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MochaHost VS HostGator – Shared Hosting Comparison

updated on Feb 16, 2017
MochaHost VS HostGator – Shared Hosting Comparison MochaHost and HostGator were founded in the same year – 2002, and they both have been expanding their service range to meet customers' changing demands. However, after 13 years' development, they are now in very different positions.

MochaHost is still in a relatively small size, hosting few thousands of personal and business websites. Its services were good before 2008, but in recent years, there have been more and more complaints about the support and uptime.

On the contrary, HostGator has a major position in the industry, serving approximately 9 million domains. Numerous awards are given to this company in every single year.

Therefore, if you are making a choice between these two web hosts, we would certainly suggest the latter. The reasons are offered in below, but before reading the details, you may want to have a look at these ratings.

Plan in ComparisonSohoHatchling
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How HostGator Excels MochaHost in Shared Hosting

The edges of HostGator mainly lie in the web hosting performance, technical support and features.

Richer features

MochaHost and HostGator have many similarities in their hosting features. For example, they both offer cPanel, 1-click script installer, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for all of their shared hosting plans. But when we compare their entry-level plans: MochaHost Soho and HostGator Hatchling, we find that HostGator provides many more features, including:
  • Full SSH access. Soho does not come with this feature. Besides, although the higher plans of MochaHost support SSH, the access is restricted with additional rules.
  • Weebly website builder, which is one of the best website builders in the market. MochaHost site builder is not available for Soho users.
  • The support for Perl, Python & Ruby on Rails. These scripting languages are accessible in all MochaHost plans except for Soho.
  • The support for shopping carts. Hatchling allows you to build an online store while Soho does not.
For the information about other important features, read the table below.

Plan in ComparisonSohoHatchling
Hosted Domain11
Disk Space & BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL Databases50Unlimited
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Shared SSL
Regular Price$3.95/mo$6.95/mo
Discounted Price$1.95/mo$3.82/mo
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Much better uptime

Both web hosts offer an uptime guarantee confidently and promise a credit for unexpected downtimes.
  • MochaHost guarantees 100% uptime for all servers and network components. Any failure will lead to a compensation of credit. For the first 3 hours of downtime, the credit is equal to 3% of the monthly hosting fee for each hour, and then 5% for every hour after 3 hours.
  • HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime for all shared hosting plans. If the guarantee fails, you may receive a credit of 1-month hosting fee.
The promises are great, but the reality is somewhat cruel for MochaHost users.

MochaHost says they are using multiple data centers in Chicago, IL, and each of them features N+2 power redundancy, 7 Tier 1 bandwidth providers, and local monitoring for power and security. However, the company does not offer details like how many data centers they are actually using. Besides, although there is a server status page on its website, no content is published.

MochaHost Server Status Page

MochaHost has been criticized harshly for poor uptime. The occasional server issues usually cause several days' downtime, which can damage an online business. In the past two years, the company's uptime floated from 99.75% to 99.89%.

In comparison, HostGator is widely known for being reliable. They do not operate any data center by themselves, but each data center they use is picked carefully to guarantee network connectivity and power redundancy. Below is the recent uptime of this web host.

Faster speed

Just like the uptime, MochaHost hosting speed is not good, either, although the company constantly claims that they have outstanding bandwidth capacity and rock-solid hardware purchased from Cisco and Juniper. Do not be persuaded by the hard-to-verify information. Try to find real stats, instead.

We have been monitoring MochaHost for a while, and the results we get are not satisfactory. No wonder many users say even their control panel is too slow that creating a sub-domain takes 15 minutes. Our monitoring tells the server response time of MochaHost is around 800ms.

HostGator delivers much faster speed than its competitor. In additional to cooperating with data center providers with the first-rate network infrastructure and advanced routing technologies, this company also offers free CDN to all users to guarantee fast content delivery for most locations in the world.

By conducting 24x7 monitoring of servers and networks, HostGator further guarantees minimum latency. See its real-time response speed.

More helpful technical support

Both web hosts offer 24x7 support through tickets, live chat and phone. However, the toll-free phone support of MochaHost is only available for callbacks, so we cannot say for sure whether they really provide support through phone.

Generally speaking, MochaHost support service is poor for these reasons.
  • The representatives on live chat do not actually answer questions. They usually ask you to create a ticket or search for a solution in the knowledgebase.
  • The responses for tickets are quick, but those emails are following the templates like "Our server is now working fine" instead of giving solutions to your issues. Sometimes you cannot get a real solution within a few days.
HostGator has done much better in technical support. It has a large support team, and responds to emails and phone calls quickly. If you are not sure about this, you can have an online chat, make a call or send an email to test the responses.

Besides, this company has prepared a large amount of resources for learning and self-help.
  • Video tutorials about cPanel, site builder, FTP, DNS, email clients, etc.
  • Thousands of articles about website building, optimization, design and troubleshooting.
  • Support forums & a blog which includes industry news and business tips.

Which Aspects Does MochaHost Also Perform Well?

The only advantages of MochaHost we can find are the cheap price and refund guarantee.

Cheaper price

All of MochaHost shared hosting plans are cheap. Named Soho, Business and Mocha, the plans are priced at $3.95/mo, $4.90/mo and $10.35/mo regularly, but they are now available at $1.95/mo, $2.45/mo and $6.21/mo for all new customers. The billing cycles include 1/3/6 month(s) and 1/2/3 year(s), but note that for 1/3-month billing, $5 setup fee is charged.

HostGator also has three plans which are named Hatchling, Baby and Business. The regular prices start from $6.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $14.95/mo, but if you use the coupon code HG45PERCENT, you can get a 45% discount for $3.82/mo, $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo respectively. The choices of billing cycles are exactly the same as MochaHost, but no setup fee is required for any length of term.

Purchasing any plan from HostGator, you can get $200 marketing credits for Google AdWords and Bing search.

HostGator Promo Link Activation

Refund guarantee

Both of MochaHost and HostGator offer a refund guarantee, but there are some small differences.
  • MochaHost: Full refund within the first 30 days & pro-rated refund within 180 days.
  • HostGator: Full refund in the first 45 days.

The Bottom Line

Except for the cheap price, there is no reason to host websites with MochaHost. Considering the negative comments and the disappointing monitoring results, we suggest you to stay away from this web host. Instead, we recommend HostGator especially when you want to start an online store with a small budget.

HostGator has been maintaining a good reputation due to its excellence performance in reliability, web hosting security and technical support. It is among the best shared hosting choices that you can feel safe to try. Again, we kindly remind you to use the coupon code introduced above to gain the best discount.