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MyHosting VPS Review - Is It a Great VPS Deal?

updated on Oct 13, 2016
MyHosting VPS Review - Is It a Great VPS Deal? Is MyHosting a good choice for VPS hosting? Read the in-depth review from our true experience, based on MyHosting VPS hosting features, performance, reliability, technical support, and price. MyHosting VPS is a budget deal for personal and small businesses who have the limited budget and concern about shared web hosting security and performance. However, there are some unknown secrets of MyHosting VPS hosting remaining to be turned over.

MyHosting VPS Review Overall

MyHosting offers fully customizable VPS hosting plan that the client can order for Linux OS, data center (US or Canada), virtual CPU processors, RAM, disk space, IP addresses, and monthly bandwidth based on their particular requirement.

MyHosting VPS is starting at $12.76/mo only (after 20% discount). Although it seems much cheaper than many other competitors, every useful feature charging extra fee is hard fact. The entry-class VPS package includes 8 virtual processors, 512MB RAM, 20GB disk space, 1 dedicated IP, and 300GB monthly bandwidth. Based on out personal investigation, its customer cancellation rate is up to 40% in the first month due to the hidden fee.
MyHosting VPS Customizability

If you're launching a new site or you're still using shared web hosting service but looking for an upgrade option, we recommend you to choose some affordable VPS hosting providers without any hidden fee, like BlueHost, HostMonster and InMotion Hosting.

With cache enabled, hosted with the cheapest MyHosting VPS option, a WordPress site works very well for 3000 daily page views in the load testing. We assume 50% of the daily page views (3000) are occurred in 1 hour of 24. The testing program loads the pages of the target site into the nested web browsers for 25 times per minute. This is to simulate there are 25 page views in a minute in the real world. As a result, the average of page loading time is about 1.85 seconds.

MyHosting VPS Reliability

MyHosting has 2 topnotch datacenters feature state of the art security, power, and cooling systems in either US and Canada - both of them are designed to ensure the web hosting service remains available all the time. To be frank, it is not the best record in this field.

We have set up a monitoring program for BlueHost servers for a whole month. The uptime of the past 30 days is as the following statistics chart.

MyHosting VPS Performance

MyHosting VPS hosting is not the fastest VPS compared to InMotion hosting, seeing the following performance testing result.

The configuration of VPS from MyHosting and InMotion hosting in the performance testing are:

MyHosting InMotion Hosting
RAM 1.5GB 1.5GB
Disk Space 40GB 40GB
Bandwidth 900GB 750GB
IP 2 2
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Price $28.52/mo $39.95/mo

MyHosting VPS Support

MyHosting Technical Support MyHosting provides 24/7 Managed Support 365 days a year via telephone, live chat, and email. They have automated server monitoring, notification, patching and full system backups.

However, as a 1-staff company, MyHosting only offers limited support resources so as always to take weeks to address the requests from customers. For it is still a growing small sized hosting company operated in Canada, the customer service quality is far behind InMotion hosting and HostGator frankly. The average of first response time is 10 minutes and the problem solving time is over 4 hours.

Generally, MyHosting is an appropriate choice for a budget VPS but not for a high-performance VPS. To give you better hosting experience, we recommend the following three options to you.