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Moodle Review - Why Is It a Leading Learning Management System

updated on Oct 17, 2014
Moodle Review - Why Is It a Leading Learning Management System The essence of learning and education has enhanced to a whole new level with the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet. Seeing the demand for online learning, many websites have established over the internet to facilitate various innovative courses. But, these websites are not a general website having basic features. These websites are properly created in order to make sure that students, as well as teachers, can interact conveniently. These kinds of websites are popularly known as e-learning websites.

Now, Moodle is a leading educational software designed to facilitate the development of e-learning websites. When it comes to proper Moodle review, it is imperative to discuss the following factors in order to measure its intensity of effectiveness.

What Is Moodle?

Moodle is an open source software, developed by Australian born Martin Dougiamas, in which it is geared for teachers, educators and students facilitate and simulate a classroom via interaction in the Internet through its courses and module. Taking this a step higher, since there will always be a high volume of traffic in the Internet highway, this platform is now being utilized as as a form of marketing instrument with the integration of certain social media marketing (SMM) sites or even podcasts in order to get across their target audience.

The system is specifically intended for teachers and educators, so that they can make the right and most efficient modules and programs that will improve and hasten learning. The students can be located anywhere around the world. The features of the program allow hundreds or thousands of students to learn at the same time, without the educator spending a lot of effort. The platform then becomes a huge source of data for enthusiasts and students.


Moodle Features There are tremendous numbers of features in the leading learning management system. First of all, it is a user-friendly platform that allows the students as well as the teachers to interact freely. There are a number of ways, by which one party can contact the other party with ease. The e-learning website performs well in multiple devices, allowing its members to participate conveniently.

Secondly, the procedure of creating personalized courses is simple and doesn’t demand much time. The personalized courses can be organized and managed through the dashboard. Also, the messages and current tasks can be checked in the dashboard.

Thirdly, presented in the Moodle learning management system is an all-in-one calendar that assists the participants in scheduling their activities, course deadlines, group meetings and other academic events. It also cultivates the habit of time management among the members.

Lastly, the highest level of security and privacy is secured for every course. It facilitates the teachers and the students to interact in a private space without letting outsiders know anything about the course.


Just like every other software and website-building tools in the advanced era, Moodle consists of a wide variety of extensions and plugins. Available on the internet are various kinds of extensions and plugins that enhance the appearance and performance of the learning management platform.

Extensions can be installed conveniently from the admin panel that is mainly handled by the developer. Plugins let the students and teachers enjoy many features that are not presented in the initial version of the software. Hence, it is a major turn on for the users of the learning system. Also, it is preferred by many beginners because it doesn’t require much coding.


Moodle Cost Although there are tremendous numbers of learning management system at present, the pricing of Moodle distinguishes it from its competitors. This e-learning website building software is available for free, so its users don’t need to pay any license fees. Loaded with some powerful features, it is one of the major options for the prospective users of the e-learning platform. The absence of licensing cost makes it a must discussable point of Moodle.


When it comes to usability, Moodle has a tremendous number of attractions. First of all, it facilitates the students and teachers to use a technological platform for learning and education. This is an appreciable step towards the advancement of education in our modern world where learners prefer out of the classroom knowledge. It is suitable for students who believe that things can be studied out of the classroom.

Secondly, Moodle is a remarkable platform for teachers because of the drag and drop feature that allows them to upload documents conveniently. Thirdly, Moodle supports several languages, allowing different groups of people to use the platform for imparting and gathering knowledge.


Although the Moodle software is packed with lots of remarkable features, there are a several things where the learning management system lacks. A major loophole of Moodle is its technological backbone. As Moodle is an online platform that requires internet connection, it is not suitable for prospective participants who can’t access the internet regularly.

Adding to it, the platform is not appealing to the teachers who don’t have sufficient knowledge of using a learning management system effectively. Lastly, it is not effective for the group of learners who don’t prefer using technological methods of learning. This group comprises of adult learners who have been habituated to gather knowledge from books.

Hosting Requirements of Moodle

Moodle Limitations The program is mainly developed for Linux. You can use PHP, MySQL or Apache to successfully run the software. You will find support Oracle, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server as well. To run Moodle, you will need 160MB of hard disk space. Prepare more free space for your modules. 1GB of memory is recommended, but 256MB will also suffice. It runs efficiently in IIS and Apache and ideally in any server environment with PHP support. PHP4.3.0 at least is needed for the program to run.

MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MSSQL can be used as database. You can also get more information at the Download page, depending on the version you're using. You can get guidelines on proper installation and operation of the software by viewing Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on the page.


Every platform or software comprises of several advantages and limitations. But, it’s the presence of some unique and useful features that makes a platform appealing and effective in the eyes of prospective users.

Being an effective learning management system, Moodle has been used for building more than 80,000 sites that offer more than 3 million courses. It has become a recommendable platform for learners as well as teachers because of its user-friendly interface, cost-effective pricing and privacy of courses. Thus, it can be concluded that Moodle is an effective learning management system of the modern era.

Since it is open source, the following Moodle web hosting services are recommended for running it with high effeciency.