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Media Temple VS DreamHost – Which Should You Choose

updated on Jun 12, 2017
Media Temple VS DreamHost – Which Should You Choose Both Media Temple and DreamHost are up-grade and renowned hosting providers in the market which are widely-acknowledged by a large number of webmasters. Moreover, both of them have their own helpful features and highlights, which eventually leads to confusion when people want to choose the better one between them.

That's why we decide to make this objective comparison between Media Temple and DreamHost on the concrete basis of our relevant hosting experience on introducing the best shared hosting companies. What's more, we also prepare the following comparative table of the two web hosts based on the carefully-collected customers' voices on some professional review sites.

In details, this table consists of several elementary and essential factors in hosting sites online including features, technical support, uptime, price and speed. Go on reading the following details and acquire more useful information.

RatingMedia TempleDreamHost
Plan in ComparisonGrid PlanHappy Hosting
Hosting Features
Network Uptime
Page Loading Speed
Customer Service
Customer Rating
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Media Temple VS DreamHost - Cost Having been in the industry for over 15 years and devoted to offering the best web hosting service all over the world, Media Temple claims to provide a trustworthy hosting plan which serves from small business sites to eCommerce or more.

Furthermore, the well-worked shared hosting plan is backed up by knowledgeable experts and developers, which charges for $20/mo without further discount or promotion included. Note that this company has a 30-day money back guarantee for people who are not happy with its shared hosting service.

Comparatively, built up in 1997, DreamHost claims to help developers, content creators, designers and entrepreneurs get their dreams fully-realized online by providing affordable shared hosting service. On the shared hosting level, the company offers a single plan which originally charges $8.95/mo with a 97-day money back guarantee involved. Now this plan is now priced from $5.95/mo only for new customers.

Control Panel & Features

As a user-friendly and easy-to-control control panel is of great importance in having an enjoyable hosting experience, many high-quality hosting companies make use of the industry-leading cPanel as the admin panel. Unlike the mentioned excellent hosting companies using cPanel, Media Temple and DreamHost provide their customers with their custom and self-created control panels. Besides, as their adopted control panels may cause more or less unadaptability and uncomfortableness, both of them are not good choices.

Apart from the control panel, the two hosting providers have many other characteristics in common. For example, both of them give support for numerous scripting languages, such as Perl, Python, PHP and MySQL or more. On the other hand, they have quantities of differences in the meantime and we select out some of the outstanding disparities between them as follows.

To help you know more clearly about how they perform in cost-effectiveness, we also present the details of a plan offered by BlueHost.

FeatureMedia TempleDreamHostBlueHost
Monthly Bandwidth1TBUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Storage100 GBUnlimited100 GB
Email Accounts1,000Unlimited100
Control PanelCustomCustomcPanel
1-Click Installer
Shared SSL
Ruby on Rails
Weebly Site Builder
Money Back Guarantee30 Days97 DaysAnytime
24x7 Toll-Free Phone Call
24x7 Browser-Based Live Chat
ConclusionNot RecommendedNot RecommendedRecommended

Network Uptime & Page Loading Speed

Media Temple VS DreamHost - Network Uptime & Page Loading Speed Committing to offering high network uptime, Media Temple utilizes the latest technology of Reddit and many advanced protection measures. Besides, the security measures include the Cloudmark's spam detection and Railgun technology which work to protect sites from botnets, phishing scams and hackers.

In the meantime, DreamHost also uses redundant power resources and 24x7 network monitoring to ensure satisfying network uptime. What's more, the real network uptime of them is showed in below.
  • Media Temple: Averages 99.91%.
  • DreamHost: Averages 99.92%.
See DreamHost uptime monitoring in the chart below.

In addition to excellent uptime, both web hosts promise to supply customers with blazing-fast network speed by making use of simpler CloudFlare control, and high-quality core processors-based databases. What's more, it turns out that the average server response time of Media Temple, which is calculated to be 473ms, is a little bit shorter than that of its competitor whose average response time is 500ms.

Customer Service

Media Temple VS DreamHost - Customer Service When it comes to the customer service, the most concerned aspect in hosting sites online especially for newbies, neither of DreamHost and Media Temple wins the competition as they both have some limitations.

DreamHost supports for 24x7-based online live chat and offers very responsive email support, but the company does not give customers free access to phone support. Media Temple provides its CloudTech and 24/7 no-excuses support via phone call and web-based live chat, but the responses are too slow.


From what we have discussed above, DreamHost and Media Temple are reliable, but they are not top choices for those looking for a rich-featured, cost-effective and fast web host which includes all effective contact ways.

In fact, there are far more web hosts offering better hosting services than these two providers. The ones in below are all good options.