

Disk Storage50GBUnlimited
Email Accounts100Unlimited
FTP Accounts100Unlimited
Advertising Credits
Auto-Installation Service
How to ClaimNot RecommendedPromotion Link

Surely, both of these two options ensure you an unlimited allocation of bandwidth, multiple accounts for email and FTP, multiple domain hosting, PHP 5, CGI, MySQL 5, SSI, Ruby on Rails, SSH, Perl, Python and many more necessary features.

However, when comparing them, A2Hosting sets no restriction on the usage of disk storage, allows unlimited database and offers the free advertising credits.

Money Back Guarantee - A2Hosting Is More Risk Free

A2Hosting holds the great confidence on their hosting service so that offer the anytime money back guarantee. This means you can ask for the refund no matter when you want. The difference is that you can get the full refund within the first 30 days and the pro-rated option after 30 days.

With NameCheap, however, the valid refunding period is 14 days only.

Ease of Use - A2Hosting Offers More Convenient Hosting

It is true that both of these two web hosts offer the great combination of the cPanel control panel and script installer, so you can get the easy process of website creation and effortless management of the whole site.

However, A2Hosting ensures the better convenience by offering the auto-installation service in the checkout page. You only need to pick up your target script from the Auto-Installation Service drop down. Then, after you complete the sign-up, the script can be installed automatically.

Server Response Speed - A2Hosting Is Faster

A2Hosting pays much attention to this aspect. In addition to the utilization of branded web servers and world-class data centers, they also adopt the advanced caching system, solid state drives and CloudFlare CDN. Even, if you have enough budgets, you can also enable some speeding up technologies available in the checkout.

Check the below statistics of how A2Hosting performs in the past month and how they edge over NameCheap in this aspect.


Surely, A2Hosting ensures the better blog hosting than NameCheap by offering more features, allowing longer money back and achieving faster speed. In addition, you can also check how their customers view them from the below chart.