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Is Media Temple VPS Hosting of High Value and Performance

updated on Sep 15, 2014
Is Media Temple VPS Hosting of High Value and Performance Media Temple has 2 types of VPS hosting packages named DV and DV Developer which are targeted at businesses and developers respectively. The review on the quality of the company's virtual private servers is made on the service included in the business-class VPS hosting.

Based on months of monitoring on the uptime and server response speed, as well as investigation into the control panel, server resources, technologies, technical support and price information, we have made the following reviews and given the service unbiased ratings. Read the statistics in the chart below for some more information.
Media Temple VPS Hosting Review
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Pricing & Refund Policy

At present, Media Temple has 6 VPS hosting packages for businesses which named as Level 1 to Level 6. Depending on the amount of server resources allotted with, the 6 packages are priced at $50/mo, $100/mo, $150/mo, $350/mo, $750/mo and $1500/mo. That's a little bit high, honestly, especially the Level 6 which costs even much more than a normal dedicated server.

The company supports both monthly and annual billing options to ensure full flexibility. For the cancellation of account, Media Temple offers a 30 days money back guarantee. During the first 30 days, webmasters are entitled to ask for a refund in the case that they close their accounts for any reason. Note that as the Terms of Service explain, setup fees, domain registration fees, fees paid for add-ons, and some more are completely non-refundable.

Features & Server Resources

Features The 6 packages come with different amounts of server resources, with RAM ranging from 1 GB to 32 GB, disk storage ranging from 30 GB to 600 GB and bandwidth ranging from 1 TB to 3 TB. Except for these things, the packages are packed with nearly the same features.

Purchasing the service from Media Temple, webmasters have free access to Plesk 11, a globally adopted control panel which features simple and quick server management. Creating databases, viewing website statistics and managing emails become more than easy with the use of Plesk.

In addition, there is a 1-click application installer integrated with the control panel to get hundreds of popular apps installed and ready for use in minutes. No matter an image gallery, an eCommerce platform or a blog is what customers need, only several clicks are required to complete the process.

Moreover, the service includes the following features which add more value to webmasters' costs.
  • Enhanced Power Panel in which customers can control backups, rebooting, repairing and more advanced tasks.
  • Pre-installation of the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, Ruby and more.
  • Reseller features which enable customers to start their own web hosting business with ease.
  • Root access which offers full access and control to the server.

Uptime & Speed

Performance Different from most web hosts that usually claim to ensure 99.9% uptime for virtual private servers, Media Temple guarantees that its uptime is at least 99.999%. for DV users, The company has a unique 20/20 uptime guarantee which allows them to get 20% of their monthly hosting fee refunded for every 20 minutes of downtime in the month. Note that the length of downtime is solely determined by the company, and the hosting fee will be refunded as credits. According to the Terms of Service, credits are non-refundable and untransferable when the account is closed.

Media Temple uses 2 data centers that are strategically located in Loudoun Country, Virginia and EL Segundo, CA, both of which utilize commercial power feeds, N+2 redundant cooling systems, 24x7 on-site security, and fully redundant backup power with several backup generators.

According to our long-time monitoring on the uptime and server response speed of the beginner-level DV package, Media Temple has got excellent records on service consistency, while the company has not achieved really outstanding performance in speed. The monitored statistics of the past 30 days are as following.
  • Uptime: Averages 99.99%.
  • Server response time: averages 653ms.

Technical Support

Technical Support Media Temple provides all customers with 24x7 US based support service that is available for reaching via live chat, toll-free phone, email and Twitter. Customers with issues on the control panel access, network uptime and performance, MySQL database functionality and the hosting hardware are able to get a professional and quick solution.

There is one thing that should be noticed. Problems on SEO settings, issues related to data backups, and any root-level server configurations and customizations are not covered in the support. In addition, customers that are defined with "unreasonably excessive communication" with the support team may get into the trouble of getting their accounts closed by the company without notice.

Is the Service with High Value?

The VPS hosting service from Media Temple wins a lot of competitors in features, uptime and technical support, but its monthly cost and the a little bit long server response speed reduce the edges in the competition. For more cost-effective choices, check the services from the providers in the following table.